Adele’s High Strangeness


This story certainly fits the spirit of Halloween!

We recently put up a doppelgänger story and one of the comments,by Adele Aldridge,  was so intriguing we told her we would like to bring it forward as a post. Her story seems to underscore how little we actually know about the nature of reality.


I never experienced a doppelgänger for myself but had a most interesting experience with what seems like one.

At the time I was emotionally and psychically obsessed with a man who was unattainable for a variety of reasons. The connection was powerful which would be a long long story in itself. The man never left my mind and sometimes I felt it like a buzzing in the center of my forehead, where the third eye is supposed to be located.

One time I had a meeting with him for a day. He lived in another state. The next day I had a dinner date with an old beau. I’ll call him Joe which was not his name. Joe knew me well. We had our love affair that had ended badly and then eventually became friends. Seeing him now as a friend was easy for me because my mind was occupied all the time with this other soul connection that made me feel crazy. I could not discuss this with anyone.

Joe and I went out for dinner, had a very good time, came back to my place. All of a sudden Joe looked startled and said, “I just saw someone sitting in that chair.” I looked at the chair which was quite obviously empty. Joe continued to stare at the chair. Joe does not remember his dreams, did not have psychic experiences, was not interested in any of the subjects you write about here on this blog. In other words, Joe was not prone to even thinking about such a thing as a doppelgänger or any such related far out subject.

My mind was still buzzing with the soul mate connection that I could not be with and not talk about. I asked Joe to describe what he was seeing. What did the man look like? What was he wearing?

I was wondering if Joe maybe just had too much to drink or smoke so was surprised when he responded with a clear answer that described the other man, including how he sat and the hat he was wearing. After a pause, while I listened in astonishment, knowing exactly who Joe was describing, he said to me, “Adele you go to far! You go too far with this psychic stuff. YOU GO TOO FAR!” Joe was very shaken by seeing this ghostly image in my living room.

I wasn’t DOING anything. I thought Mr. Mystery man, if anything, was going too far. After that experience I stopped worrying about the buzzing in my head – or whatever was going on. All this remains a mystery to me to this day which was years ago. All I know is that when we have an unexplainable experience that sounds unbelievable it doesn’t matter because no one can erase the experience no matter how illogical it sounds to the so called “normal” people. And no, this never happened to me again.

As you might imagine, that story has more story behind it. There has to be a lot of two-way energy going on to have an experience like that. Long before that happened I had been invaded by the sense of the presence of this ghost man who was very much alive but miles away. We did not write or talk on the phone.

I constantly questioned if I was losing my mind. This was something beyond love as well as inclusive of love. But when Joe saw this ghost image of the other man, he was freaked out, while I stopped thinking I was crazy and accepted the fact for what it was. If another person saw what I had been feeling for months, that was fabulous. I never told Joe who the man was.

This event just proved to me that our energy does go out and perhaps some of us have more energy than others and more at different times and for sure, a lot more with a few special people.


Lauren Raines commented in Adele’s post and her comment is also fascinating:

I completely believe Adele’s story, because I had something similar, in that there was a time in my life when I was “in love” with a married man, and he also was obsessed with me. Our connection was so inexplicable, and I came to the conclusion we must have a lot of past lives together or something………We worked together, as did his wife, and we never openly talked about it or became physical. The situation did not lend itself to any kind of discussion. But a number of times I felt him next to me in bed. It was very disturbing, and I since have met half a dozen women who had a strong emotional/sexual issue with a man and had the same kind of experience.


Supposedly, something similar can develop through deep meditation, in which a being created by the mind manifests into temporary reality, seemingly as a physical entity. Monks in Tibet have called these beings Tulpas.



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Aliens, Fallen Angels & Demons


I received an e-mail recently from Charles Fontaine, the Quebecois man who I wrote about here in the Quebec Encounters series here that later formed the heart of Aliens in the Backyard. Essentially, Charles has concluded that aliens are demons from the spirit world. His comments, which I’ve included in a slightly edited version below, compelled me (Rob) to consider the question of what lies at the root of the alien encounter experience, and about aliens, in general.

I think there is a connection between aliens and the spirit world. They seem to have access to it in ways we don’t comprehend. But I also think aliens are physical beings. Though some may have the ability to be both physical and non-physical.

I don’t know what aliens are or where they’re from, but I firmly believe they are not all the same—not physically, not mentally, and definitely not of the same intentions. They can’t all be lumped as either benevolent or evil. The same goes for humans, of course. And the same goes for human races and nationalities. Categorizing with specific attributes, whether positive or negative, only goes so far before such ideas start to unravel.

To say that all aliens are various forms of lower spirit beings – demons or Satan or fallen angels – then we are essentially saying there are no aliens. There are only lower, under-evolved demonic beings that appear as aliens.

It’s an interesting premise and the opposite of the ancient alien theme that implies all spirit beings and their revelations are cases of mistaken identity. It’s all aliens and no spirits. (I won’t even go into the skeptical/debunker perspective, which nullifies both possibilities!)

I think it’s much more complicated than either viewpoint – all aliens vs. all demons.

So here’s Charlie’s perspective. He makes references to people involved in his story, such as the pharmacist, the medium, and the ufologist (Jean Casault). Although I don’t agree with Charles, I think it’s worthwhile allowing him to express his thoughts and feelings, which are closely linked.


Remember what the medium told me when I’ve asked: Why me? He said they (the spirits) were telling him to tell me that I should give myself time and I would understand,  because I’m well grounded to the earth.

They (aliens) were and are no good and here is how I’ve found out:

The third time that I met with the Pharmacist, I asked him: How did you find out that something related to aliens was going on with me and how could you point out exactly what was going on? How could you? He was amazed and confused for a moment and said: I thought that you had told me.

The same with the neighbors…. and the same with the medium with the dog’s left paw. All the strangers starting a discussion directly related to the subject.

Then there was the bang on the woodstove and the loud screaming coming out of the stove at 3:00 AM, and the black shadows.

Think of it this way: it is all the same, they want us to believe in different things such as, Bigfoot, Aliens, Vampires … you name them all… I believe they are all the same and Evil…SATAN

They possessed all the people coming to me. They used them to communicate with me. Tell me why the Pharmacist would not remember that he had asked the question directly?

They want us to believe they are good. Remember the medium had told me that they were good. But they talked through him to lie to me about their identity.

We (my wife and I) have lived through a horror movie. Why would they be connected with my visit to the graveyard?

Demons can make themselves appear in multiple images. They use people around their target to communicate. They probably took me to the book store so I would connect with you as well, because this is what they wanted.

I haven’t lost my senses. On the contrary, I realized as time went by that they are here to steal our souls.

Casault is wrong. He is saying that people such as me are cowards, and that we should not be afraid. The aliens are good. The problem is that Casault is saying openly that God does not exist. This is exactly the message that they – ALIENS (EVIL ONES) want us to tell throughout the community.

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The 5th Wave


A couple of weeks ago, I dropped by Barnes and Noble to cruise the shelves and find out what new books were on the market. I usually make note of them and then check out the e-book version, which is always less expensive. But for some reason, on this particular day, I picked up The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey and read the back cover:

They know how we think

They know how to kill us.

They’ve taken everything worth living for.

Now they’ve come to take the things worth dying for.

I opened the book to a quote by Stephen Hawking: “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

Next page:

THE 1ST WAVE: Lights Out

THE 2ND WAVE: Surf’s Up

THE 3RD WAVE: Pestilence

THE 4TH WAVE: Silencer

Then I read the first page and knew I was going to love this book, that Rob would love it, that Megan would devour it. I was right. This book and its sequel- The Infinite Sea – went to the Florida Keys with us and after Megan got her hands on it, I never saw the hardcover again, so I downloaded the e-book and its sequel and Rob and I read it on our iPads.

Granted, I enjoy Dystopian novels, but The 5th Wave is probably the best novel – Dystopian or otherwise – I’ve read in the last 20 years. The story is riveting and the structure and pacing of the story are impeccable. It’s the kind of story that sticks with you even when you aren’t reading it. You can’t help but think, What if? As one writer friend put it, The 5th Wave is a sophisticated version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It’s actually a lot more than that.

In essence, an alien race takes over the planet by implanting the consciousness of their individual citizens into the bodies of human fetuses. The alien consciousness lies dormant in humans until the early teens and then co-exists with the human until the 1st wave occurs – lights out.

But it’s not just the electrical power grid that goes down. Nothing electrical or mechanical works- cars, iPads, cell phones, computers, planes, boats, nada. Back to the Dark Ages. This part of the story is told through the perspective of 16-year-old Cassie, who loses her entire family – except for her younger brother, Sam, who is eventually taken away in a bus by military types to Wright Patterson Air Force base. She’s a compelling, complex character.

Another perspective in the story is that of Evan Walker, who looks human but isn’t. He rescues Cassie at one point and falls in love with her, definitely not a component of the alien agenda. Walker may be one of the most intriguing characters in the novel.

Then there’s the perspective of Ben Parrish, a high school kid on whom Cassie had a crush when the world was normal. He is inducted into the 5th wave army at Wright Patterson, where children as young as five are trained to kill the “intruders.”

To say more than this would give away some essential plot elements that are so deftly crafted you anxiously turn pages just to find out what happens. As Megan remarked when she finished the book, “This story is a mind trip. The author leads you in one direction and suddenly you realize the direction is something else entirely.”

Yancey has done his homework – or has experienced something himself. He knows about the importance of owls in abduction scenarios. He knows about utter terror of the unknown. He understands the human psyche, the human soul.

As a writer, I came away from this novel with a deep appreciation for how important it is for a novelist to write the story as you envision it. Yes, an agent and editor can help to fine-tune the idea, can urge you to dig deeper within yourself to find the elements that transform the book from ordinary to extraordinary.

But in the end, a story is between you, the writer, and the characters you create. If you try to force the characters to do something that isn’t in their nature to do, they resist, dig in their heels, and your story falls apart. At no point in The 5th Wave does the story fall apart. You, the reader, have questions and all of them aren’t answered in the first book. But enough of the questions are answered so that you buy the sequel.

Not surprisingly, The 5th Wave has already been optioned as a film. I can’t wait to see how this shakes out as a movie. It’s an epic fated for the big screen.

ow I’m halfway through The Infinite Sea.

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Library Angels Again

Library angel_Graphic

As authors, we’re surrounded by books. So it’s not too surprising that some of our synchros relate to the world of literature. Fiction and non-fiction. However, it’s a bit unusual to experience two such synchronicities within a couple of hours, which is what happened to me (Rob) today.

Last night we went to dinner with a couple that I met in my yoga class. Dwayne is a graphic artist and Rose works for pharmaceutical company. She’s politically active, volunteering for campaigns and liberal causes. She also likes to read political biographies and passes them onto us when she and Dwayne are done with them. That works for us, since the books she gives us usually are not ones we would pick up on our own. Such was the case last night when after dinner she handed us A Fighting Chance, by Elizabeth Warren.

Warren is the senior senator from Massachusetts, and one of the most progressive members of Congress. Trish is always saying that she would love to see Warren take on Hilary Clinton in a Democratic primary fight in the 2016 presidential campaign. Considering the timing of her biography, it could happen.

I like Sen. Warren as well, but wonder if she might be more effective as a senator. Once in the presidency, there seems to be little time for pursuing innovative ideas. Pressure comes from all sides and such ideas are watered down, ie. the Affordable Care Act, which was a compromise, actually originally a Republican concept to keep private enterprise at the center of health care.

All that said, I was curious about Warren’s book, but hadn’t cracked it open yet this afternoon, even though it was on the kitchen table within reach. I pointed at the book and commented to Trish that Elizabeth Warren was a smarty pants, a phrase that she said she’d never heard me use to describe anyone. I wasn’t sure why I said it, except I know Warren is very bright.

As Trish walked away, I reached for the book and opened it at random, turning to page 213. Here’s the first thing I read: I have two master’s degrees. I’m smart. A smarty pants, I thought. Synchronicity.

Well sort of. Actually, when I looked at the context of the comment, I realized that Warren wasn’t talking about herself, but was referring to someone else who had approached her. Still, it was another example of the library angel coming into play. You’re looking for a smarty pants. Well, here’s one. It just wasn’t a direct reference to Warren.

I moved on to my office and went back to work on a novel, one that I’ve been writing and re-writing for several years. I’m in the third version of the story, and this time it feels right. A while later, I got up from my desk, walked into the family room, which doubles as our library since the walls are covered with bookcases. My back was bothering me from some yard work I’d done so I went into a common yoga pose, a standing forward bend, letting my upper body hang, in order to stretch out my lower back.

As I hung there, a book on the bottom shelf of the nearest bookcase caught my attention. The title on the spine was upside down, so it took a moment to figure out what it said. It was just one word: DOMINION. I’d never noticed that book, even though it has the exact same title as my novel. I picked it off the shelf, and realized it was non-fiction. The sub-title is: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy. Definitely one of Trish’s books, I thought.

So again I opened it at random and jabbed my index finger at the page on the right. Here’s what I pointed at: “Dominica wouldn’t have any business as a member of this political organization.”

Wow! That too is a synchro. Dominica is the name of the antagonist in Trish’s last three novels: Esperanza, Ghost Key, and Apparition. Since a script of Ghost Key is now circulating, I hope that little synchro was a nudge in the right direction.

If you want to read more about the library angel, type that phrase into the search box at the right, and three or more stories will appear.


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Revolution & Russell Brand

I think we come into life with an agenda, a checkist, if you will, of things we would like to achieve, experience, and do during our time on the planet in this life.

Some of us choose to work on personal issues – the evolution of our creativity, our spirituality, our ability to nurture and be nurtured, our craft. Other people choose to be born into this time and space to usher in monumental change. To help bring about a paradigm shift.

Russel Brand may be one of the latter. After seeing him on MSNBC with Lawrence O’Donnell, and hearing that he has teamed up with Naomi Klein, another revolutionary, I intend to buy his new book, Revolution. Brand’s premise is whether we should “ditch capitalism and save the planet or ditch the planet and save capitalism.” Why? Think about this for a moment: The combined wealth of the 300 wealthiest Americans is greater than that of the poorest 85 million.

That’s a depressing – and empowering – statistic.

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More Doppelgangers

One evening in 1885, French author Guy de Maupassant was experiencing what many writers do at some point in their careers – writer’s block.  He was working on a short story that refused to come together.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in the doorway of his office, strolled across the room, and sat down across from him. The writer was astonished that anyone had gotten into his study and even more shocked when the intruder proceeded to dictate what he’d written so far on the story. And right then, Guy de Maupassant realized the intruder was a doppelganger – his own double.

When the double vanished, Maupassant continued writing the story as it had been dictated – the tale of an invisible, evil spirit that lives within a man, yet independent from him. The story, The Horla is thought to be a harbinger of Maupassant’s subsequent madness and death.

Maupassant’s experience was unusual in that not many Doppelgangers provide information, much less dictate an entire short story!

Doppelgangers – doubles – have been reported for centuries throughout a variety of cultures, and probably date back to pagan times. In some cultures, the doppelganger was thought to be a manifestation of the soul.  Among ancient Egyptians, a ka was a spirit double. In Norse mythology, a vardøger  is a kind of ghostly double who, when seen, is performing its counterpart’s actions in advance. But could some Doppelgangers be astral projections?

A colleague of Harvard professor William James, a fellow professor, confided in James that one evening in late 1883 or early 1884, he tried an experiment in astral projection. The man apparently felt comfortable telling James about the experiment, but wanted to remain otherwise anonymous for fear that his more conservative colleagues would find the experiment frivolous.

Apparently the professor had been seeing a female friend quite often, “A,” and they shared an interest in the possibility of astral bodies. So on the particular evening of his experiment, he sat in the dark by an open window that faced her house, which lay about half a mile. The professor told James that he tried as hard as he could to “wish” himself in A’s presence. This state of wishing” lasted for about ten minutes. But he reported that nothing unusual had happened.

Yet, the next day, A reported that during the previous evening, while she’d been having dinner with someone, she’d seen the professor through the door. She told her companion about it. But the professor’s projection retreated and was never seen by A’s friend. She was convinced about the reality of the event.

We’ve written about Doppelgangers before  and about some of the famous people who have experienced them.  But every time I run across another story, I’m newly intrigued. Our blogging friend Mike Perry has experienced Doppelgangers several times.  Has anyone else?


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Ode to Joy

I came across this on Laure Raines’ blog, Threads of the Spiderwoman, which is like visiting an artist’s rendition of Joseph Campbell:


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Mercury Retrograde, $, Travel, & the Rest of It


Mercury, the trickster planet that rules Gemini and Virgo, turned retrograde on Saturday, October 4, in Scorpio and has traveled back into Libra, where it will turn direct on October 25. This planet turns retrograde three times a year and is supposedly a time for review, revision, and reconsideration. For writers, it’s a wonderful time to revise, rewrite, re-plot. For daily life, it can be frustrating.

Mercury rules travel and communication – including electronic transfers, the purchase of electronics of any kind- contracts, both verbal and written. The general advice is that it isn’t wise to schedule travel during a retro, to buy expensive electronics, to sign contracts, to make irrevocable decisions about relationships.

So, here’s how our retrograde has panned out. In one electronic snafu, $1800 was mistakenly transferred to a credit card we don’t even use. In another electronic bank withdrawal, we were charged for $500 we didn’t withdraw and had to file a dispute over an ATM withdrawal. In this case, I learned that when you go to a bank and punch in an amount that goes over your daily withdrawal amount – $500 for our account – and then cancel the withdrawal, the money goes into a “bank receptacle.” Your account is charged for the withdrawal – until the bank “balances” their books.

The $1800 eventually found its way back to our account, as did the $500, but only after hours spent on the phone and at the bank.

During the retrograde, we took a five-day trip to the Florida keys, to stay at my agent’s home on Sugarloaf Key. Here’s the view:



photo 1

He had told me to pick up the key from his neighbor. Given the snafus earlier in the week, I was concerned that the neighbor might not be home and that if he wasn’t, I didn’t even have a cell number for him. My bad. I should have gotten a number. I voiced my concern at one point during the drive to Sugarloaf and Megan sort of rolled her eyes. “Mom, the fact that you believe in these retro snafus may be why they happen.”

Okay, I accept that. I accept that our beliefs create our reality. But I also know how astrology works. Just as our beliefs can’t influence the tides during a full moon, I don’t think our beliefs alone can negate the influence of a Mercury retrograde. We can mitigate the effects, but one way or another, we are forced to slow down, reconsider, revise, review.

So we arrive on Sugarloaf. I run next door to ask Joe the neighbor for the key to the house. Joe isn’t home. I hear a small dog barking inside. I knock and knock. No Joe. No phone number. I walk back to Al’s place and inform Rob and Megan that Joe isn’t home. We unload the car and settle in on the porch. It’s late afternoon, 95 and humid. We wait. We break open the cooler, snacks. I call Al’s assistant, ask if he has a number for Joe. He doesn’t. Al is on his way back from France and his assistant has no way to contact him.

We walk down to the water, dip our feet into the coolness. Megan hears a car pull in next door, so I run over there again. A young man stands at the top of the stairs. “Are you Joe?” I ask.

“Nope. I’m Andy.”

Great. I introduce myself, explain the situation,  ask Andy if he has Joe’s phone number. He does, but I can tell he is hesitant about giving it to me. He’s one of Joe’s tenants and has dropped by to leave off his rent check. I explain some more. He gives me the number and I call Joe and reach voice mail. Within minutes, Joe calls me back. I explain who I am.

“Oh, wow, Al called me and I totally forgot. I meant to put the keys under the mat. Are you at the house?”


“I’m in Key West. I’ll be there in about forty minutes.”

Near dark, Joe arrives. We finally get into the house after a two-hour wait.

Fast forward. We reserve a boat for Sunday and are supposed to split the price with 3 of Megan’s friends. But Saturday evening, two of the friends back out. We learn there is a $200 cancellation fee for a boat that will cost us $250 plus gas to rent. Sunday morning, we – the MacGregors and Miguel – decide to go ahead with the rental, for a smaller boat, which is less expensive.

Fantastic. We’re off into the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, four of us in 17-foot long boat. Unbelievable weather, incredible views, even an island visit where we can walk ashore. Here’s a shot as we’re approaching:


After we left the island, we went in search of Looe Key, a great snorkeling spot over the coral reefs. En route, somewhere in the shallows, there’s a sickening screech, the engine dies,  and the boat refuses to start.

I call the guy who rented us the boat, reach voice mail. Miguel and Rob keep trying to restart the engine. It finally catches. We snorkel through a coral reef that is stunning, then head for Looe Key, where the coral reefs and snorkeling are supposed to be even better.

But a mile from Looe Key, the water is suddenly infested with Portuguese Man of War. These beautiful, alien-looking creatures have toxic stings that paralyze their prey – fish and plankton. For humans, the painful sting isn’t fatal. But I suspect if you’re attacked and stung by dozens of these suckers simultaneously – and that’s how thick they were in the water – it might be a different story. Was it mating season? A migration? We didn’t know and sped back to the island where we could walk ashore.

Man of War- under Megan’s feet, those strange blobs in the water, a luminous pink:



We get lost on our return to the channel where we are  supposed to meet the boat’s owner. With the phone GPS on now, Megan guides us to the right channel, the right canal, and we make it in with five minutes to spare before we have to pay a hefty overtime rate. Relief. Then the boat is pulled out of the water and oh guess what? One of the engine’s propeller blades is bent and cracked and it will cost $400 to repair.

So, our final tally for a boat excursion that was fantastic? About $700. But, all things considered, we didn’t pay for lodging. I figure it’s the total cost of the vacation in paradise. Megan, embracing it:


Rob, embracing it:


Megan and Miguel, enjoying it:


Megan’s dog, Nika, navigating:


During this same period:

I landed an astrology project and wrote the editor about signing a contract under a Mercury retro. Yes, I know, it sounds nuts. But in the past, any contract I have signed under a retro has turned out to be a major hassle. To my surprise, the editor said he would release the advance money and I could sign after the retro, if Al was okay with it. He was.

Five attempts were made to hack one of our email accounts, but the attempts were, fortunately, blocked.

I lost my watch – and found it.

Rob lost a pair of glasses and didn’t find them.

Despite all this, we had a fantastic time!

Go figure. Ha-ha, Trickster.



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The Afterlife Exhibit



Today, we went to a local science museum for the opening day of an Egyptian afterlife exhibit. This intriguing exhibit has been seen by more than 4.5 million people worldwide since it first came to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2004.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the exhibit was revamped in 2010 and now has more than 200 new artifacts, some of which are at least 5,000 years old and came from several British museums. The updated exhibit was most recently in Taipei, Taiwan, where nearly a million and a half people waited up to six hours to see it.


I’m happy to say that we didn’t have to wait at all. Rob, Lynn and Bruce Gernon and I breezed right in. The celebrity of the exhibit is a 3,000-year-old mummy believed to be the son of Ramses II, the Egyptian pharaoh known as Ramses the Great. Now here’s the interesting thing about Ramses. Museums that have housed the mummy all claim to have had “some sort of unexplained phenomena,” as the Post put it.


In Taipei, sixty seconds after the mummy was placed at its location, an earthquake hit Taipei that knocked out all the lights in the museum- except the one shining down on Ramses’ son. The young woman who was telling visitors about the mummy mentioned this story, so I asked her if anything had happened since the mummy had arrived at the science museum.

She lowered her voice and said, “Actually, yes, there have been some strange reports.” The night after the exhibit had arrived, two employees had returned to the museum after hours and were gathering up their belongings when they heard moaning. “The museum was closed, okay? No visitors were here, no employees except them.”

“What’d they do?” I asked.

“One of them said, ‘Do you hear that? I think the moaning is coming from the exhibit. The moment he said that word, moaning, the sound stopped.”

“Has anything else happened?” Lynn asked.

“Some visitors have reported that the mummy’s eyes move.”

By then, Lynn and I had our phones out, with our Ghost Radar apps up and running. Anomalies kept appearing on the screen and every so often a word appeared on her screen or mine that seemed connected to what we were doing. Pretty soon, a couple more employees came over to take a look at our apps and wanted to know what it was called and was it a free download? We were probably the oddest group of visitors today!

The other mummy that intrigued us was that of a young girl who was supposedly between four and eight when she died. But the mummy was so small – maybe two feet long – that we were confused about her supposed age. The girl’s mummy recently had a CT scan at a local children’s hospital to determine her cause of death. That will be revealed on October 16. When we used our ghost radar apps around the container in which she lay, our screens really lit up.


The mummies were laid out in a room that supposedly resembled a burial chamber. They are inside plastic cases that are regulated for temperature and humidity in order to preserve the mummies. And they travel in these cases I asked the young woman who had told us about the male mummy if the images on the walls were the original ones. She said the images had been replicated by archeologists – a daunting task that certainly looks like it could have taken decades to do!


We even saw pets and animals that had been preserved. Here, a falcon:


Here, an alligator or crocodile and cow’s eyes…Not sure why those would be preserved.


It was a fascinating exhibit and somehow, when you see something as old as these mummies and artifacts, you can’t help but feel a sense of wonderment and awe. And I’m sure some of the employees will be downloading the Ghost Radar app to use after dark, when the museum is empty of visitors.

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The Trickster & Climate Change

our mailbox, tropical storm Isaac, 2012


Most of South Florida sits about six feet above sea level, on a porous limestone plateau. There are no hills. The area is as flat as an envelope and crisscrossed by more than 2,000 miles of regional canals and levees that are intended to prevent flooding in surrounding neighborhoods.

“Imagine Swiss cheese, and you’ll have a pretty good idea what the rock under southern Florida looks like,” says Glenn Landers, a senior engineer at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  This means that during high tides – or when the water management district releases more water into the canals – water seeps into yards, roads, beneath buildings. In Miami, this seepage at high tide has already become a big problem.

 From a recent piece in the New York Times:

The sunny-day flooding was happening again. During high tide one recent afternoon, Eliseo Toussaint looked out the window of his Alton Road laundromat and watched bottle-green saltwater seep from the gutters, fill the street and block the entrance to his front door.

“This never used to happen,” Mr. Toussaint said. “I’ve owned this place eight years, and now it’s all the time.”

Down the block at an electronics store it is even worse. Jankel Aleman, a salesman, keeps plastic bags and rubber bands handy to wrap around his feet when he trudges from his car to the store through ever-rising waters.

Alton Road runs right through the heart of trendy South Beach, the Art Deco district where a lot of the original Miami Vice TV show was filmed.

Regardless of whether you believe that climate change is man-made, part of a natural cycle, or some combination of both, it appears that South Florida may be ground zero for the rising oceans. The National Climate Assessment, a scientific report recently issued on global warming and climate change, pinpointed Miami as one of the most vulnerable cities.

“The theme of the report is that climate change is not a future thing, it’s a ‘happening-now’ thing,” said Leonard Berry, a contributing author of the new report and director of the Florida Center for Environmental Studies at Florida Atlantic University. “Alton Road is one of the now things.”

Our area of Wellington lies fifteen miles or so inland from the Atlantic and is between thirteen and fifteen feet above sea level.  So, okay, if the seas rise three or four feet, the town will still be high and dry right? Not necessarily. In August 2012, we got a taste of what can happen when the canals fail to do what they were designed to do.

When Hurricane Isaac impacted South Florida, is was just a tropical storm and never made landfall. But it dumped 15 to 20  inches of rain in Palm Beach County in about a 24 hour period and that proved to be too much too fast for drainage canals and pumps. Entire neighborhoods flooded.

I remember that when I drove to the gym that morning, the rain was minimal. We were told the storm had moved on. When I left the gym an hour later, the rain pounded my car, visibility had shrunk to maybe two inches, and I later learned that a band of thunderstorms had stalled just off the coast. When I turned into our neighborhood, water rose to halfway up the doors. I drove up on the sidewalk and through yards, but the water overwhelmed my car, a Mazda 3, and it stalled.

as the water began to recede


I called Rob and told him what had happened. He advised me to try to start the car and if it wouldn’t start, I should just leave it where it was and hoof it back to the house. I kept turning the key in the ignition and eventually, the engine caught and I was able to make it into our driveway and on into the garage, where the overwhelmed engine promptly died.

The rain didn’t cease. It kept coming down. We watched the water pouring up through the drains, and out in the street and into our yards. At one point, our mailbox looked like an isolated island. The water crept up our driveway and the front yard and sidewalk. It drew closer and closer to the house and our garage. If the water flooded our garage, if it reached the front door, it wouldn’t have to rise more than a quarter of an inch to get into the house.

When you are witness to an excess of any element, you realize just how powerless you are when pitted against nature. I kept thinking of the flooding of New Orleans when the levees broke in the aftermath of Katrina. I imagined Rob and I and our animals on the roof of our house. I completely freaked myself out.

We were stranded in our house for two days- but not on the roof! By the time we were finally able to drive out in our SUV, the canals across the street and behind our neighborhood were still washing across the road. The water management district, which was supposed to prevent this kind of flooding, had failed monumentally. And part of the reason is due to our governor, Rick Scott. After he took office in 2010, he pushed for deep spending cuts in the water management district. As a result, more than $100 million was cut from the agency designed to prevent flooding from Orlando to the keys.

Here’s part of the trickster’s message. You want to live hereOk, fine. Your car engine is now ruined. But it’s  going to cost you $1,000 for a replacement engine with 4,000 miles on it. Your insurance will cover the rest. Oh gee, what a deal.

Now it’s hurricane season again. No hurricane has made landfall since Wilma in 2005, and I’m hoping we will be lucky again this year. But the bottom line is that we are in the midst of climate change. And yet, Republican senator Marco Rubio – whose area includes Miami Beach- challenges the science and balks at any government fixes. He’s in good company. Our current governor, Rick Scott, and former governor Jeb Bush, a potential Republican presidential candidate for 2016,  also deny that 7 billion plus souls on the planet leave any carbon footprint.

Maybe it’s time to head for the mountains.

Or to stay put and collectively visualize something far better.

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Our Inner GPS

Molecular Thoughts

On October 6, 2014, a Nobel prize in medicine was awarded to John O’Keefe, May-Brit Moser, and Edvard I Moser for their discovery of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain. This inner GPS makes it possible for us to orient ourselves in space, to navigate from one location to another.

The grid cells that constitute this inner GPS are located in the hippocampus and may also be located in the anterior cingulate part of the brain, which plays an important role in human emotion. Could this inner GPS help in other ways? Dr. Bernard Beitman, who has written a book on coincidences- not published yet – Connecting with Coincidence, thinks so.

In an article in Epoch Times, the Yale-educated psychiatrist, now teaching at the University of Virginia, said that “the emotional aspect of grid cell mapping could make particular locations more highly charged in our brain-based map. Like the maps used in GPS navigation, these maps could then help us find pathways to emotionally important people, things, and situations.”

Beitman says the connection to emotions is speculative, but his research has made it clear to him that some people are able to map their location in relation to emotionally significant people or places. He had such an experience himself when he was eight and his dog, Snapper, was lost. Beitman went out looking for his dog and made a wrong turn in a familiar neighborhood – and found his dog.

In his book, Beitman speculates about how the physical existence of human consciousness may be mapped and theorizes there may be a conduit of information that he calls the psychesphere. I emailed him and asked if he could explain what this is.

“We are fish-like, immersed in the ethereal waters of the psychesphere. Currents move through it. Some currents passing through us contain information about who we are, where we have been and where we’re going. Tunnels, the only word I can think of that expresses the connection that occurs, open and close, extend and shorten. Through these tunnels, places and objects at a distance can be known. This out-of-awareness medium carries vibrating patterns of energy – information in the same way that air the conducts sound. These patterns can engage similar patters with which to resonate, amplifying the lifespan of the original pattern.”

He noted that researcher Frederick Myers called the energy-information sphere the subliminal self – that part of each of us below the threshold of awareness. It has layers or strata. “They are strata…not of immovable rock, but of imperfectly miscible fluids of various densities and subject to currents and ebullitions which often bring to the surface a stream or bubble from a strata far below.”

This energy-information sphere sounds a lot like what physicist David Bohm called the implicate or enfolded order, a kind of primal soup that births everything in the universe. Bohm believed that even time unfolds from the implicate order. He referred to our external reality as the explicate order. Synchronicity, then, is where the implicate and the explicate, the inner and the outer, coincide.


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On October 3, hundreds of people in Breckenridge, Colorado saw several mysterious objects. The local news actually covers it without mockery.

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A grave synchro


Long time readers will remember our series of blog posts about Charles Fontaine and his UFO encounter in his backyard in rural Quebec. That story led to our writing Aliens in the Backyard. We hadn’t heard from Charles for a long time so it was interesting to receive an e-mail from him with a synchro tale that returned to the family graveyard where his story began. I’ll let Charles tell the story.


I use that same route to go to work and to return home. That route takes me right past my hometown cemetery. Every day I glance at my great grandfather’s tombstone, which is near the road. It brings me fond memories of him. His name was Gédéas Fontaine. I even have pictures of him from last century hanging on the walls of our living room and dining room. When I was a child, he lived in an apartment below us, and as a pre-school kid, I spent a lot of time with him. He died in 1967 when I was 5 1/2 years old.

A year ago, the company where I have been working for 15 years was sold to a man who has the same last name as mine. He’s not a direct relative, but his features reveal some common ancestory. So this new president formed partnership with a financial firm, which is represented by a man named Jean Francois Fontaine.

The first time that I was introduced to him, and before I could even say hello, he told me  that we are related, second cousins. His father and my father are cousins. So we have the same great grandfather: Gédéas Fontaine. Here is the where it gets weird.

Jean Francois only visits our plant once every three months for a meeting. I saw him Thursday when he arrived for one such meeting and told him that I had driven past our great grandfather’s grave this morning. He replied that the man died before he was born, but he remembers his grandfather, Laurent, who is also buried in the same graveyard.

Later that day, I was almost home when I stopped to let a vehicle make a left turn, and guess who was driving it? Jean Francois’ father, who lives 90 to 100 miles away. So I saw them both today and in my dining room is a photo Jean Francois’ grandfather and our mutual great grandfather


I guess the ancestors were active for Charles that day. And one other thing, he has had no further UFO encounters since the strange incident in March of 2011.




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Sarah’s Precog Dream About 9-11


We recently received this email from Sarah, who lives in Surrey, England.


Let me introduce myself.  I’m Sarah, a 43 year old married mother of two grown up daughters.  I have a successful job in marketing, although my passion is everything esoteric and the past seven years I have been on a voyage of discovery that coincided with me taking redundancy from a previous role.  Until this summer I have to say that I wasn’t aware of your work. However, your book 7 Secrets of Synchronicity  leapt out at me in a specialist bookshop in Soho London.  Since then I have also read The Synchronicity Highway.  Since reading these books I have had more and more synchronicities occur in my life and certainly noticed them much more. I definitely don’t pass them off as coincidences any longer!

I am currently studying an NLP practitioner course and have noticed the parallels between the Law of Attraction, NLP, the work of Carl Jung and indeed your work, which I believe has helped me in my studies.

Anyway enough of the preamble!

I recently posted a comment on your page that related to my husband and I being in the same hospital, in the same ward when we were both children; following the image of a young girl who was in the background of her future husband’s holiday snap when they were both children. (SARAH’S COMMENT IS at the top of the comment section)

But the story I want to share with you is something that happened in the early morning of Tuesday 11th September 2001.  During the early hours of that morning I had a dream that was so powerful and had such an impact on me that I went to work and looked online to see if anything ‘bad’ had happened in the world over night.  This was in the days before we had iPads and smartphones were something of the future.

Anyway in this dream I was in a glass reception area/ foyer sitting on on a low boxy black leather couch with my back to reception and facing out to the giant windows, with green plants/ ferns etc decorating the windows on the inside and the courtyard on the outside, waiting for a meeting.  As I looked outward the lifts were on my left hand side and I could see people walking through the courtyard outside.  The weather was glorious, not a cloud in the sky and I knew it was going to be hot.

I hadn’t been there long when there was this enormous explosion and suddenly powdery cement like that fine snow you get covered the lobby, myself included.  I remember standing up like it was an earthquake and half crouching down to kind of ‘keep on my feet’ not sure if there was going to be another ‘tremor’/ explosion.  I can remember that there a level of panic by more like people trying to find out what was going on.

Then just like a movie my dream cut to what seemed like a music video or something out of Mad Max.  There were some middle eastern turban-wearing men with one standing up through the sunroof of a orangey/ yellow Datsun Cherry car holding aloft an AK-45 assault riffle punching the air with it, whooping and shouting in celebration.  The sun seemed to be setting and they were driving towards the setting sun in what can only be described and a Martian or Lunar landscape.

I was like the camera man/ director speeding along beside them filming them.  I couldn’t see that’s what I was doing but it’s what I sensed because I was viewing the car and going at the same speed.  I eventually stopped keeping up with then and they drove off into the setting sun with me stationary just watching them until they disappeared.

As I said this had a HUGE impact on me and I literally got to work as soon as I could to do some research on what I had dreamt.  I remember checking out Reuters, Sky News all the major news corporations but nothing came up so I put it to the back of my mind and got on with my day.  It of course wasn’t until just before 2pm BST ( about 9 a.m. New York time) that one of the professors I worked for came in and said what had just happened in New York and that was when it hit me that it’s what my dream had been about.

I have kept this to myself until last week when my husband and I were talking about 9/11 and I explained my dream to him; that’s when he said I shouldn’t be in marketing I should be doing something else related to esoteric field.  I’m not sure about that but this isn’t my only brush with premonitions/ precognitions.

I hope my story is interesting to you.  I hadn’t told anyone before because I had never really found anyone that I thought would take what I had to say seriously and since reading your books and the fact that so many people contact you I thought I had found somewhere where I could share my story.

Many thanks for your time and taking the time to read it.


There will always be skeptics who adhere to a dying paradigm that write off this sort of experience to chance, to luck, to whatever. But the bottom line is that people who experience synchros, especially those synchros that change their lives, understand the validity of what they have experienced. Thanks, Sarah. You have enriched our understanding.



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Scary-Fear Boo!


One for All Hallow’s Eve…and beyond.

A bit of promo today…BUMP is out as an e-book and coming soon in print.


If you’re captivated by the spookiness of Halloween, when the veils between worlds are the thinnest, then BUMP IN THE NIGHT offers you the chance to explore the realm of ghosts and spirits and even alien encounters any day of the year.

Do the dead speak to us? Do they offer guidance? Do our deceased loved ones drop by for visits? What about poltergeists? Do angels have wings? Mediums are touted for their abilities to communicate with the dead, but can anyone make contact? Where do aliens fit into the picture, and are they somehow related to the dead? What about alien abductions? Do they really happen?

Real life stories of haunted houses, phantom ships, and spirit contact nudge us to ponder the mystery of life after death. BUMP IN THE NIGHT relates a variety of tales of the paranormal, including ones that have taken place on the sets of famous horror films. The book even touches on celebrities who have seen ghosts, and former celebrities who are ghosts! In addition, the book includes a bonus: a dramatic preview of Aliens Light: The Better Side of Contact.




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In Search of…


I turned on the television one recent Sunday evening after suggesting to Trish that we take a look at the list of recordings for In Search of Aliens. That’s the new (old) H2 Channel documentary that combines archaeology, mythology, and aliens. It’s essentially an updated version of Ancient Aliens, which was an update on UFO Hunter. These alien-oriented, what-if shows apparently have widespread appeal so they keep renewing and revising them. But essentially they keep the same message that aliens were here in our past and had great influence on who we are and how we developed. Maybe they’re still here, or maybe they’re coming back. Take your choice. That’s the basic message.

The latest version, In Search of…, is a one-man show featuring Giorgio Tsoukalus. If you’ve seen any episodes of Ancient Aliens, you will immediately recognize Giorgio as the guy with the wild and crazy hair. He’s originally from Switzerland, of Greek descent, and was a student of Erich von Daniken, the original ancient alien scholar. For Giorgio, aliens are the answer to virtually every mystery, including the roots of our religion and sense of spirituality. So in Giorgio’s world, spirit contact, which is the basis of shamanism and set off the development of religions, was really contact with flesh and blood aliens. That’s the doctrine of these shows.

As it turned out, Giorgio was upstaged by Bill Maher, whose show was also on the list, a surprise since we thought we had discontinued HBO a few days earlier. When I saw Maher’s guest interview was with Elizabeth Warren, the senior senator from Massachusetts, I thought, hey, synchronicity. Someone had just given us her book and, in fact, I’d written a blog post about a related synchro earlier in the day.

Maher’s interview was friendly and Warren was outspoken as usual. Maher wanted to know why there weren’t more senators like her, and ended the interview, plugging her as a possible presidential candidate.

Maher’s panel that night, which followed the interview, captured headlines when he and Ben Affleck got into an argument over Muslim radicalism and how widespread it is. While that heated argument captivated the media, another issue caught my attention.

One of the guests was author Sam Harris, Maher’s comrade in the world of ‘new atheism.’ In that black-and-white world, it’s rational ideas based on scientific fact vs. religious superstition. But Maher, who’s astute on politics, floundered in deep waters when the subject briefly turned to the difference between being spiritual and religious. “What does it mean to be spiritual?” he asked and no one on the panel offered an answer. “I don’t know what that means.” Essentially, he concluded it was all the same silliness with ‘Atlantis and magic crystals’ replacing communion and Jesus. Kind of funny; kind of stupid.

Unfortunately, Maher and many fellow liberal talk show hosts and cable news personalities are seemingly clueless about the nature of spirituality. In other words, they avoid any talk of reality existing beyond the everyday world. They don’t dabble in life after death, past lives, ghosts, spirits or Giorgio’s aliens. Unless, of course, they’re making a joke.

Synchronicities are mere coincidences. Spooky reality is just too spooky. Better to make fun of it, when not ignoring it. People interested in such topics are, at best, misguided, maybe deluded.

Even though there’s a substantial audience interested in spirituality, the paranormal and UFOs, those topics are discussed on podcasts and alternative radio, often times late at night, and sometimes jumbled up with wacko conspiracy theories.

Maybe someday these topics will find their way into the mainstream as serious matters, rather than targets for jokes. Now that would be ‘climate change.’ After all, what’s more important than exploring the nature of reality and questions about life after death, especially when it’s done outside of the limiting beliefs of religious dogma…and, for that matter, outside of alien dogma.

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Art of Manifestation


Our daughter’s lease on her apartment is up on November 30 of this year. She and her friend, Erin, have been talking for some time about rooming together. Megan and Erin met nine years ago, when they were both interns at Dolphins Plus, a rescue facility for dolphins in Key Largo.

Erin is now working with dolphins at Sea World, doing pretty much what Megan did when she interned in the dolphin program at Disney’s Epcot. They are both Virgos who share a love for wildlife – dolphins in particular. They both have a laid back approach to life and appreciate each other’s strengths. When Megan had her first exhibit at a place in downtown Orlando in October of last year, Erin and her parents attended. It was at this exhibit where the first inklings surfaced about the two of them sharing a house.

In August, Megan told us that Erin’s parents were starting a house hunt for a place that would be near downtown, probably a three bedroom/two bath house with a fenced yard for the dogs both women own. They included Megan on their house hunting expeditions and a couple of weeks ago, they toured a house that both Megan and Erin loved. The place is older, but sits on an acre of lakefront property. It has a fenced yard, three bedrooms, two bathrooms.

The owners were asking $280,000. We looked the place up on Zillow and saw that for each of the two sales of the place since then, the owners have gotten $20,000 increments over what they’d paid. We figured Erin’s father should offer $240,000. Well, he’s a banker and knows how to negotiate this stuff, and offered $249,000. The owners rejected the offer. They wanted $265,000.

Megan was initially discouraged when heard the news that the deal might fall through. “But I kept visualizing myself and Erin in this house, saw us living there, saw our dogs playing in that backyard, saw every detail. I even saw the garden I was going to plant. The place is perfect for us. I could bike to my dog-walking clients and to my Paint Nite classes. This house was ours. I knew it, we were there. and I trusted that it would all happen even if I didn’t know how it would happen.”

Three days went by. Then, this evening, September 26, Megan called to tell us that the owners had accepted the offer for $255,000 and would be out of the house by Thanksgiving weekend, so she and Erin could move in a few days before Megan’s lease was up. Everything clicked into place – even the timing.

This seems to be one of those examples of manifestation where desire is so powerful and strong that for the people involved, that the event or thing they desire has already happened. They are living in that place called no time, and collapse the quantum wave of the desire into the physical particle that is the manifestation. From the Seth material  to the Abraham/Hicks books and seminars to Joe Dispenza’s books, this process is a key component in every self-help book about manifestation.

This concept was the basis for Louise Hay’s classic, You Can Heal Your Life, for Lynn Grabhorn’s book,  Excuse Me, You Life Is Waiting, and for Pam Grout’s E=MC2.

These concepts are not unknown to most of us. The trick is to really believe that what we desire has already happened. But if you’re struggling financially, if you hate your job, if your health is compromised, if your marriage is failing, if your home is about to be foreclosed, it’s nearly impossible to imagine otherwise. But whether we’re up against huge obstacles, as Dispenza was when he was told he would need radical spinal surgery to walk again, or smaller obstacles like I need to be outta my place by November 30, the process is the same.


Complete commitment to the new reality.

Intentions and desire backed by powerful emotions.

Repetition of the vision, where you see and feel yourself in this new reality, where you feel you are already living it.

Could it really be this simple? Could we actually desire into being a more peaceful, equitable world? If 7 plus billion souls on the planet were on the same page, were desiring the same thing, what might evolve?


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Math, music & the cosmos

This video deals with the supposed discovery of a lost musical scale. The math is beyond me, but the combination of numbers and sounds is certainly a synchro of the cosmic kind. See what you think.

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