The I Ching & Mainstream Media

 I rarely see anything about the I Ching in the mainstream media. But the other day, I ran across a piece worth mentioning.

But first, a bit of explanation. The I Ching has been around for at least 5,000 years, but was introduced to a larger Western audience in 1950 through the translation of Richard Wilhelm, a European who spent most of his life translating ancient Chinese texts.  Carl Jung wrote the introduction to the text in 1949, the first time he publicly defined his theory of synchronicity.  

Jung contended that divination fell under the broad umbrella of synchronicity. When you ask a question and toss the coins, the resulting hexagrams are a reflection of an inner condition.

The system is based on 64 patterns known as hexagrams, which are derived by tossing three coins six times. Bones originally were used and later, stalks of yarrow.  Hexagrams consist of 6 horizontal lines, either broken or unbroken. Using coins, heads (yang) equals 3 points and tails (yin) equals 2.  So, 3 heads and a tail would equal 8. Both 6 and 8 are broken lines; 7 and 9 are unbroken.  In addition, 6s and 9s are “changing lines,” which suggest the present situation is in flux. So a 6- broken line – would change to solid line and a 9 – a unbroken line – would change to a broken line and you would have a new hexagram, the evolution of your question.

As Jung wrote in his introduction, whoever invented the I Ching believed the hexagram was “the exponent of the moment in which it was cast.” In other words, you ask a question, toss the coins, and the hexagram(s) you receive is like a snapshot in time, a manifestation of an internal condition.

The McKenna brothers wrote about the I Ching in their book The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching. They considered the 64 hexagrams to be archetypes of the human condition.

There are plenty of websites and blogs that deal with the I Ching and there are a fair number of free apps, too. One of the best websites is that of Adele Aldridge.   But you don’t usually find much about the system in traditional venues like magazines and newspapers. So I was delighted when I dropped by Raw Story the other day and found one of the top stories is from The Guardian, entitled,  I Ching: the Ancient Chinese Book of Wisdom at the Heart of Every Computer.

The writer, Demien Walter, begins by talking about how the I Ching influenced Gottfried Wilhelm von Liebniz, a mathematician in the late 1600s, who discovered the model for a new math in the heart of this ancient divination system.

“The I Ching represents the binary poles of reality as Yin and Yang. Like 1 and 0, these are abstract concepts that can represent the poles of any binary set, but in the text of the I Ching are often discussed as female and male…the I Ching was far more ambitious than the current applications of binary code, even in the most powerful supercomputer.  The 64 hexagrams…claim to represent nothing less than the archetypal situations of human life itself.”

He goes on to explain that in the philosophy of the I Ching, reality isn’t entirely real, it’s more like a dream or an illusion. Perhaps it’s rather like the movie The Matrix, where Keanu Reeves “wakes up” and realizes that he’s been living in a vat of liquid, connected to hoses and tubes, and that the earth has been taken over by aliens.

“This dream of reality arises from the binaries of Yin and Yang, as they play out their infinite combinations. It’s not surprising then, from the I Ching’s perspective, that anything in the dream of reality can be represented as a model of its binary constituents, I a string of 1s and 0s, processed by a computer.”

“The real question,” Walter writes, “is can we wake up from the dream we’re in already?”


I asked Adele Aldridge  if f I could use her illustration for this post. It depicts an image for hexagram 11, in the I Ching. Peace. It’s one of my favorite hexagrams. Adele is illustrating each of the 64 hexagrams, a daunting task- and a labor of love.

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The Granola Recipe (maybe) Synchro

finished granola

This morning, I received an email through an iCloud account I use so rarely that I don’t even remember the password. It was from someone I don’t know – Grayce MacDonald -  and the subject heading read: Granola.

 I thought, Huh?

I know two people who have recipes for making granola from scratch –  our friend Carol Bowman and Rob, who got his recipe from Carol. Only a few days ago, Rob commented that he’d given the recipe to his biking friend, Don. I don’t eat Granola for breakfast. Every morning, I have the same thing – a grapefruit and half an English muffin – so I have no clue why this person I don’t know sent the recipe to me.

I asked Rob if he knew anyone named Grayce MacDonald – maybe a Facebook friend – with whom he was trading Granola recipes. Nope, he said, and asked to see the recipe.  He noted that Grayce’s recipe calls for slivered almonds, while the one he and Carol use calls for pecans, but otherwise, the recipes are identical.

I pressed reply on my phone and wrote Grayce, thanking her for the recipe but said she probably had sent it to the wrong person.

This afternoon, Rob and I talked about whether this was a synchro. He said he thought it would be a synchro if this Grayce person had gotten the recipe from Carol and then sent it to me, unaware that I know Carol. But it feels like a cluster synchro in the making because it’s the third time in the last few days that this recipe has cropped up.

At any rate, for anyone who would like to make their own granola, here’s the recipe:

7 cups old fashioned oatmeal

1 cup shredded coconut

1 cup slivered almonds

1 cup soy powder

1 cup sesame seeds

1 cup powdered milk

1 cup sunflower seeds

1 cup raw wheat germ

Combine the above in a large pan.

In a separate bowl, beat together 1 cup of honey and a cup of canola oil. Mix the dry and moist ingredients and spread in 2 large cake pans.

Bake at 250 degrees for an hour. After 30 minutes, stir the granola in the pan, bake the remaining half hour, until it’s slightly brown.

Top granola with fresh fruit and or yogurt and enjoy!

And we’ll see if there are any more granola mentions!

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Where Did They Go?

 Charles R. Romer and his wife, Catherine, both retired, spent the winter of 1980 in Florida. On April 8, they started back to their home in Scarsdale, New York. That afternoon, they checked into a motel in Brunswick City, Georgia.

Later that afternoon, a highway patrolman saw their black Lincoln on the road. Were they headed somewhere for dinner? To go shopping? Wherever they were headed, they never arrived.

Three days after they checked into the motel, the management realized the room hadn’t been slept in and notified the authorities. The police, of course, were baffled. They guessed that the Romers had gone off the road into a swamp or had been robbed and killed.

The only clues were the brief glimpse of their car n the highway by the cop and their luggage, left behind in their room.


It’s one thing when a Boeing 777 or a famous person – Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Hoffa, Michael Rockfeller, to name several- disappear. But there’s something strangely troubling about the disappearance of ordinary people who are simply going about their lives.  Here’s a list of people who have vanished without trace since the 1800s.

All of these disappearances beg the question: Where did all these people go? What happened to them?

And where do mass disappearances fit into this? Among the most mysterious are the  disappearance of the citizens of Roanoke Colony, last seen alive in 1587, and of 30 men, women and children who vanished from an Inuit fishing village in the first half of the  20th century.

After Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared, CNN concluded that the event may be the greatest mystery of all time. They followed this pronouncement with a roundup of  other enigmas. It’s an intriguing list.


Happy Easter to everyone!

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Border Collie Synchros

Nika and Kilt

In 2011, our daughter asked us if she could get her own dog. Since she was living at home at the time, she wanted to make sure it was okay with us.

One very hot August morning, she and I set out to find a puppy. She wanted a dog young enough for her to train, and preferred a Border Collie. Our first stop was the county animal shelter. I found the place to be sad and downright depressing. It wasn’t air conditioned. Large fans circulated the warm, sticky air and even before we entered the cage area, we could hear the dogs – barking, whining.

Nearly every other cage held a pitt bull. The cages were long and narrow, clean but completely uninteresting – no toys, ragged bedding, nothing to occupy a dog. When I asked an employee about the number of pitts, she shrugged and said that pitts were really cute when they were puppies, but that as they got older, the owners changed their minds about owning the breed. Sometimes, the animals were just left out in front of the shelter.  “So many of them end up here – and are usually euthanized.”

Our next stop was Peggy Adams, a private, non-kill shelter. And what a difference from the county facility! The entire dog area was air-conditioned. The cages were probably five times the size of the cages at Animal Control, like miniature houses. And the bedding was beautiful, the toys enticing. Private funds apparently go much farther than county funds. Megan spent some time with a couple of these dogs, including a Border Collie, but we were later told the BC had already been purchased and was awaiting pickup.

Our third stop was Big Dog Rescue, a private, non-kill, quirky dog adoption center that sprawls across several acres in a neighborhood behind Loew’s Hardware. It’s a freewheeling sort of place, with a main building that’s more like a giant, comfortable living room, where dogs lounge and stroll around.

Megan told the woman at the desk what kind of dog we were looking for  - Border Collie or a BC mix. We were taken to a back room, where some puppies had just been rescued from a Miami kill shelter. Megan and I both gravitated toward a black and white pup that the woman claimed was a BC or a BC mix, and we took her outside to see how she interacted with us.

If there’s love at first sight between people and their animal companions, this was it. We picked up Nika three days later, after she’d had her shots, and she lived with us for the next year, while Megan worked as an intern at Disney’s Sea World in Orlando. She became Noah’s closest buddy. Our golden retriever loved on her and played with her and pretty much trained her in the way of the cats, the way of  squirrels, the way of the world.

But was Nika a Border Collie? She had the same coloring and possessed many of the same mannerisms, but her fur was short.  Did that discount her? Megan decided to have her DNA tested through some outfit on the Internet. Their conclusion? Oh, well, she’s a Pomeranian. Really? In the photo at the top of the post, Nika is the dog on the right. Here’s what a Pom looks like:

When Nika finally moved to Orlando with Megan, I felt the void. Noah felt the void. I so wanted to get another dog, preferably a BC or a BC mix. It took the universe a while to manifest the Border Collie, but when it did, it manifested two of them.

Our friend Cassie moved into our house in January, with Willow and Kilt, Border Collies who are 10 and less than two years of age respectively. And living with these dogs, I’ve decided that Nika is mostly Border Collie. Here’s why:

Focus. This breed is known for their focus on a particular task.  Give them a task – ball, squirrel, Frisbee, whatever it is – and there is no other breed more intent on achieving a goal. Nika, Kilt, and Willow all possess this trait.

Speed. Even though we’ve never clocked Nika or Kilt, a friend who owns a BC had his dog clocked. She came in at 28 miles per hour. We figure Nika and Kilt can do at least that.

Herders.  This species of dog is bred to herd sheep, but in real life, they will herd anything – squirrels, birds, other dogs, cats, even humans.  Kilt has more of this than Nika, who just wants to be friends with everyone. But when Nika is on, she exhibits the BC trait of lying low, ready to pounce. If her humans aren’t paying attention to her, she – like Kilt – will trot over with a toy and thrust it in my lap. Play with me, give me a task, or I’m going to drive you crazy.

Intelligence. Quick learners, masters of tricks. High five, play dead, spin, kiss, lie down, sit, stop.  But in this department, Nika is a bit different. As Megan noted one time when she was home, Kilt and Willow will do tricks even if they don’t really want to. If Nika isn’t into the trick thing, she’ll simply walk away.

And so, the synchro here is about Border Collies, how Megan and I wanted one, how I wanted one after Nika moved to Orlando, and how the universe delivered three of them.

Cassie and her dogs move to Asheville, North Carolina in late April and will return next November. I’ll miss these BCs in the same way that I missed Nika when she first left. But I must say I won’t miss the endless clumps of fur and dirt and leaves that three dogs track into the house. I won’t miss how three dogs tend to dominate your life in unprecedented ways…park, squirrels,  treats, Frisbee toss, ball toss, eat, play, bark, bark  bark, play with me…

So okay, universe. I get it. I now understand Border Collies.

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The Monkey Dream Synchro


One of the blogs I visit frequently is Adelita Chirino’s Lita Dreaming. Adelita has studied under dream researcher and author Robert Moss and often posts about the connection between dreams and synchronicities. When I read about her monkey dream synchro, I asked if we could re-post it and she said sure.  It’s an intriguing story.


Sometimes I just curl up on the bed, surrounded by an assortment of dream journals and go on a quest. A question I’m pondering leads me to remember various dreams. I remember approximately when I had them and, because my journals are dated and pretty organized, I usually find what I’m looking for.

Then I cozy up with my book and read. So often I can’t believe what I’m reading; it’s a revelation I would have missed had I not written the dream down.

Another joy my journals afford me is a gallery of drawings and pictures I’ve made or collected that represent my dream images.

A favorite example is also a wonderful synchronicity.

I dream that I’m floating down a river, in lush tropical surroundings with vines and trees dripping into the surface of the water. As my little boat floats gently by the banks, under a lovely tree, I look up and see the most beautiful, sweet little monkey hugging the branch and looking at me. I outstretch my arms to the little creature and it melts into them and we embrace in loving bliss.

A bit later I’m visiting my wonderfully talented artist friend, Mally DeSomma, and see a pastel painting of my little monkey hanging in her studio. I’m stunned by the exactness of the likeness, especially the attitude that shines from it. I tell her my dream and, to my pure and utter delight, she gives me the original. It’s in a place of honor in my home. I am forever grateful to my dreams and to Mally.


So was this synchro precognitive?

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Coast to Coast and the Mystery of Flight 370













Tune in (if you’re awake) to Coast to Coast with Rob MacGregor and Bruce Gernon at 3-5 a.m. EDT as they discuss the strange and intriguing possibilities of what happened to Malaysian flight 370.


In the alternative universe of late-night radio, Coast to Coast AM is the undisputed king, with more than 3 million listeners a week, more than 12 million listeners a month, and more than 144 million listeners a year.  That’s a lot of ears.

The first time Rob and I were on this show, back in the early 1990s, Art Bell was still at the helm and we were promoting The Everything Dreams Book. The show was a lot of fun, Bell was a terrific interviewer, and we got a lot of interesting call-ins about dreams. But the books that sold – and they were probably considerable – didn’t earn us a dime because it was a work for hire project. You’re paid a flat fee for work for hire and that’s it. You take these projects when you need the money and the topic is interesting.

The second time we did the show, Coast to Coast had undergone some major changes. Art Bell’s wife had passed away and he had left. George Noory was at the helm. It was February 4-5, 2013, and the book we were promoting was Aliens in the Backyard.

We wouldn’t have gotten this appearance without the help of our friend Carol Bowman, a past-life researcher and author, who had been a guest several times.

“Trish, this show sells books,” she’d said. “They know their audience. When I was a guest the last time (for Return to Heaven), I was sitting at my computer, watching my sales on Amazon.” Carol sent me the name of the producer and I wrote her.

The producer thought I was writing on Carol’s behalf, that Carol had a new book she was promoting, and quickly scheduled her for an appearance on February 4-5. I wrote the producer again, explaining the misunderstanding. The producer replied that all new guests had to be interviewed personally, by phone, so we scheduled a time when we could all talk.

We passed the muster and were slated for February 4-5, depending  on your time zone, between 2-5 a.m. eastern time for us. That weekend, we were visiting our daughter in Orlando and Rob ended up in the emergency room. By the time we crawled home on Monday, February 4, we were exhausted, depleted. But we did the show – and I did what Carol had suggested. I watched our numbers on Amazon and was astonished. We sold several hundred books just in the time we were on the show. I even snapped a photo, just to remind myself of the changing landscape of publishing in the 21st century.

We did more than 30 radio shows for Aliens in the Backyard and all of them were terrific, they helped sell books. But there’s no beating Coast to Coast for book sales.  So when The Synchronicity Highway: Exploring Coincidence, the Paranormal, & Aliens Contact was published in the fall of 2013, we began our queries to radio stations. We didn’t hear back from Coast to Coast. We realized that The Synchronicity Highway was broader in scope that Aliens in the Backyard and that we needed something more than a book about synchronicity, the paranormal, and alien contact.  We needed a hook.

And Rob, a former journalist, found it when he talked to our pilot friend Bruce Gernon,  who pointed out the similarities between the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 and events in the Bermuda Triangle, including his flight in 1970. Bruce and Rob co-authored The Fog, a book that chronicles what happened to Bruce and his theory about it. We included his experience in Aliens in the Backyard, expanded upon it in The Synchronicity Highway, and the idea was expanded even further in emails and blog posts.

Bruce believes that what happened to him also happened to Flight 370.

Within a few hours of Rob pitching the idea to the producer, we received an email, then a call.  Tuesday night – or Wednesday  morning, depending on where you live – Rob and Bruce will be on Coast to Coast,  3-5 a.m. EDT,  midnight- 2 a.m. PDT, to discuss the intriguing possibility that Flight 370 experienced the same electronic fog that affected Bruce’s flight in 1970 and the possibility of a UFO connection.

What happened in that cockpit after the pilot signed off?

Why and how did the plane fly for another 7 hours after that sign off?

What was going on among the passengers during this chaos?

We hope you’ll join Bruce and Rob – live or later by podcast – as they discuss the strange and intriguing possibilities. I’ll  be serving coffee and snacks in the back room!

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The Trickster Surprises

 Sometimes the trickster comes in tight, compact packages that leave you reeling with surprise.

During this past week, I was thinking how great it would be if our daughter and her dog came home this weekend. Megan and Nika bring a completely different energy into the house, a youthful exuberance that sweeps through the house like a powerful wind. But I knew it was unlikely because Megan had dogs to walk this weekend and that we would be seeing her next week, for my nephew’s wedding.

After Rob had left to teach his yoga class this evening and Cassie had departed for one of the dressage competitions, I settled in to work for a while before anyone got home. Then Megan called and  we chatted for a bit.

“What’re you doing tonight?” I asked.

“Just hanging out. What about you?”

“Working on the ghostwriting book, then we’re going to watch another episode of Breaking Bad. Or maybe of House of Cards.”

I heard the ding that her car makes when the key is in the ignition. “You at your car?” I asked. “Headed home or out for the evening?”

“Headed home,” she said. “Where’s Dad?”

“Teaching yoga.”

“And Cassie?”

“At a dressage thing.”

By then, I was in the bathroom, washing my face, and we talked about who was going to take care of Nika next weekend while we were at the wedding.  I heard the doorbell ring. The dogs started barking. “Megger, someone’s at the door. I’ll call you right back.”

I hurried out into the kitchen and through the hall, my face still damp, and had to jockey for space among the three dogs at the front windows and door. I opened the door, prepared to greet my neighbor or a couple of Jehovah’s Witness dudes who make Friday nights their nights.

 But when I opened the door, there stood a beautiful young blond woman wearing shorts, a lovely light blue shirt, sandals.  It actually took me about fifteen seconds to realize this young woman was Megan! In my head, she was in Orlando, where I had just spoken to her. In reality, she was standing in front of me, laughing at the astonished expression on my face.

“Surprise!” she exclaimed, and I threw my arms around her.

Her dog, Nika, had already sped past us, into the pack of three dogs that were now all racing through the house, toward the porch doors, barking and chasing…well, the phantom squirrel.

She had come home to go to the Saturday night Grand Prix horse show, the biggie of the season, with the largest purse, and Cassie had known about it since Wednesday and kept it a secret. The synchro?  Well, I’d been thinking about how great it would be if she were home this weekend – and here she was. It’s not an earth-shattering synchro, but hey, in my book, it’s a manifestation of desire.

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Kidney Dream


As I finished teaching my evening yoga class at the gym recently, a guy working at the front desk said he wanted to talk to me. He had a strange story to tell. His name is Marc, he’s in his mid-twenties, and he has only worked at the gym for a few months. He looks like a typical ‘gym rat,’ with a muscular physique, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he bench presses 300 pounds as if he were lifting a loaf of bread…or a paperback book.

He’d surprised me one day a few weeks earlier when he said he wanted to buy one of my books—Psychic Power, which is about developing your intuitive skills. At the time, I had no idea that Marc even knew I was a writer, much less any of the titles. And why that book? I rarely talk about my books at the gym. After all, it’s not exactly a book-club environment. But after that, Marc actually began bringing Psychic Power to work and reading in his spare time. I asked him once what he thought about it, and he just said that he liked it, that it was interesting.

So now he had something strange to tell me. Here’s what he said. “I had a dream last night that was like a nightmare. I was holding a kidney in my hands.” He said he found the dream disturbing and, of course, wondered what it meant. I was going to ask him what kidneys meant to him, but before I could say anything, he told me that he got a call that morning from a woman who also works at the front desk. She asked him if he would fill in for her, because she had a doctor’s appointment. She was going to get a CAT scan on her kidneys. “She has kidney problems,” Marc said. “I had no idea until she called.”

As I left, it occurred to me that both of them sit in  the same chair, but at different times of the day. Somehow, Marc had picked up on the woman’s kidney problems. I have no idea how serious her problem is, but I have the impression that Marc is the kind of guy who might donate a kidney to someone in need.


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2nd Synchronized Meditation

 Our second synchronized meditation with Sandy, the retired veterinarian who works consciously with entities, took place in the afternoon of Tuesday, April 1. Afternoons are not a great time for me. My energy tends to be low and if I stretch out, I usually fall asleep. Yet, during this 30-minute meditation, I saw one thing clearly – and it was weird.

I saw a person’s thigh – the side of it – and a hand reached into the skin and removed something from inside. The skin simply parted – it wasn’t cut.  It reminded me of videos I’ve seen of psychic surgeons in the Philipines.

When the 30 minutes was over and Rob and I talked about our impressions, I found his to be quite intriguing. He recalled  seeing a garden with white plants and a woman tending it, who told him that she would read his mind.

Sandy’s take on our impressions leads me to believe that in spite of the time of day, Rob and I may have connected with something:

Trish, your vision was interesting because it reminded me of quantum surgery that I think I mentioned it to you briefly in one of my emails to you last summer where the beings said that we could learn to manipulate matter to the point where we could dematerialize tissues to access organs.  

Rob, in your email last Wednesday you wrote the following: “The only other thing I recall is seeing a garden with white plants and a woman tending it, who told me that she would read my mind. Any thoughts on that one?

The white garden was a lovely image and reminded me of something a friend once said that the beings are “…watering their garden of souls.” Gardens are microcosms and beautiful metaphors of life. Since the woman told you that she would read your mind, I see it as an invitation to enter into a conversation. The white garden can symbolize her intention as being of pure energy or that she is a guide who takes care of other souls. Ask for her name and say hello.

Reading the mind is normal activity for the spirit world and for the beings. Sometimes it’s a nonverbal communication that is so pure and clear that it makes the use of words seem clumsy, sluggish and primitive. We can read the thoughts of spirits too, and of each other. (I don’t like to use the terms “living” and “dead” because they are all alive.) It’s normal. We just don’t recognize it yet as normal.

During the time in my gardens this week I was observing the birds fluttering among the flowers and our dogs lifting their noses to the wind as they lay in the grass and realized that their abilities to see colors or smell scents are well beyond our own senses and are like our abilities to see and work with the beings and the spirit world. Birds can see colors in a range far beyond our comprehension and dogs can smell the breath of a Chihuahua a block away because they’re wired for it. We can learn to wire ourselves to work with this facet of our world that is currently unseen by many. I think this is what the beings meant when they said to me ”We are activating you…” We can remove our own filters.

Our next synchronized meditation with Sandy is on Saturday, April 12, at 7 PM  EDT. Join us if you can. Let us know your impressions, thoughts, insights. As Buffalo Springfield once sang, Something’s happening here. What it is, we’re not exactly clear…”

It may become clearer if we have more input.

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Haunted Jekyll Island

My 29-year-old nephew, Ardon Anderson, my sister Mary’s  oldest son, got married on April 5, on Jekyll Island, Georgia, a slice of paradise off the east coast between Jacksonville, Florida  and Savannah, Georgia.  This three day extravaganza was held at the Jekyll Island Club Resort, where the past whispers through the very air you breathe.

The Jekyll Island Club was born in 1885, when a group of wealthy individuals invested in the ambitious plans of Newton Finney and his brother-in-law to create the most exclusive hunting club and vacation site for the very wealthy. The original 53 investors/members, who worked in Manhattan, became part of the incorporated Jekyll Island Club, which bought the entire island. 

This group of business and financial luminaries included  J.P. Morgan, William Rockefeller, Joseph Pulitzer, George Baker and James Stillman. These men spent summers on the island with their families. Some of them also built winter homes on Jekyll, which were large enough to house their families and servants. J.P. Morgan and William Rockefeller built Sans Souci in 1896. It had six units and was one of the first condominiums built in the country.

The club flourished into the 1930s, but with the Great Depression casting a pall over everything, half of the members dropped out. During WWII, the federal government was afraid that enemy subs might sneak in just off the shoes of Jekyll and evacuated the island. It remained closed for the duration of the war.

In 1947, the state of Georgia bought the entire island for $675,000, and turned it into a public state park. The hotel is now owned by the Radisson Hotel Chain, and has 134 rooms and suites that are located in the main building, the annex, and three restored cottages – the Sans Souci, Cherokee Cottage, and Crane Cottage, which is where Ardon’s wedding took place.

When we first drove onto the property and I saw the hotel and Crane Cottage, I remarked to Rob and Megan that it reminded me of the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s The Shining. Even though it isn’t as large as the Overlook, it has that same ancient, spooky feel to it. “This place has got to be haunted.”

Here’s a photo of the Jekyll River and the salt marsh as the sun was setting – the view from Crane Cottage. The second photo was inadvertently taken with some sort of  filter app on my iPhone:

As I found out after the fact, the hotel  apparently is haunted. 

JP Morgan supposedly still hangs out in the Sans Souci, where he continues to enjoy sitting out on the third floor balcony, sipping coffee and smoking his favorite cigar. Guests who stay in this condo unit and are early risers have reported the scent of cigar smoke – and smoking isn’t permitted. General Lloyd Aspinwall, one of the original investors, has allegedly been seen in a room named after him. The Aspinwall Room was originally called the Riverfront Veranda and the general has been spotted strolling the veranda, still enjoying the magnificent view. Here’s more about the apparitions, which include a mysterious bellboy who leaves gifts for newlyweds.

Now that I’ve discovered that the place is haunted, I wonder if it helps to explain an odd event that happened Saturday night after the wedding and dinner, when Crane Cottage rocked with music, dancing, and a lot of celebrating by the nearly 200 guests. The entire house had been reserved for the wedding. My youngest nephew, Ashton, made his way through the crowd and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Aunt Trish, the weirdest thing just happened. I found a baby bird in mom’s room. I think it’s a baby hawk.”

“Is it still in the room?”

“Yeah, I wrapped it in a towel.”

“We should release it.”

“C’mon, I’ll show you.”

Rob, Megan, and I followed Ashton up to the room on the second floor. Interestingly, the door to the balcony was shut and so was the door to the bathroom, which had an open window that overlooked the grounds and the Jekyll River beyond it. Ashton said he’d found the bird near the bed and took us over to it. He carefully folded back the edges of the towel and, sure enough, there was the baby bird.

“It’s a swallow,” Rob said.

 And what came immediately to mind was a synchro we experienced with a pair of swallows in 2009.  Ashton picked up the towel, cradling it gently in his hands, and we hurried back downstairs and out onto the property and found a spot near a bush where we left the swallow.

“So what’s it mean, Aunt Trish?” Ashton asked. “It must mean something, right?”

“Birds often act as messengers.  So yes, I think it means something. We’ll have to wait and see what unfolds.”

A little while later, I realized I had misplaced my iPhone and was running around, trying to find it, when Ashton hurried over to me again. “You aren’t going to believe this. I just found a second baby swallow in the bedroom.”


We hurried back upstairs to Mary’s room. It was just Ashton and I this time and later on, Rob questioned whether this was the same bird, maybe it had flown back into Mary’s room after we’d released it. But the windows and balcony doors were still shut, Ashton said, and no, there were definitely two birds. Ashton said he had come back to the room to get something and had heard fluttering under the bed. When he got down on his knees and looked under the bed, he’d seen the second bird. He had caught it, wrapped it in a towel, and set it in a corner of the room, where he now picked it up. 

The little thing didn’t move, yet when I touched it, I felt the rapid, frantic beating of its heart. It seemed to be stunned. I suggested we take it outside to the same spot where we’d left the first swallow. So we did. The towel that had held the first swallow was  now empty. Ashton and I looked at each other and grinned. We hoped that meant the first baby had flown off.

By the next morning when we returned, the second swallow was nowhere around, either.

Rob’s interpretation of this discovery of two baby swallows is connected to its meaning as a verb – that there was a lot of “swallowing” going on at the festivities – i.e., the open bar, the copious amounts of wine that flowed after the bar had shut down for the night. Or perhaps Ashton must swallow the fact that his older brother is now married, a big change in the sibling dynamics. And while those interps may be part of it, there could be something deeper here.

Two baby swallows. The incubation period for swallow eggs is from eleven to twenty days, more twos. Perhaps within this time frame, Ashton, a tattoo artist seeking to expand his creative venue, will be offered a new opportunity of some kind. But since the birds were in Mary’s room, maybe something comes her way in eleven to twenty days. Or perhaps in eleven to twenty days, something new occurs for Ardon and his new wife. No telling. Stay tuned.

The wedding and the discovery of the two swallows occurred on April 5. So the time frame may be from April 16 (11 days) to April 25 (20 days).

None of us saw or sensed a ghost at any time during our time at the resort. Nothing strange showed up in any of my photos – and I took a lot of pictures. No orbs, no questionable shadowy shapes.We did take a nine-mile bike ride to the north end of the island, a place called Driftwood Beach, but the only ghosts here were the majestic pieces of driftwood.

And the incredible live oaks strewn with Spanish moss:

Perhaps the haunting, for us, was that Mary’s ex-husband, the father of all three boys, died several years ago. Yet, his 85-year-old step grandfather attended and so did his 38-year-old son from his first marriage.

We didn’t sleep at the resort.  Our rooms were at a hotel up the road. I think I would like to go back to the resort and actually book one of their ultra expensive rooms for a night and see what, if anything, puts in an appearance.  If nothing else, I would enjoy falling asleep to the sound of the wind moving through these ancient, majestic live oaks, many of which were infants when JP Morgan and Rockefeller and the other bankster boys bought the place more than a century ago.

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Dead Synchronicity

What do you get when you combine the concept of synchronicity with the comic book/game world? In this instance, we get a game called Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today, in which a rampant disease in a future time spawns psychic powers among the infected. The catch, they don’t have long to live.

One reviewer describes it this way: “The story is an interesting one; it’s set in a bleak future where “A terrible pandemic is turning all of humanity into the Dissolved – the sick whose deliria provide them with supernatural cognitive powers… but also steer them towards a gruesome death.”

Even though I have a minor association with the comic book world through adaptations of movie scripts (SPAWN and The Phantom), I’m not really into such games. I already have plenty of distractions in other arenas.

I haven’t sampled the game so I don’t know how synchronicity plays—if at all—but such dystopian scenarios always lead me to wonder if the writers are tuning into our future, or at least one version of it. I suppose if such a scenario turned into a god-awful reality, then that would be synchronicity, as well as precognition. Then there’s the question: Are we creating such a reality through these tales?

Some writers have had ‘luck’ in this type of story-telling. Edgar Allan Poe wrote an eerie tale about cannibalism on the high seas after a shipwreck (The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym), and the story came true 47 years later. In fact, the victim in each case was a teenage cabin boy named Richard Parker. Go figure.

Then there was the novel, Futility, also known as The Wreck of the Titan, by Morgan Robertson, that paralleled the true life story of the Titanic. The size of the ships, the speed, the number of passengers, shortage of lifeboats, the enormous iceberg—besides the similarities in names of the ships—are all so similar that it seems Robertson tuned into the tragedy 14 years before it happened.

But did Poe and Robertson create these future events through their writings? I really doubt it. If they did, well then I don’t want to play Dead Synchronicity.

However, if you’re curious about the “space-time distortions, dystopian atmosphere…and dark, bloodstained plot,” described by the game’s creators, you can play a demo  here.

Hopefully, you won’t be taking a peek at our future…or helping create it.

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The Phantom Bus

 Every so often I open our copy of Mysteries of the Unexplained and invariably run across a story I don’t recall reading before.  This one about a phantom bus is strange.


In the mid-1930s, a driver in North Kensington, London had an odd report for the police. He claimed that as he was turning the corner from St. Mark’s Road into Cambridge Gardens near the Ladbroke Grove underground station, he saw a bus tearing toward him. “The lights of the top and bottom deck, and the headlights, were full on but I could see no sign of crew or passengers. I yanked my steering wheel hard over, and mounted the pavement, scraping the roadside wall. The bus just vanished.”

Sounds pretty wild, right? Like maybe the driver was drunk or hallucinating. But after one fatal accident at this corner, the local corner took note of the story about the phantom bus and discovered that dozens of people had claimed to have seen the double decker ghost bus.

It turns out that there had been a number of “ordinary accidents” at this corner, as well as several that were fatal. Eventually, the city council straightened the road and the accident rate dropped. There weren’t any subsequent reports about the phantom bus.


Why did the ghost bus no longer appear after the road was fixed?  Since the bus had caused some of the accidents, it seems unlikely that its appearance was a warning about the junction. Maybe when the road was straightened, the energy of that particular corner was changed or a portal between the dead and the living was closed.

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Synchronicity Wine

Our weekends are weird. Since we haven’t worked regular jobs for years, our Saturdays and Sundays shouldn’t be much different than any other day of the week. Except they are.

Maybe it’s that we live close to an elementary school where, during a regular week, traffic starts backing up in the morning and the afternoon, drop-off time and pickup time for the kids. When I’m at my desk on the weekend, I hear less traffic out there on the road beyond our fence. I’m aware that we’ve reached a weekend just by the sounds and activity around me.

Recently, our Saturdays have been about excursions- to the outdoor green market, for instance, where we can get fresh tuna for about 13 bucks a pound. At our local supermarket, that same chunk of tuna would cost close to 40 bucks a pound. Last Saturday, our fish truck wasn’t around. Another vendor told us the fish guy had trouble with his truck. So this Saturday we went off in search of Crabbie’s, Scottish beer that has only recently become available in the U.S.    

When Rob first did a search for who in our area might carry this beer, Google led him to a spot nearly 500 miles away, in South Carolina. He kept poking around on the Internet and eventually discovered that a store called Total Wine carried the beer, in a particular aisle, and even narrowed it down to the side of the aisle where he could find the beer.

So as we set off for Total Wine I thought, Okay, let’s have a synchro. I’m usually thinking that when I head anywhere. We’d never gone to Total Wine before and when we walked in, I was drawn through one aisle after another of wines from dozens of countries, hundreds of areas. Wines of every variety and price.

I veered down one aisle, scrutinizing the wines, and Rob veered down another, searching for his Scottish beer. In the foreign wine section, I selected a bottle of Hungarian wine and immediately imagined myself sitting outside a café in Budapest. Then Rob and I ran into each other and he still hadn’t found his Scottish beer, so I asked an employee about Crabbie’s.

It turned out that the beer was a recent addition and the employee talked to some other employee via Bluetooth and led Rob away. I returned to my fantasies about Budapest and wondered what other foreign country I might visit among the wines.   And then, there it was, a bottle of red that became my synchro for the day, Police Synchronicity. 

And it cost less than ten bucks.

I haven’t tried it yet. But already, I expect to be transported into the realm of the implicate, the enfolded order that physicist David Bohm talks about. Already, I’ll need the album by The Police playing in the background. Already, I’ll need to be wearing a shirt that reads, Synchros here and now.

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Tuning in?

 Our dog park is across the street from the Aero Club, a suburban community where many houses have hangars and the private airstrip is now paved. The flight path to that runway brings many types of planes directly over the dog park.

On February 17, when Rob and I were at the park, an experimental plane – like the one depicted above -  came in very low over the park and dog owners peered upward or ducked. Yeah, ducked. It was that close. Rob said to some people nearby, “Did you hear about the plane that crashed here?”

What?” I asked. “When?”

“Oh, you know, that plane that crashed four or five years ago. But it’s going to happen again.”

Two people had died in that crash, a man and a woman who had left behind two small children. But I was struck that Rob initially referred to it in a way that led me to believe there had been a recent crash.                

The next  morning, the 18th, I dreamed that the Palm Beech International Airport had changed its flight paths so that planes now came directly over our house. In the dream, I saw a twin engine plane plane  lying perilously low and headed straight for our house. I could hear its noisy engines and thought, My God it may hit us.

It didn’t, though, and I woke up and walked out into the kitchen, eager for coffee and food. Rob eventually joined me and I told him about my dream. Then forgot it.

At nearly one this afternoon, Rob and I were waiting for a call from Whitley Streiber. We were going to be doing an interview with him about The Synchronicity Highway.  Our windows were open, the air here has been cool, and I heard this shrieking chorus of police alarms and commented on it to Rob.

Then we did our interview and I forgot about it until I received a text message from a Karin, a woman I know from the dog park. She asked if I’d heard about the plane that had crashed across the street from the dog park. The pilot, she said, was killed. It was the experimental plane that had flown in so low the other day. The pilot flew for American Airlines and was a friend of our neighbor, who is also a pilot for American.


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Return of the (Class) Ring

John Sims recently had been wondering how much it would cost to order a new class ring to replace the one he lost 25 years ago. He’s a graduate of the Miami Beach High School class of ’81 and has fond memories of his days growing up on Miami Beach. He played football and even had his jersey number, 56, inscribed inside the ring, along with his name.

“I’m kind of a nostalgic fool. I think of things like that,” Sims told the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel. ”You always remember where you came from, and we’re a close-knit group, even if we’re spread out over the country. We talk every day on Facebook.”

He figured he would never see his old ring again. After all, he lost it in Italy while serving in the Navy. He suspected that it slipped off his finger one day while playing baseball. However, before he had a chance to inquire about the cost of getting a replacement, voila, his lost ring was returned to him.

The well-timed recovery of the ring came as a result of a message posted on Facebook. A Virginia family found the ring 20 years ago, then promptly forgot about it. When they found it again in late February, they went online and found Margie Schulman Alter, a Miami Beach High grad from the class of ’66, who is now active in the online alumni community.

She posted a message on Facebook: “Does anyone know John Sims, Class of ’81 MBSHS football player #56? Class ring found 20 years ago however, placed in a drawer (NOT my drawer) and forgotten until recently.”

Within hours, several alumni had located Sims. But before he was contacted, he saw his name and photos of his lost ring being discussed on Facebook. Sims said the ring must’ve been inside the Navy glove that was shipped to the States, and the ring fell out.

Now that he has it back, he plans to wear the ring every day, just like he used to. “It just became my other wedding ring.”


So, once again, a lost object returns to its owner. This time, it does so via social media. What are the odds? What kind of force is manifesting itself in these kinds of synchros?


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Magic at Play in the Fields

In the world of so-called mysteries of the unknown, crop circles tend to be a black-and-white matter. In fact, many people would not even call crop circles a mystery of the unknown, because they know that they are made by humans – crop circle artists. After all, it’s been well documented.

Then there are the believers, those who are convinced that some crop circles – the most majestic ones – are made by paranormal forces – whatever they might be. Those folks tend to call the man-made circles ‘crap circles.’

That has been the primary points of view for years. The non-believers say there is no reason to believe any other-worldly phenomena is taking place. Speculation about aliens or paranormal materializations is nonsensical. End of story.

Meanwhile, the believers point out that the most impressive crop circles – the larger ones with intricate details that literally appear out of nowhere, and often manifest in a small window of time – aren’t made by man. There aren’t any human tracks  left behind, and the designs are too complex to create in the middle of the night. Besides, balls of light have been seen moving over the fields where such circles have appeared. They’ve even been video-taped, ie. documented.

Now comes a confession of sorts by a  crop circle maker, one of a group of fellow artists who have been ‘working’ the fields in England for years. Mathew Williams is best known as the first crop circle artist convicted in the UK for violating a new law that criminalizes crop-circle making. He was fined the equivalent of $200. However, he now confesses to more than damaging crops with his artistic endeavors. There’s something else that’s he’s been talking about.

In an article in the Daily Express, Williams admits there are other forces – besides humans – at work in the fields creating the designs. He made the comment while being interviewed for the newspaper about the paucity of crop circles during the 2013 season. He was supposed to talk about the effect of the new law. But he drifted into uncharted territory – at least for circle makers. He says he has evidence that the more elaborate designs are the product of paranormal activity.

“I’ve seen small balls of light which have entered the field and chased us out on one occasion. I’ve seen them passing overhead,” Williams said. (His comments on the subject were recently re-published in Open Minds Magazine as part of a cover story on crop circles.)

Williams also noted that when he and his friends make large talismanic magical symbols, strange things happen. “On two occasions we’ve also seen black, shadowy figures. Not as clear as a person, a little more rounded but a human shape. There are so many things like that.” He added that somehow these symbols “actually have some effect on physical reality and strange things happen.”

Williams is not alone in his contentions that mysterious forces are at work in the fields of Wiltshire, the location of many of the UK’s crop circles. “All of us are very different but strangely enough, whatever angle you come into crop circles from, all the teams have had paranormal experiences while making them.”

So we wonder what the non-believers think now, when one of their own – an admitted and convicted crop circle artist – says the unthinkable, that non-human mechanisms are at play in the fields creating magic.

In the world of synchronicity, this feels like the Trickster at work. First of all, the human crop circle makers have served as tricksters with a small ‘t’,  attempting to fool us into thinking that something other than human is at play. But now that the human artists have been exposed – and even prosecuted – they are admitting that they are as puzzled by the phenomenon as anyone else. Maybe even more so.

And in the background, the Trickster is laughing. So you think you’ve got the answers about crop circles? Well, think again. It’s not all that black-and-white.

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Another theory about Flight 730

You probably thought you’d heard all the possible theories about what happened to Malaysian Flight 730. Well, here’s a new one from pilot Bruce Gernon, who co-authored The Fog with me about his Bermuda Triangle experiences.

I sent Bruce a new list of the 10 most mysterious aircraft disappearances, which now includes Flight 730 as the top one. The Bermuda Triangle is included, which was probably why I sent him the list. Bruce has appeared on numerous cable network shows about the BT and his harrowing escape from mysterious forces is often the highlight of the shows.

He answered back that he had been following the disappearance of the 777 very closely, and so far thinks that ‘electronic fog’ could have been the cause.

Electronic fog is a term Bruce created to describe what happened to him on his flight from Andros Island to West Palm Beach when he was locked in a fog that seemingly was attached to the plane and moved with it. He came to that conclusion after puzzling over the fact that during the experience there was a continual hole in the fog below and above the plane. He could never move past it.

But at the time that was the least of his worries because all of his electronic instruments had shut down – similar to what happened on Flight 730. He had tried to escape the conditions by flying at a high altitude, also similar to the apparent actions of the pilots on the Malaysian aircraft. When Bruce realized he couldn’t fly above the cloud mass, he tried to fly under it. Again that was what the 777 did, dropping from 45,000 feet to 3,000 feet.

“If they were in the electronic fog, it disoriented the pilots and caused them to divert their course – similar to what happened to me and to Charles Lindbergh on his mysterious BT flight, and also to Flight 19.” That was the infamous case in which five Navy fighter planes vanished, setting off the Bermuda Triangle saga.

In Gernon’s case, he should’ve been near Bimini when he abruptly found himself flying over Miami Beach. It was as if he had instantly teleported 100 miles. When he finally landed in West Palm Beach, the plane had too much gas left in the tank and he’d arrived half an hour too soon, in spite of taking diversionary actions en route.

It’s all speculation of course. But at this point, it seems that Bruce Gernon’s theory is as good as any of them.

Even the Huffington Post has compared the missing commercial jet to the Bermuda Triangle saga.

There is no scientific proof that electronic fog exists, but as Gernon says to skeptics: “If you were on the flight with me, you wouldn’t dismiss the idea so quickly.”


A possible breakthrough on the missing plane mystery, from Australia.

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The Nun’s Voice

In the psst few days, I have heard about The Voice twice now. Rob and I don’t watch the show. I only knew that it was like American Idol, but supposedly better.  Then this evening I click onto Huffington Post for the latest on the missing Malaysian flight – and am treated to this stunning performance by a nun on The Voice:


And, oh wow, she floored them. She floored me.

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A long ‘Trek’

Leonard Nimoy is 83. ‘Live long & prosper.’

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Synchronized Meditations

Back in November, we met contactee Sandy, a retired veterinarian, and her husband for lunch midway across the state. She has since been on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland, talking about her travel experiences into other dimensions and her contacts with entities she describes as inter-dimensional. She makes contact during meditation and has had numerous instances of physical contact and visual contact. The beings, whatever they are, don’t abduct her and she considers the contact benevolent, though sometimes startling. The aim of the contact seems to be related to healing and higher awareness.

At some point, we talked about doing synchronized meditations with Sandy and her husband, the Striebers, and others who wanted to join us. We’ve done two of them now, and they have yielded interesting results. We’ve had visions, similar to waking dreams, and some of Rob’s have been related to entities. In one, the beings were flying or hovering overhead, and he heard these words: “The crazy people.”

Hmm, maybe they have a sense of humor. Trish meanwhile saw a large cat, and a number of people moving about the room during that same meditation. She also saw a human form pushing up through the floor.

After that session, Sandy wrote this about her experience: “Greg and I had a quiet but enjoyable meditation. I had the usual leg rocking and body waves, then I started to buzz all over about 20 minutes into the meditation and I felt a being at my feet for only about 5 minutes. We cupped the little foam rubber brain as we held hands throughout the session and focused on Anne and Whitley. I had a vision of a man who stepped forward, dressed as a king with a deep purple satin top with gold embellishments and a thin crown wrapped around his head. His face had a nose and beard but it was just blank skin where his eyes and eyebrows would be. He just sat in front of me with a staff in his hand.”

On the day of our planned third session, we were on our way to the gym and started discussing the meditations. As we approached a traffic light, Trish was saying that she hopes something more substantial will happen, that it would be more than these dream-like images.

We stopped at the light, which was T-intersection. We had to turn either right or left. Directly across the intersection from us was a condo complex fronted by a ten-foot high ficus hedge that bordered a sidewalk. A man wearing a long-sleeved gray T-shirt was facing the hedge directly in front of us. Rob was gazing in his direction, but Trish didn’t notice him. The view of the man was partially blocked by three small diamond-shaped traffic signs, intended to keep cars from plowing straight ahead into the hedge.

Rob wasn’t paying close attention to the man until it registered that the man had seemingly faded and vanished. Rob told Trish what he’d just seen, and his first reaction was that the man, for some reason, had pushed his way through the thick hedge and disappeared on the other side. The light changed and Rob slowed the car as he turned and we inspected the hedge. There was no noticeable sign of disturbance to the hedge. But the branches most likely would have whipped back in place after someone pushed through them. The person also would’ve been scratched, because the hedge is thick.

That’s the logical explanation, of course, and we could prove or disprove it by trying to push through the hedge at that spot. But maybe that’s not the point of the experience.

Regardless of what had actually happened, what Rob saw was incredibly parallel to our conversation. Trish had said she wanted something more physical to happen, something that would prove that our meditations were somehow linked with Sandy and Greg and their meditations.

Trish’s reaction: “We’ve got to keep doing these meditations. That was my answer.”



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Horses, Novels, & Psychic Twists

Wellington, Florida is supposedly known as the winter equestrian capital of the world. That means we have basically two seasons in this town – when the horse industry is here and when it’s not.

This means that shortly before the snow starts flying in other parts of the country and the world, huge horse trailers begin pulling into town. In late October and early November, I can hear them outside my office window, trundling toward a barn or farm somewhere nearby.

Many of the horses these trailers carry cost upward of a million bucks. They are the crème de la crème, bred for speed, jumping, dressage, polo.  These are not horses that simply graze in a field of grass all day. They have schedules. Their riders have trainers. They are housed on vast tracts of land that feature barns, paddocks, riding and jumping areas. They require riders, grooms, barn managers, ferriers, veterinarians, acupuncturists, feed and hay, stores that sell saddles, bridles, all the accouterments. As our housemate Cassie, a groom, says, “The horses have better health care than I do.”

Wellington isn’t the only horse area in Florida. Ocala, in the middle of the state, is known for its horses and recently had a competition with a purse worth a million. In fact, according to The Barn Book, the Florida horse industry generates $3 billion in goods and services. The national industry has a $5.1 billion impact on the Florida economy when you take into account the suppliers and employees. Supposedly, 440,000 Floridians are involved in the horse industry in some way and there are half a million horses in the state, with 60 percent of them involved in recreation and showing.

For us, all of this translates in a personal way. We live a canal’s hop away from some of the largest equestrian estates, where dirt roads twist past properties so beautiful they belong in movies. We ride our bikes through this area and the dogs run free, without leashes, past paddocks where these gorgeous horses graze, past small, private ponds where swans sometimes drift in sunlight. Traffic is sparse, even during the horse season. During the off season, you can bike ride for miles and never see a human being.

Between January and April, when the competitions take place, the horse people often hire private trainers, massage therapists, and yoga instructors. This year, Rob was hired by a Venezuelan family for yoga. They live on an estate so large that he sometimes has trouble finding his way back to the car. And there are always so many people around he isn’t sure who is family and extended family and who is an employee. The estate has barns, paddocks, several houses, a private gym. The family owns horses that compete primarily in the jumping category.

Our daughter started horseback riding when she was eight. When we moved to Wellington in 2000, she was just eleven and continued her lessons. When she comes home for a visit, she usually squeezes in a ride somewhere. In 2001, Rob started a novel, Seventh Born, that takes place in a fictional equestrian town fashioned after Wellington. Crossroad Pres published it a few weeks ago and we wrote about a synchro associated with this novel and our housemate, Cassie, a groom for the Vanderbilt family who will be living with us until mid-April.

So we MacGregors, who had always figured we lived at the periphery of the horse industry, now realize that we live in the heart of it. It has provided fodder for novels, blog posts, and has delivered some really good synchros. Our income rises during the horse season. Since celebrities and the uber wealthy are often big horse people, we have talked to Bruce Springsteen at our gym – his daughter competes as a jumper have watched Bill Gates’ chopper hover over our dog park – his daughter is also a jumper; and have gaped at Tommy Lee Jones during polo matches – he owns a polo team.

Wellington calls itself a village. But as of the 2012 census, the population was close to 60,000, hardly a village. And during the horse season, that number probably rises by at least fifty percent and maybe even doubles.  Most seasons, Rob and I try to take in one or two horse shows and/or a polo match. This year, we did the dressage and jumping competitions. We rode our bikes to the first and got in free, and drove to the second and paid twenty bucks for parking.

Here’s a photo of the ring from where we stood for the jumping competition. That area just below us is the lesser reserved money area – maybe five grand a table, not sure.

I found the dressage competition pretty boring. It was like watching an episode of Downton Abbey where much is promised but little is delivered. While I appreciate the skill required to do the odd steps and twists and turns, which Cassie tells us dates back hundreds of years, dressage is, well, prissy. Class conscious. It, like the other competitions, sells tables for a mere $10,000. Dinner beneath a tent up close to the ring. Unlimited drinks. An expensive party.

But one of the perks for this expensive extravaganza was an actual old fashioned carousel, imported from Vienna,where kids actually got to ride on the ponies:

In Seventh Born, Rob captures the dichotomy of this world, and adds some stunning paranormal twists. Here’s an excerpt.


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Electronic Fog & Malaysian Flight 370

Last week, we wrote about pilot and author Bruce Gernon’s contention that Flight 370 might’ve encountered ‘electronic fog,’ a mysterious phenomenon linked with the Bermuda Triangle. Now Bruce has written an article expanding on his theory and describing what might’ve happened in the cockpit of the Boing 777.

+ + +

I call it Electronic Fog.  I have been researching this phenomenon since 1970.  I have communicated with over 100 people that have experienced it.  I have experienced it twice while flying my airplane.  I can relate my research and what I experienced to the disappearance of the Malaysian plane.

 The electronic fog is created in horizontal tunnels that form between thunderstorm cells.  They are usually about two miles high and last for about 5 minutes.  When they collapse they emit a puff of fog that can last for many hours after the storms have dissipated.  The fog can drift all the way down to earth and on rare occasions an updraft can lift the fog to higher altitudes.  If an aircraft flies through the electronic fog it can attach itself to the aircraft, similar to St. Elmo’s fire. 

This may have happened to the Malaysian flight 370, as I will explain.

There have been other famous flights that have had similar experiences.  In 1928 Charles Lindbergh was near Bimini when he encountered the electronic fog.  He did not tell anyone about it for 42 years so it must have had an impact on his mind.  He wrote about it in his last book just before he died because he thought it would be important for the world to know.  His compass was spinning so he wasn’t sure of his heading. 

He flew as high as he could get, trying to get above the fog with no success.  Then he flew just above the ocean trying to get under it with no success.  He flew for two hours before he was able to figure out which way was west by seeing that the right side of the fog was brighter because the sun was rising from the east.  He then turned west and flew for another two hours.  When he reached the coast of Florida the fog finally disappeared.

In 1945 five Navy bombers out of Ft. Lauderdale were flying in formation near Bimini when they encountered the electronic fog.  They radioed Ft. Lauderdale tower at 3:30 PM they were not sure of their position—something was wrong.  They were all unable to determine which way was west to head back to Florida.  They each had a compass and one electronic navigational instrument but apparently none of them were working properly.  They made a series of turns and became totally disoriented.  They kept flying for over six hours and finally ended up hundreds of miles from any land in the Atlantic Ocean where they were finally identified by radar.  A huge search team could not find any remains of them.

Exactly 25 years later, less one day, I was flying near Bimini when the electronic fog attached itself to my aircraft.  I radioed Miami radio at 3:30 PM that I wasn’t sure of my position—something was wrong.  My compass was spinning and my 3 electronic navigational instruments were mal-functioning.  I had entered a horizontal tunnel that was aiming for Miami.  It was 10,000 feet high and about ten miles long and 100 miles east of Miami.  I was in the tunnel for about 20 seconds then the electronic fog attached itself to the airplane when I exited the tunnel.  When I contacted Miami Radar Center they were unable to contact us on radar even though we had just installed a new transponder.  I slowed the plane down and maintained the same heading, never turning.   Three minutes after leaving the tunnel I reached the shore of Miami and the electronic fog electronically dissipated in about ten seconds.   I looked behind expecting to see a fog bank and there were only clear skies.   All the instruments started working again so I flew back to our home airport.  I landed 30 minutes ahead of time.  Somehow I traveled 100 miles in only three minutes and 20 seconds.

In 1986 Martin Caidin had one of the best documented encounters with electronic fog.  He was a famous science fiction author who wrote over a hundred books, including many on aviation.  He was flying a large twin engine Catalina PBY flying boat.  There were seven people on board.  All of them were professional caliber pilots.  They departed Bermuda in clear weather heading to Jacksonville.  Shortly after take off the electronic fog attached itself to them in an instant. 

All of their electronic instruments went out including their radios.  Their whiskey compass was spinning.  They tried to maintain their west heading by aiming away from the sunny side of the fog.  They climbed up to 8000 feet but couldn’t get above it.  They descended to sea level,but couldn’t get under it.  They continued for three more hours and when they got close to the Florida shore line the fog disappeared and skies were clear all around them.

 Caidin wrote about this flight on three separate occasions.  He knew they experienced something significant that could be dangerous for pilots.  He said the flying boat was enveloped by an intense electromagnetic field that dumped the instruments and blanked out the electronic equipment.  He said it was like flying inside a milk bottle. He never realized the milk bottle was attached to them.

Now for the Malaysian flight.

The first indication the airliner may have been in trouble was when the co-pilot signed off from Malaysian air traffic control.  He said, “All right, good night.”  Normally he would say something like “Malaysian 370 contacting Viet Nam at 128.4 thank you goodnight.”  Maybe the electronic fog had just attached itself to the aircraft so he cut the procedure short.  They never contacted Viet Nam airspace and strange things started happening immediately after that last call.  The fog can disable the radios.  The Boeing 777 has a glass panel cockpit.  All the panels could have turned off and turned blank.  The pilots would have no idea of their exact heading because even the whisky compass would be spinning.  They would have to rely on their mechanical backup instruments to maintain control.  They are the altimeter, the airspeed indicator and the attitude indicator. 

They made about 120 degree turn to the left apparently trying to aim for the nearest airport.  It appears they went up higher trying to get above the fog and down lower trying to get below the fog but it did not detach.  When the time came to the point where they should be able to identify the airport there was no visibility.  They may have made some more turns and that would have disoriented them to the point where they were  not sure of their heading anymore.  Pilots in the electronic fog often go through a series of turns, then became spatially disoriented, and enter what is known as a graveyard spiral, that always ends in death.

The Malaysian 370 pilots may have been able to control the autopilot, but the heading would  have to be controlled by their input.  After going through a series of turns they probably became disoriented and did something similar to Flight 19.  They just continued until they ran out of fuel.  Also, like Flight 19, they unfortunately aimed for a remote location over the ocean where they may never be found.             

It seems like every other decade there has been a significant encounter with the mysterious electronic fog.  Mainstream science has not yet recognized the existence of electronic fog so it is not even being considered as a possibility with the mystery of the Malaysian airliner.  It is a rare phenomenon and I know it is real because I have seen it and talked to others that have experienced it.  No one has been able to debunk my experience in over 43 years.

Could this be what happened to the Malaysian airliner?  Only time will tell. So far everything we know about the flight seems to point in that direction. 

People are starting to ask if this has anything to do with the Bermuda Triangle mystery.  Over the years I have worked with many scientists, many of them famous.  They all believed that the phenomenon of electronic fog is plausible.  My latest partner in research is professor David Pares.  My friend, the late great scientist and author Dr. Arthur C. Clarke, said that the universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine, and the only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them, into the impossible.            

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