Over Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is known as a place of strange and mysterious activity, ranging from ghost ships and ghosts to UFOs. Twenty-one years ago, 911 operators at Holland, Michigan were flooded with UFO reports from around Lake Michigan and police officers who were dispatched to investigate. Some sources said 300 witnesses, including several police officers, saw the lights. Mysterious objects also showed up on radar. There have been so many sightings of strange objects over Lake Michigan that the Federal Aviation Administration created a special lake reporting service to catalog the sightings.

We’ve written about mysterious happening on  a sailboat, a personal experience told to us by Kathy Doore. Now we have a story from the air, above Lake Michigan. Jules, a scientist from Montreal, was flying home from Chicago in 2005 and was meditating as the commercial jet flew over Lake Michigan. After a few minutes, he was overcome by a strange sensation.

“I got the feeling that the upper part of my cranium was split open. Having done meditation  before, I knew what to expect, and this was not the type of feeling that I was used to. Although the feeling didn’t hurt me in any way, I was aware of it as long as I maintained the meditation.” He also had the impression of expanded hearing capabilities. “I could hear everything throughout the plane.” Upon landing in Montreal he noticed that the face of a passenger behind him was rather strange, like he was afraid of something. “He was looking above my head, while I was half-standing, waiting my turn to exit the plane.”
A few years later, Jules flew over Lake Michigan again, this time with his wife on a flight from California, and he suggest they try meditating. He didn’t give her any information about his previous experience so as not to influence or deter her. He recalls: “It wasn’t long before she started to move frantically in her seat, trying to find a brochure in the pouch in front of her, putting down her small table, making noise, and so forth. This forced me out of my meditation.” But before doing so, he again noticed the open skull sensation, though not as noticeable as the previous time.  “Looking at my wife, I asked what was going on, since she is more experienced than me on the field of meditation. She answered by swiping her thumbnail across her forehead, indicating that she too felt as if her upper-cranium was split open.

At first, Jules didn’t link the experiences to UFO. But after hearing about the well known sighting at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and watching documentaries about UFO sightings over Lake Michigan and the possibility of an underwater UFO base, he began to change his mind. He suspected that during his meditations over the lake, he had encountered a force related to UFOs.
“In itself, it might seem like nonsense,” Jules admits. But then something else very strange happened to him after he recently borrowed about ten books on UFOs from the Montreal public library. He put one particular book into the bottom of his handbag, the one he was most interested in reading because he had read other books by the same author. He later realized that he had held the book in such a way so that he didn’t notice the image on the bottom half of the cover. At least, not until he was ready to read it.

When he saw it, he instantly recognized the synchronicity. The cover image was identical to his experience that he had already attributed to UFO contact.


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Flash Dance for the New Year

In this very young new year, it seems that every time I turn on the news or read something on the Internet, the news is, well, bad.  So here’s an energetic flash mob dance in NYC that chases away the bad stuff.


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UFO encounters & neurological disorders


There’s a new docu-drama TV series in the making, called The Unexplained, which focuses on unusual mysterious experiences. It will be a combination of interviews with experiencers and actors performing the experiences. We were contacted by the casting director because of an article I wrote about Connie Cannon’s childhood alien abductions. They wanted to interview Connie in Los Angeles for the show, but her health issues prevent her from traveling.

Connie has Parkinson’s and thinks her neurological condition is related to her contact experiences. Here is what she wrote about that.

“Just as an aside, and relative to something I’ve mentioned to you in the past, I wonder how many experiencers develop neurological diseases and symptoms. As an RN, I certainly understand that EVERY patient who has a neurological disorder is NOT an experiencer (via encounters/abductions, etc.), but I’ve run across several folks in my acquaintance who have had sucn encounters and DO have neurological ailments such as MS, Parkinson’s, brain tumors, (both benign and malignant), and other brain/nervous system diseases.

“I’d really like to do a study on that just to see how widespread it is among us, and approximate the percentage of known experiencers who have developed such disorders. Please thank Nicole for me, and give her my regrets.” C


After Connie bowed out, I contacted Charles Fontaine, whose experiences were detailed in our book, Aliens in the Backyard. I asked him if he would be interested in being interviewed in Los Angeles in front of a camera, and he said he was interested in pursuing the matter. Then he wrote this:

“Very weird for me to hear about Connie’s condition… Parkinson’s. Did I tell you that my mother-in-law is in a nursing home because she also has Parkinson’s? Do not ask me the technical name of her Parkinson but it is supposedly the worse type. The shaking is inside the body, not on the outside. This type is said to be the deadliest, because it acts directly on vital organs.

I guess I told you before that my in-law is an experiencer. She told me about some encounters more than 26 years ago that happened when they were living on a country road 5 miles away from here.

Not more than a year after our own experience that took place on March 2011, my wife picked up her mother at the nursing home for dinner with us on a Saturday evening. She had a hard time eating and holding her fork and then she said: ‘Damn Parkinson’s I know the reason I got it, it’s because of them!’

‘Who do you mean by them?’ I asked.

She said: ‘The UFO’s near the house. They are the reason why I got this.’

My wife discretely made a sign to me not to say a thing about our own experience a year earlier.


So there it is, an unusual synchronicity. Connie wonders how many other experiencers have contracted neurological disorders and within a few hours I received a story about another case. And the woman is certain it was ‘them.’ They were the reason she got Parkinson’s.

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The Sydney Omarr Books



Every year for decades, the Sydney Omarr series of books usually appeared in bookstores in June of the previous year, and provided 18 months of daily predictions for the 12 signs. Around June 2014, when the 2015 books should have been arriving in bookstores, Rob and I began receiving email from readers asking where the 2015 books were. The closer we got to 2015, the more email we received.

We told every person who emailed that the publisher, NAL/Penguin, had discontinued the series and that 2014 was the last year the books would be published. We also told them that we hoped the series would be picked up by another publisher, that we had a lot of fun writing the books and were sad that our ten-year run with them had ended.

Many of the people who emailed us had been reading the books for 10, 15, 20 years. During the Christmas holidays and right through the new year, we received a slew of emails. We’ve offered a very small sampling here that illustrates, I think, how passionate people can be about books they consider to be companions, friends, old buddies.

What happened to the Sydney Omar 2015 book. Are you going to do another one. Please continue!!!

My name is Kathy  I live in Streamwood, IL (a NW suburb of Chicago). I’ve written to you a few times before. I have a question for you.What I’d like to know is, do you know what’s going on with the Sydney Omarr daily astrology guides? I know you’ve been writing them, for the past few years now. But I can’t seem to find the 2015 edition anywhere. Are the Omarr guides still being published? This is the first time in ages, that I’ve started out the new year, without a Sydney Omarr guide to turn to for guidance. I’m feeling rather lost without it. I have written to Penguin Books, about the status of the Sydney Omarr guides, but who knows when I’ll hear back from them, if at all. If you know of anyone who can help me out with this matter, I’d really appreciate it.
That’s all for now. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care. :) Sincerely yours, Kathy

And from another Kathy:

 First let me thank you for writing the sydney omarr daily astrology books which I have been reading everyday for about 15 years……..(or as long as you have been writing them). Since I assume you are not writing them any more, can you please recommend something similar. I am an Aries and I counted on these books to let me know the day’s tendencies and what sign the moon was in every day I will miss these books terribly. Thanks so much, Kathy

My name is Kimberly  I’m 62, still working and live in Oregon with my husband and am hoping for your advice. I didn’t realize you’d decided not to continue with the day-by-day astrological guides. Thank you so much for all the years that you published a book that really made a difference in my life. I totally get that it was not so profitable, with a decreasing consumer base, and sure can’t blame you when there are so many exciting things to write about. The problem is, I just don’t know where to get this information now that your work is no longer available.

And from a guy:

 My wife loves your Sydney Omarr’s Day by Day astrology Book. My question is: Have you discontinued these series because I wasn’t able to order it anywhere. I would love to buy a copy for 2015 for my wife for Christmas.
Thank you Looking forward in hearing from you
Kindest regards

Here is one of my favorites:

Is there no Sydney Omarr Horoscope for 2015 book? How will I live my life? Plan my days? Seriously, is there a 2015 version? If not, can you suggest an alternative/substitute?
Thank you!

This last one arrived on New Year’s Eve, which we spent with my agent and his wife on Sugarloaf Key. I read it out loud to them.

Here was the view at sunset of the last day of 2014. Rob, ushering 2014 out and welcoming 2015 in.


There WILL be more astrology books for 2016, which will be published through Crossroad Press.  We’re calling the series Genie in the Stars.



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Snow Owl


Can you see it? It’s more than a hundred feet away, but the snow owl stands out at the edge of the rutted drive on this rural Quebec farm. Owl are mysterious creatures of the night. We used to have a family of burrowing owls in our backyard and one perched right above of door for hours on the day a friend of ours died.

Here’s the story about the snow from Jorge, a Quebecois woman.


My husband and I live in Montreal, but my husband’s parents own a big sheep farm an hour and a half outside Montreal, in a city called Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton. In November, we went to visit his parents, and while my husband and my in-laws were working with the sheep, I decided to go for a walk in the fields. The farm is huge and they even have a section of a little forest in the property.

One thing I need to explain it’s my spiritual side. I do meditation every day and I’m always thinking positive. I’m also aware of some sort of connection with the paranormal. I’m not a psychic, medium, nor a healer; I’m very ordinary but very sensitive to energies. Once in a while I see white shadows or little marvel size orbs that fly around me and disappear within a second. But nothing that causes me fear. Of course I believe in UFO and in our family we all have beyond this planet experiences, and somehow… really deep in my core I know we are been watched even if we don’t see them, they are here.

Anyways, I love to meditate in the middle of the fields, as you can imagine it’s the most peaceful and beautiful place to be with oneself. In that particular occasion, going back to my story, I stood up after my meditation and I said aloud:

“My work it’s for my own upliftment and that of this planet, if you are in alignment with this upliftment, you are more than welcome to manifest yourselves, your mentoring will be truly appreciated. If you are not in alignment with this upliftment, please do not come around, you are not welcome.”

After I finished saying this, I noticed 3 or 4 big black crows flying in circle and diving as if they were attacking something around 100 meters away, next to a little river that passes through the middle of the fields. I started walking toward them to see what they were attacking, and that’s when I noticed a big white thing, easy 3 times bigger than the crows.

When I was around 50 meters from it, I noticed it was a big snow owl staring at every step I made. I could see his eyes and head following me ignoring completely the crows, which I found strange because the owl did not respond nor move to any of the crows’ near-miss attempts to scare him off. When I finally got closer from it, the owl just took off, flying a few meters to my side but staring at me the whole time. I didn’t feel any negativity or had the sense of any malice.

Because of the scenery, I had my camera with me to take pictures for a future painting and I was looking for ideas, which I was going to do after my meditation.  After seeing the owl, I went back to the family to tell them what I just saw. They were very surprised. My in-laws have been living there for more than 26 years, and in that time, my father-in-law saw one of them only once more than 10 years ago, and Fréd (my husband) saw one when he was a child; but my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law have never seen one.

I do have a lot of questions and that’s why I’m always researching. My conclusion, I do believe that everything I have experienced is not luck or coincidences. I build my life, my path, my surroundings, so I think everything that is happening to me it’s an answer to questions I have.



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Kilt and Noah in the aftermath of a tug-of-war


Sometimes, synchronicity is comical- not in the trickster sense, but just flat-out humorous.

This evening, Rob, Cassie and I were watching cable news. Cassie, who works in the equine industry in our area, is living with us until April with her two Border Collies. After the horse competition ends, she’ll move back to Asheville, North Carolina. She takes the dogs to the barn with her during the day and in the evening, our dog Noah, is delighted when the dogs return home and he has some canines to play with.   He particularly likes playing with Kilt, who has an inexhaustible energy.

So the three of us are watching Chris Hayes on MSNBC, who is talking about the latest NFL scandal that occurred Sunday, on January 18, during the AFC championship game between The New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. The scandal is that the Patriots, who won 45-7, used deflated footballs, that actually 11 of their 12 footballs were under-inflated. League rules state that footballs must be inflated to between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds per square inch, and ESPN reported that the footballs were two pounds short.

While we’re listening to this, Kilt and Noah are playing tug-of-war with one of the dogs’ many toys. This playing is rather loud and rambunctious. Noah weighs around 110 pounds and Kilt, though smaller, plays hard. I happen to glance over at them and burst out laughing. Their tug-of-war toy is – a football!

We all got a kick out of the synchro, then turned our attention back to the news. When I glanced at Noah and Kilt, they have settled down – but the football has been shredded, with stuffing lying all over the floor. My first thought was that perhaps the NFL’s investigation will not be favorable for the Patriots. After all, deflated footballs are cheating and the Patriots have been fined before for infractions.

I’m not a football fan, but I’m interested in seeing how this plays out. I doubt that the Super Bowl will be cancelled – it’s too profitable- but perhaps the Patriots will be fined again.

Weird stuff, for sure.


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The State of the Union


Rob and I watched President Obama’s State of the Union address tonight. I found it fascinating that the president of a party that was so defeated during the midterm elections sounded feisty, optimistic, and definitive about what he hopes to accomplish during his last two years in office. It also seemed to me that he was wrong about how the US is beating back ISIS or ISIL, whatever acronym you want to give this sadistic terrorist group. That said, I feel that Obama has been and is a visionary president. Here’s why:

Ten million people who didn’t have health insurance now do because of the Affordable Care Act. I still think Obama didn’t set the bar high enough initially; it should have been Medicare for all. But ObamaCare beats what we had before.

Since the financial meltdown during Bush’s final months in office, the economy has rebounded with more than eleven million private sector jobs.

What Obama called middle class economics is a slap in the face of the Republican economic plan of trickle down economics, which Naomi Klein discusses so brilliantly in her book The Shock Doctrine.

The whole trickle down idea is that by giving tax breaks to the uber wealthy, the upper one percent, the people at the bottom benefit. The biggest problem I have with this theory, just from a human point of view, is that it smacks of elitism. And the reality is that the uber wealthy tend to hang on to their money and it never reaches the rest of us.

I liked Obama’s plan for taxing corporations at a higher rate and giving middle class families tax breaks for child care; making junior college free; and ushering in other benefits for the middle class, which has been shrinking at an alarming rate since the meltdown in 2008. Without a middle class, any economy becomes a kind of feudal system, the very rich at the top, the rest of us at the bottom.

I actually thought much of his speech was brilliant, particularly the parts that weren’t in the prepared speech. After talking about what has been accomplished economically under his administration, he flashed one of those wry Obama smiles and said, “This is good news, people.” When he talked about his agenda in terms of his not having to run again, there was sporadic applause from the Republican side. He quickly added something to the effect that he didn’t have to campaign again because he’d won the last two presidential elections. Ha-ha.

I liked that he talked about how he outlawed torture, had cut the population of Gitmo in half during his administration, and that he hoped to close the prison before he left office. I was disappointed that he didn’t call for an indictment of Bush, Cheney and company for war crimes. I mean, c’mon, the Repubs impeached Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Why can’t the Dems indict for war crime and torture?

I still feel that Obama has been and is a visionary president who has faced an intractable congress of idiots who are greedy, self-serving, and can’t get their act together as a party to define what, if anything , they stand for. Case in point: the Republicans didn’t have just one rebuttal to the state of the union; they had FIVE. The official choice, Joanie Ernst, a Republican from Iowa, had only one thing in her favor – she’s female. She wasn’t a water gulper like Marco Rubio (the last Repub to offer a rebuttal)   but was something worse, the kind of woman I hope I never meet on my way to toss feed to the chickens out back.

I will never understand how any woman, any minority, any person of color, any immigrant, can support any Republican. They hate you. They say they don’t, they say they are Hispanic friendly, but want to deport all the dreamers. They say they love women, but want to own your bodies and dictate what you can and can’t do with your bodies. They say they are friendly to the gay and lesbian community, but at every opportunity they block your ability to marry the person you love.

Obama’s legacy is a done deal as the first Afro-American president. But as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. And despite his missteps in the beginning, his belief that the Republicans would be willing to work with him (ha), that he didn’t set some bars high enough, that he is dead wrong on the whole surveillance thing with the NSA and Snowden, my sense is that he, like Martin Luther King, like JFK, had a vision. And he has tried to live true to that vision. That’s no small thing.

In 2008, Rob, Megan, and I waited hours to hear him and Joe Biden speak in Fort Lauderdale. After eight years of Bush, we were riveted. I am still riveted. Obama is a powerful orator, and despite the fact that he won two terms as president, he’s an outlier because he’s also a visionary. He sees what we could become as a nation, a people. But he’s hampered. Maybe he was shown the MacGruder film of the JFK assassination when he took office; maybe all new presidents are shown that clip to keep them in line. Who knows?

So, to you Republican majority in Congress, let’s toss down the gauntlet and see what you can get done in the next two years. Frankly, I’m not holding my breath, not when you guys have FIVE rebuttals to the state of the union. What’s that say about the fractures within your own party?

Well, nothing good.

Onward, Obama. Follow your vision. Pave the way for an Elizabeth Warren presidency in 2016. And become an ex-prez with clout, a voice.


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Hannah +1


Today’s post is a followup from the one several days ago about Hannah’s discovery of the prevalence of #1 in her life.  Warning: it’s longer than most of our posts.

Mention was made in the earlier post of a man who is making a documentary on synchronicity. When Hannah wrote him about her numerological synchros, he surprised Hannah by saying that her numbers were meaningless.

However, he wasn’t saying that her pursuit was worthless. His intent was to invoke the idea that finding meaning in coincidences is subjective and the truth ultimately unknowable. His perspective is interesting in that he seems to combine some of the ideas of skeptics, who see synchronicity as a useless attempt to create cause and effect out of coincidence, with his own beliefs that a divine element might be at play.

Here are his comments.

Hi Hannah,

Firstly, apologies for the delay.  I’ve been inundated with work and
leaving email for a time when I can catch a breather, and today is
that day so here we go!

Secondly, thank you very much for sharing your incredible story.

As for knowing someone who might help you along your path,
unfortunately I probably don’t have a person to point you towards who
can help make sense of this, and perhaps help with an answer about
what the “1” really means and why it is prevalent in your life story.

But I think – at least in my own life – trying to make sense of
synchronicity is the wrong way to go about approaching them.  I think
we have a tendency towards trying to understand the world around us in
an analytical, left-brained sort of way that leads us to down perilous
roads towards conclusions like “this says this, therefore is means

Jung and his theory on archetypes  would likely disagree with me, but my own guess at your situation is that “1” itself doesn’t mean anything.  I very much doubt there is a big
answer at the end of the tunnel about why exactly “1” underlies themes in your life.

Before I go deeper I should explain that I don’t think anything I am
saying is right, either.  I don’t think there is a right answer for how
to deal with or understand synchronicity.  Every avenue I have pursued
to try and understand them better has lead me towards eventually
having to put my hands up and say to myself “ok that was totally
wrong, actually I have no idea.”

So it might be that the 1 synchronicities for you do have a big reason
behind them.  But my own hunch is that synchronicity is something more
like the carrot on the donkey, rather than the cryptic clue that
tantalizes to unlock a Great Truth if only it can be solved.

Ultimately I think, if synchronicity is leading us somewhere, is it
leading us into a deeper relationship with the Mystery, and out of the
mundanity that we often find ourselves stuck in in our lives.

However this ‘carrot on the Donkey’ concept is just another avenue and
framework for understanding synchronicity that I am pursuing, and
ultimately I think it very likely that I will soon again have to throw
up my hands in defeat when I learn that synchronicity is not a This or
a That, and it doesn’t have this defined purpose of doing This or
That.  Because it seems to do a lot of things; not a single one of
them predictable.

But in terms of effects, most reliably synchronicity acts to bust open
your mind; to show you that what lies outside your perception of ‘The
True Nature of Reality’ is a world of mystery that you will never
understand, so rather than trying, instead try to play with
synchronicity, with whatever divine intelligence is woven through the
fabric of reality, and see what happens.

Sorry I can’t be of more help than that, but I think really words
begin to fail when we get anywhere close to tuning into the mystery of

My only advise would be to play with and explore every idea and
feeling that your synchronicity invokes, because it seems there is no
right answer.  If you feel like Neo one day, play with that, try and
explore it.  If hearing about the Neo connection made you want to
watch the Matrix, do that and see what you got from it.  Maybe the
Korean connection made you want to go to a Korean Supermarket, maybe
it made you want to learn Korean, or see your Korean friend, or watch
a Korean movie.  Whatever you felt an intuition towards in association
with a synchronicity seems to be where the next cookie crumb along the
trail lies… but again, ultimately this is a guess at the mysterious
workings of the Universe and is only partly true, if at all.

Good luck ‘figuring it out’, in any case.
As a follow up, I asked ace numerologist Connie Cannon for her take on Hanna’s numbers. (I didn’t show her the filmmaker’s response.) So it was somewhat startling that, similar to the filmmaker, the first thing is said was that numbers themselves were meaningless. But she goes on to explain. Here’s her response, in part:

Re Hannah, I’ve mentioned several times during discussions of numbers that numbers, in and of themselves, have no meaning. They are inert. It is only when a frequency number is used to REPRESENT a person, place, thing, or whatever, that it becomes animate and thereby exerts meanings and influences. I’ve also mentioned that each individual on the planet, whether they care to learn about it or not, has one or more “Operative Number Frequencies” which appear throughout that individual’s lifetime in virtually every aspect of the life, beginning with the birth name and birth date.

The (Operative Number Frequencies) is NOT information that is available in any of the more than sixty texts by almost as many authors that I own and have studied. It is information that has derived through the decades in my own personal extensive, intensive study and research on this subject, not only in the English language but in ancient Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, etc.

Hannah has found her Operative Frequency and has followed through on researching it. Her situation is not unusual. It is, contrarily, the norm in number frequencies where the Operative Number Frequency comes into play. Apparently the Soul, prior to coming into an invarnation, determines the experiences it needs to have, and with Helpers, designs a plan that includes the frequency most suitable for those experiences to occur.

It isn’t precisely “predestination”, because although the experiences are in the design, there are generally several paths, or choices, or decisions, that the individual can choose as he or she travels through the life. However, NO MATTER WHICH PATH OR CHOICE IS MADE THE OPERATIVE FREQUENCY IS THERE. We don’t escape it, and no choice is either negative or positive, simply different in its expression.

So I would say to Hannah to continue her study of her #1 frequency in all its aspects, and she will learn the lessons and experiences that her Soul has penciled into her pre-incarnation program. She has “downloaded” that frequency consistently, which indicates she wants to learn as much as she can. Just as Astrological influences represent certain characteristics, so too do the number frequencies, and especiaslly the Operative Frequency(ies).


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Ever since I put up a contact form on our blog late last year, we’ve been getting a lot of emails: Omarr readers, asking where the 2015 books are; synchro stories from a diverse group; and well, odd complaints. Here’s one of them:

Hello dear friends, there are actually nine keys in your surreal image that you googled for your synchronicities website. 3 keys are half hidden by the outstretched hands. I know I sound like a terrible stickler, but 9 keys are 9 keys, not 7. I do believe in synchronicity, but I also think we need to be careful not to shoehorn in connections when they aren’t there. Even a good thing can be overdone!! Kindest regards, Bea

 Rob and I puzzled over this one. We couldn’t recall any image that had nine keys on it. I checked the cover of the British edition of the book: one key. So I wrote Bea and asked her what she was referring to. Never heard back.


Then, today, this email from Philip Watling:

FAS is a real syndrome. The brain is very complex and it can change in many ways for a variety of reasons: hemorrhage, brain trauma, migraine, stroke etc. I had a massive head injury after being hit by a car in 1994 and my voice changed. Was it that my brain neurons altered or… No, don’t be silly, I am now able to converse with someone from my previous life! Sorry, but what an idiotic thing to say! For more information please read my book on – we deleted the link because it may be spam.

We think FAS relates to foreign accent syndrome, a post we wrote on May 6, 2012. Rob emailed Philip and asked him what he was talking about. We haven’t gotten a response.

I have no idea who Bea and Philip are or why they took the time to write us through the contact form and why neither of them responded. Maybe some people out there have an abundance of free time. They have so much free time they can afford to troll blogs and websites and leave these cryptic reminders that we live in a whole new world:

Instantaneous communication. Books delivered to our devices in the space of a single breath, and usually for a fraction of what they cost in a bookstore. Netflix. Movies on demand. Or this, an immediate story about today’s holiday that celebrates the legacy of Martin Luther King.

I’m an information junkie and welcome all of it. But honestly, some days when I sit down to eat breakfast, when my iphone and iPad are in front of me, ready to deliver whatever is happening beyond my home, neighborhood, state, country, I’m tempted to just turn it all off. I feel this insatiable urge to to pull back, to just enjoy my coffee and my grapefruit and to allow my day to unfold without any news at all. Some days, I’m tempted to just be.

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The Ghost Children


This story also comes from Hannah, whose synchros we’ve posted before. I found this one intriguing, since a lot of my fiction involves ghosts. Also, the story spans several years, which synchros sometimes do.


When I was 16, I ran away from home for a week or so to be with my boyfriend. He lived in a van in the middle of nowhere with only a handful of other vans parked there. It was along a very old track so you wouldn’t really want to drive up there.

One night I woke up desperate to pee and obviously I would have had to go outside. I was never scared of the dark but something made me not want to go out so I got back in bed desperate for the toilet but just waited. It must have been one or two in the morning. As I lay there, I started to hear children playing outside – more than three kids. It was loud but creepy because I could hear them running past the van. It sounded like a ghostly giggling in the wind. Yet, no children lived nearby and I knew it couldn’t be sound travelling from the school because it was the middle of the night. The next morning I so wanted to say something but thought my boyfriend would think I was mad. I said nothing.

My boyfriend broke up with me not long after and I was devastated. One day I walked to the track to try and see him. Luckily he wasn’t there, but Rosie, who lived at the beginning of the track, asked me in for coffee and a chat.

“I’m absolutely knackered,” Rosie said. “Them bloody kids kept me awake again last night.”

I asked what she meant; I said there weren’t any kids up here. But she said it was haunted and they were keeping her awake all the time. I told her I was so glad she’d said that since I’d heard them one night. I think she was pleased that she wasn’t the only one who’d heard them.

A year or so later I bumped into my friend Emma. She’d been living in the van next to where I was when I’d been there. I asked her if she ever heard them and she said yes, many times sometimes even during the day. Since then several other people have confirmed they also heard them.

Years later, when I was a taxi driver, I was asked to be an escort on the school run with another driver, Jon. We happened to be driving at what is the main road now below the old track. You can look up and see the tops of the vans up the fields. I mentioned that there are still vans there and he said, “My aunties died up there years ago.” He thought they’d died from TB from the milk that came from a nearby farm. “They were young. Their names were Lilian and Doris.”

This struck me for a couple of reason. My dad always called me Lil and Emma’s boyfriend, who had died only he previous year, had called her Doris.

The next day when I picked up the school dinners, I told the whole story to Janet, the cook. She wanted to know who had told me about their aunts dying and I replied that it was Johnny Preddy, the other driver.

“Don’t listen to him,” she said. “He’s an old storyteller.” Then she told me I was related to him, so the aunts he’d mentioned had been my aunts as well. I’d never heard of them. It’s true he’s a storyteller but the connection seemed like such a nice idea it seemed like such a nice idea that I had worked out who the ghost children were.

The next day when I picked up the dinners, Janet told me she owed me an apology. She said that Lilian and Doris were her aunties and she hadn’t known they existed until her mum did the family tree. Apparently they had lost their house and had a hovel near where the track is now and that they died from tainted milk. She even showed me a photo and told me where they were buried. I went to visit their grave; they died when they were 12 and 21.

Were they the ghosts at the track?

Emma and I have visited the track a few times to see if we can hear them….nothing. We bumped into someone who lives there and he hadn’t heard them either so I guess they are gone. Apparently that was their favorite place to play.


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Eureka! Eureka!


Let’s say you’re trying to solve a problem and suddenly the answer comes to you while you’re doing something totally unrelated…and you’re not even thinking about the problem. No cause and effect. That’s synchronicity, and such synchros lie at the heart of the creative process…and creativity lies at the heart of synchronicity.

It’s the space between.

“The space between…is the space hat lies between the observer and the observed; it is the space of the creative act that brings a poem or painting to life.” – F. David Peat, Pathways of Change

In our book, The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, we called Secret 4 The Creative. “Most of us have a creative talent or interest that we would like to nurture and develop. But we find all sorts of reasons to procrastinate…If you fail to nurture your creativity, you’ll close yourself off to synchronicities that could lead you to the right opportunities and people at the right time.”

But watch out. When you open up to creativity, you never know what you might do. Take the case of Archimedes.

The king of Syracuse, in ancient Greece, wanted to find out if a certain crown was made of real gold, and who but his favorite scientist, Archimedes, could determine this without mutilating the crown? It’s said that Archimedes suddenly hit upon the idea for an answer when he set foot in a full bathtub and the tub overflowed.

He was so exalted that he ran naked in the streets of Syracuse shouting “Eureka! Eureka! I found it! I found it!” The solution Archimedes discovered started a new branch of hydrostatics.

Thank you, Amit Goswami, author the Quantum Creativity, for that example…the naked truth!


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Hannah’s Ones


Ever since I put up a contact form on our blog, we’ve been getting a lot of email. I just wish this widget had existed when we stated the blog nearly 6 years ago. Today, we received an interesting email from a woman named Hannah Liddle, from the UK:

Hi, I have been reading your book ‘The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity and would really like to be able to share some stories with you as I am quite stuck with this stuff but would really like to use it in a positive way. I experience many types of synchronicity but there are some that intrigue me more than others as I have never come across any one else experiencing the same sort of thing. I feel a bit beaten down with it today as I was given an email address of someone currently making a film on the subject and it was though synchronicity i got the email. I was so excited until today when he basically got back to me and told me that what I am experiencing is meaningless. This has really upset me. I don’t know what I was expecting but it certainly was not that. Anyway as I said, I would love to tell you my stories if you are interested. Kind regards Hannah.

Naturally we were interested. Here’s her fascinating number synchro.


Ok so this started when I was 28 years old and spending a lot of time in Glastonbury and I found out about numerology. One day I was wasting time so I decided to add up my name:

Hannah = 28 = 10 = 1

I then decided to try my middle name:  Marie = 28 = 10 = 1

Then tried my surname:  Liddle = 28 = 10 = 1

Obviously I see a pattern so I tried my date of birth (my birthday is on the Autumn equinox which is significant later)

22/09/1977 = 55 = 10 = 1

My mother kept records from when I was born, my birth time: 10am = 1

I grew up all my life living at house number 1

I also know that i was going to be called Adam if I was a boy, Adam being the so-called 1st man in Christianity. Adam = 10 = 1 (This is the same in both methods of numerology)

I later found out about the Chaldean method of numerology so I was intrigued by then:

Hannah = 22

Marie = 4

Liddle = 2

Added together 22 + 4 + 2 = 28 = 10 = 1

The time of year I was born in Judaism is called Rosh Hashanah (note it has my name in it) This literally means 1st of year or head of year.

Hana in Albania means Moon and e Hane refers to Monday the 1st day of the week.

I was later chatting to a guy in Turkey and when he asked my name he said that means one. I asked what he meant, he said its like Neo in the matrix and has to do with a Korean martial art.  Later I found out he meant Han-mu-do.

The Han philosophy for Han-mu-do means: One or United, Head or Leader, Bright or Optimism and Higher learning.

I later was telling my friend all of this and she had been teaching English in Korea and she said the way you say one is Hana.

The name date for Hannah is 26th July (its St Anne or St Hannah, Jesus’ Grandmother). The 26th July is the 1st day of the Mayan calendar.

In the Coptic Egyptian calendar the month I was born -September – is 1st of Thoth. It also is the beginning of their calendar.

I was quite depressed when all this started and I was looking at it negatively because I thought it was confirming that I really am all alone. Then I looked at the word alone and noticed that really it says all-one so then I started to see it in a positive way and I started to read more about how everything and everyone is connected.

It has helped me learn more than school ever did. Everywhere I go in the world people know my name because it is very old and through it all this came about.

I will be so pleased to hear what you think.


Our next post will include the filmmaker’s response, and an analysis by an expert numerologist. One…one…one…one….


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Another Name Synchro


In this name synchro, there seemed to be some sort of telepathic component to it. See what you think:

On Christmas morning, we were outside with Nika and Noah and our neighbor, Annette, also came out with her kids and dog. While our dogs, Nika and Noah, ran around the front yard chasing her German short-haired pointer, she and I gabbed for a while about what we’d gotten for Christmas. Her cat, Copper, was in our tree, watching the dogs from a safe spot:


“I have a great synchro for you, Trish.”

“Let’s hear it.”

Annette is an identical twin and she and her sister have told us some great synchros that we’ve posted about their telepathic connection. But this one, as it turned out, wasn’t a twin synchro.

On Christmas Eve, she said, a male friend and his girlfriend stopped by her house and were all excited about the new dog they’re getting later this week. It’s a black and white French bulldog, like the pooch in the picture at the top of the post. The friends showed her some photos they had of the dog.

“This dog was adorable,” Annette said. “And as I was looking at the pictures, I commented that her name should be Bella. The guy glanced at me. ‘What’d you just say, Annette?’ So I repeated that the dog looked like a Bella.” She paused, laughing. “So the guy says, ‘That’s what we named her!’”

Telepathic? That was how it struck me and when I told Rob and Megan, they agreed.

Curiously, Annette did something similar when we first brought our golden retriever home in November 2009, but in reverse. At the time, his name was Presley and when Annette initially met him, she said, “He’s not a Presley. He’s a Noah. That’s his soul name.”

And the name felt right for him and that’s who he came.

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What a coincidence…


After Men’s Health Magazine published the article on Coincidence, which we reviewed, they asked readers on their Facebook page to post their best coincidences. Here are a few:

Wayne Hood I worked for Office Movers in 2001. We were hired by The Pentagon to clear out an entire wing for remodeling and installing new office furniture and supplies. Tuesday morning, September 11, we were called off of work around 6:30 a.m for the day. I thought “sweet, day off!” The wing that the plane hit is the one we were working in…

Mike McCarthy In October 2012 I was walking in Boston with my girlfriend. She was stopped by a homeless man looking for change and we felt compelled to give him some cash – she gave a dollar and I gave two. As we walked away he said ‘hey, I’ll get you back’ and we shrugged it off. Later that night I got in a car accident. My Mustang lost traction on a rainy highway and I went off into the woods. Big rocks everywhere and I slid into a soft shrub. Completely unharmed after ‘exiting’ the highway at about 50 mph, I walked a little dazed up the embankment and back up to the breakdown lane. Between exits by a mile in either way, there laying in the breakdown lane were three soggy dollar bills. To this day I believe that homeless man was my guardian angel.

Larry Johnson Lost the cross from my chain during a brain scan (I was heavily sedated). 11 days later during a follow up scan in the same room (lucid this time) one of the techs mentions to another that they found a cross on the floor. Neither tech was talking to me. Neither was in the room the first time. I got my cross back.

Steve Gunther Two friends came to my party in Minneapolis. They had never met but we discovered they had lived in the same house in Skaneateles, NY. One sold it to an Indian couple and the other bought it from the Indian couple.

Robert L. Sanchez I’ve been a Boy Scout leader for many years. When I signed up for their advanced leader training a couple of years ago, the training required a complete physical to participate. Even though my father died from it, an an older brother already had it, I had gotten careless about going in and having a PSA test for prostate cancer. My yearly tests had been negative for many years, and I slacked off. The physical for the leader training came out positive though, and it was determined that I had stage 2 prostate cancer. I went to the training, and 3 weeke later, I had a radical prostatectomy. It’s been 3 years now, and (so far) I’m cancer free. Turns out that the leader of the training class had the same thing, and found it the same way. Getting our physicals for Boy Scout advanced leader training quite possibly saved our lives.

There was one more that I didn’t include because it was kind of complicated about a woman who changed doctors and combined multiple health issues. But I noticed that the writer’s name was Katy Purr, and that she wrote that she had a gyno issue (colloquially, one might say in a men’s magazine forum that she had a ‘pussy’ problem), and, yeah, she had a cat scan. Okay, sorry about that one.


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Anne & Whitley Strieber


UPDATE ON ANNE’S CONDITION: This newest entry from Whitley is powerful.

There are people you never meet, but for whom you feel deep affection because of the tremendous impact they have had on your life. Whitley and Anne Strieber are two such individuals for me.

In 1987, Rob and I walked into a B Dalton bookstore (which no longer exists) in the Fort Lauderdale mall, and saw Communion on the new release table. That image of a Gray, that face, is permanently etched into my consciousness. We bought it, our worldview blew wide open, and we’ve been following Strieber’s career and insights ever since. No one writes like he does about the contact experience. Few writers have his grasp of language and nuance.

When our first synchronicity book was released, he invited us on to his Dreamland radio show and we’ve been back half a dozen times over the years. Sometimes he interviewed us, other times Anne did. These shows were always highlights for us, like chatting with old friends. During our interviews with Anne, she invariably brought her particular take on aliens, abductions, and the nature of reality.

When my novel Esperanza was bought by TOR, who has published many of Strieber’s books, my editor at the time sent him the manuscript and he gave the book a wonderful blurb. That editor also bought a mystery Anne had written. He and Anne are incredibly generous souls who have pursued and explored a strange and often difficult path.

This afternoon, our friend, Sandy, who was on one of the Dreamland shows with us, wrote that Anne, who has had brain cancer for several years now, is in ER and seriously ill. Both Whitley and Anne have written movingly of their journey through her first bout with brain cancer in their beautiful book, Miraculous Journey.  Both of them have also written journal entries on their website,  about her current bout during the last several years. One of the most moving was a piece Anne wrote on November 2, 2014. Anne’s wit and courage truly shine in this piece. Another piece that Whitley wrote in 2013 brought me to tears.

Only once before have we written a post like this requesting healing energy for a friend and that was for our blogging buddy Mike Perry, when he underwent surgery for the removal of a kidney. And he came through it just fine! There’s great power in collective thought and prayer. Please send Anne and Whitley Strieber your healing energy, prayers, thoughts, whatever you do in times like this.

Our candle is lit.


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Glass birds come together


A friend of ours, who passed away a couple of years ago, took an interest in synchronicity in his latter years after we sent him one of our books. He was somewhat skeptical by nature, and usually dismissive of anything paranormal. However, when we saw him for the last time on a visit to Key West, where he lived, he confided that synchronicity does exist and that he’d had two such experiences in his eight-plus decades of life.

He proceeded to tell us a complicated story that involved a coincidence that was meaningful to him. What I found most curious, though, was that he was convinced that he’d only had two such experiences in his life. I didn’t say anything about it, but I remember thinking that I’d probably had a couple within the past few days.

Some of us, it seems, are in the flow of synchronicity and experience meaningful coincidences frequently. But do we actually have these experiences more frequently than others ? Or, is it that we are aware of synchronicity and, therefore, notice rather than ignore, dismiss or overlook coincidences? Maybe the answer is yes to both questions.

Fiona Harris is one of those people who has numerous synchros. She takes the time to write and post them on two synchronicity Facebook pages, and we’ve used one of her stories here. Here’s another from Fiona, related to the end of the holiday season.


I was just putting away my Christmas decorations this morning, and I remembered a neat thing that happened last summer. It actually started last Christmas. I was putting away my Christmas stuff, and somehow, a green glass bird ornament got left behind, stuck to my curtain. I didn’t want to go and dig around in my basement to put it back, so I hung the decoration on a nail on my fireplace and forgot about it.

In the summer, I visited my Aunt in Victoria. I admired a beautiful green glass bird ornament that she had hanging in her kitchen, and asked her about it.

“Oh, that thing? I found it on the floor after Christmas. I’d already put my ornaments away, so I just hung it up!”

So somehow, my Aunt and I, in different cities, both had one ornament accidentally left out, and both were green glass birds (not the exact same, but similar), and both of us, instead of putting them back, or putting them away somewhere, just decided to leave it out as a decoration. When I got back to Calgary, I took a picture of mine and send it to her.


This is a good synchro, because it involves layers of coincidental events. If it just happened that Fiona had visited her aunt over the holidays and noticed that she and her aunt both had antique glass bird Christmas ornaments on their trees, it wouldn’t be a very impressive synchro. After all, there are no doubt lots of green glass bird ornaments on trees and it’s not too surprising that someone who has one would notice that someone else – a friend or relative – also has a similar bird ornament of the color. Like when you get a new car, you notice all the others like yours on the road that you never really noticed prior to getting one yourself.

However, Fiona’s synchro becomes more interesting, as she pointed out, when we find out that she and her aunt both forgot to put away their similar glass birds, and both displayed them in their homes, rather than putting them away.

The story also reminded me that we always seem to forget to re-pack some little Christmas-related item that remains on a shelf for weeks until I finally go back into the attic and put it away.

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Gabriel: A Name Synchro


– the Montauk lighthouse

Every time our daughter comes home, she introduces us to some riveting movie or new TV show we’ve never heard of. Over the Christmas holidays, it was a new TV series, Showtime’s The Affair.

 There were a couple of interesting synchros associated with this series. First, it takes place on Montauk, Long Island.

Given our interests and the weird stuff we write about, Montauk is up there with Roswell and Area 51. But instead of UFOs, time travel, and things that go bump in the night, the series focuses on what happens when two  individuals married to other people have an affair with each other.

From the official Showtime website: At once deeply observed and intriguingly elusive, THE AFFAIR explores the emotional effects of an extramarital relationship. Noah is a New York City schoolteacher and novelist who is happily married, but resents his dependence on his wealthy father-in-law. Alison is a young waitress trying to piece her life and marriage back together in the wake of a tragedy. The provocative drama unfolds when Alison and Noah meet in Montauk at the end of Long Island.

 What this summary doesn’t mention is that:

– Noah and his wife have four children,  he has published one novel that didn’t sell well, and that he and his family are spending the summer on Montauk with his in-laws, so that he can write his second novel.

– The father-in-law is also a writer, but one who has made it in a huge way – bestsellers, movies, etc. He’s an obnoxious and arrogant man  who lives with his wife on a sprawling estate on Long Island Sound, pays for the private school tuition for Noah’s kids, and lent him and his wife, Helen, the down payment for the Manhattan brownstone.

– Alison is married to Cole, whose family has lived in Montauk for seven generations and  two years ago, her four-year-old son drowned. Her son’s name was Gabriel and Cole has a massive tattoo on his back of the angel Gabriel.

This information is revealed in the first three episodes that Rob, Megan, and I watched. When I saw the tattoo on Cole’s back and learned that her son’s name was Gabriel, I thought: Cluster synchro! Here’s why:

During the five days or so that we watched these episodes, I finished a draft of a new novel in which the antagonist has an angel tattoo on the back of his right knee, communicates with a woman he believes is an angel, and whose name is Gabriel. I’m not sure what any of this means, not yet, anyway.

But I know that if I meet a Gabriel any time soon, my mind won’t rush to a fictional four-year-old boy who drowned. It  will leap to Gabriel the antagonist in my novel, a truly bad, sick dude, and I will spin around and race in the opposite direction.

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More Randomania


Just as there are people who write books about synchronicity, there are others who write books attesting that there is no such thing, invoking randomness, what I prefer to call randomania.

A few such writers discussed their ideas in a recent article in Men’s Health Magazine. The article, called COINCIDENCE, actually is generally favorable to meaningful coincidence and included an interview with Dr. Bernard Beitman, a proponent of synchronicity, whose work we’ve written about here on a few occasions. His comments are both near the beginning and the end of the article.

However, underlying all the good stories and the belief that something unusual and special is taking place when these events happen, is the other point of view that it’s all quite meaningless, and people (silly us) seem to need to search for meaning, even when there is none. To the question of how an extraordinary coincidence with outrageous odds happen, the answer is simply: it was bound to happen.

Instead of ignoring this point of view, let’s take a closer look. After all, these anti-synchro scholars are bright people, even if their contentions take away all the magic many of us find in these experiences.

I’ll quote from the article.

+ + +

With 7 billion increasingly interconnected people on the planet, sooner or later things are going to intersect. In fact, as the world becomes “smaller,” expect the unexpected to happen more often. In his book The Improbability Principle, statistician David Hand explains that “with a large enough number of opportunities, any outrageous thing is likely to happen. No mysteries are required to explain [coincidences]—no superstitions, no god. All that’s needed are the basic laws of probability.”

David Spiegelhalter, a University of Cambridge statistician, reached the same conclusion after reviewing 3,500 stories of coincidence submitted to his website. “Lots of people believe some external force leads to all these bizarre events,” he explains. “But they’re what we would expect by chance patterns.”

Do you think being killed by lightning is an unfortunate coincidence? Your odds are actually 1 in 136,011, according to the National Safety Council. That’s just slightly less probable than dying from a dog attack (1 in 103,798). Believe a par-3 hole in one is a rare mark of good fortune? Actually, in a 100-person amateur tournament on a course with four par-3s, the odds of an ace are 1 in 32.

Despite the irrefutable laws of probability, it’s still hard for most people (read: non-mathematicians) to accept that life and lightning strikes are entirely random. Indeed, it takes effort to act randomly. (Admit it: devising secure passwords isn’t easy.) That’s because accepting the concept of a meaningless world requires accepting the fact that maybe we’re meaningless too. “The basic human drive for safety and security induces a fundamental unease with the notion that events happen by chance,” writes Hand.

“…So the brain continually searches for patterns. It even cross-checks information while we sleep, which occasionally enables us to wake with fresh insight. And it seizes on coincidences as possible clues to a new order or way of understanding the world. Linking cause and effect is a basic evolutionary process that helps us adapt. “By creating self-referential meaning out of coincidence, we build a sense of personal order and control in our lives,” says Steve Hladkyj, Ph.d., a psychology researcher at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. “This, in turn, may reduce stress and may increase the functioning of the immune system to fight disease.”

The article’s author concludes: “So the woeful state of your apartment or office aside, you are wired for order. We all are. It makes us healthier and, by inflating our egos with the air of self-importance, more assured. Little wonder, then, that we want to believe in something more.”


Interesting how the scientists turn around the question of cause and effect. A synchronicity, as we use the term here, is when two unrelated events come together outside of cause and effect and the resulting coincidence is meaningful to the experiencer. But the scientists say that by applying ‘meaning’ to coincidence, we are searching for the missing cause and effect when, in fact, we are recognizing that a deeper reality exists outside of the everyday world of cause and effect, a reality where everything is connected. The scientists, of course, don’t address that matter, because they don’t believe in any deeper reality outside of the mundane world where there are no mysterious connections outside of cause and effect—except synchronicity, which is what they are dismissing.

At the heart of their randomness argument is the curious theme that more people means more coincidences. Okay, maybe statistically that’s true. Let’s say it is. But what about when there are no people, zero? How did we appear out of the random, meaningless universe? What were the chances of specs of stardust drifting through a black void forming humans, who could ask such questions?

Here’s Hand’s answer, in short: “The tendency to synchronize is one of the most pervasive drives in the universe, extending from atoms to animals, from people to planets.”

Hmm, if there is such a ‘tendency,’ that would indicate consciousness underlying all matter. And consciousness suggests meaning, not randomness. As the cartoon at the top tells us: “That’s the thing about randomness. You can never be sure.”

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The MacGregor Christmas cactus, which always knows when to bloom!

It began blooming a couple of days before Christmas and as of this writing, it still blooms. I suspect that once we’re a week into the new year, the beautiful red flowers will fall off and it will go dormant until next year.

This cactus, like the lily that invariably blooms on or around Easter, intrigues and bewilders me. I know there are scientific and biological explanations for why these plants bloom when they do. But I haven’t been able to find an explanation that satisfies me. Even though the date  for Christmas remains static, the date for Easter does not. Yet, the lily blooms every Easter without fail, regardless of what date the calendars say.

Our Christmas cactus started blooming on December 21, the winter solstice, and on Christmas day, was really decked out in full color, plumpness, beauty.

For me, these two plants are nature’s synchros, its way of saying, Hey, humans out there. Pay attention. There’s wisdom for you here.

HAPPY 2015 to all of you from us! May the new year bring you everything you desire and deserve! And someone, please tell me where 2014 went? It seems I took a brief nap and suddenly, it was a new year.


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The Dream Tiger & Sharlie


Sharlie West and I have been corresponding ever since we started our blog in 2009. I’m not sure what prompted the correspondence, except that it was undoubtedly a synchro. She’s a poet who lies in Maryland, has tuned in frequently on the planetary empath stuff,  has an active dream life that often taps into future events, and is undoubtedly quite psychic. If you enter her name in the blog’s search box, the posts we’ve written about her will come up.

The other day, she sent me this rather enigmatic synchro:


I did want to share with you an odd coincidence. Recently I had a dream about my granddaughter, Grace. In the dream Grace had a tiger as a companion. The three of us were together, as though that was perfectly normal.

I told my daughter Karen about the dream. Seems that years ago she dreamed that Grace’s mother, Susan, also my daughter, visited her and had a tiger with her. Susan had died years before from ALS.   It’s possible that Susan is protecting Grace from the other side and since Karen and I both had the same dream, we are included.

If you haven’t read Proof of Heaven, it’s an incredible book. Have the sequel and will be   readinin the new year.


A short, to the point synchro. Except…how many of us dream the same dream ever, much less years apart? Is the tiger some sort of personal family symbols for Sharlie?

Some years ago, I had returned from a writers’ conference and that first night after I got home, I dreamed that someone at the conference handed me a note that read: Your mother has died. At breakfast the next morning, I related my dream to Rob and to my dad, who was living with us then. My mother was in an Alzheimer’s facility and our lives were fairly chaotic.

My dad’s dream wasn’t at all like mine in terms of details, but the bottom line was identical: my mother and his wife of forty years had passed on. The day before, we’d had an owl synchro  that pointed to this very possibility. So when my mother actually passed on, I wasn’t surprised.

Do the dead protect us, the living?

Well, why not?

But the bottom line is even more puzzling. What are dreams and how do they connect us with who we really are in a larger, collective sense?








We have Proof of Heaven but I haven’t read it yet.

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The Interview



Computers. Hacking. Big corporation. These three phrases relate to the recent hacking of Sony Picturdes, presumably because Sony was going to release The Interview, a comedy with Seth Rogan and James Franco about the assassination of Kim Jong-un.

The hacking was apparently huge and compromised Sony. Because the hackers threatened to target theaters that showed the film, chains started cancelling the showing of the film. We were essentially being held hostage, through censorship, by a little snit of a dictator in a very isolated country.

An outcry ensued and theaters and Sony ultimately relented and allow us to watch this movie in various online formats for $5.99. The movie also opened at selected theaters around the country. Not at a lot of theaters, but at enough so the film will probablyi be huge. So this evening, after a lot of hassle with the computer and online viewing, Rob, Megan and I watched The Interview.

With any Seth Rogan movie, you have to be prepared to be grossed out.  He breaks all the rules about what the consensus moviegoers want to see and gives you his version of a worldview about life in North Korea. James Franco, as the TV host who lands an interview with Kim Jong-un, is terrific.

He was the protagonist in 127 Hours,  a drama based on a true story. I found that movie so uncomfortable that at one moment I turned it off to watch the news. It was nominated for three Golden Globes and a bunch of other awards,  and thrust Franco into the America lexicon of I know this guy.

 In this movie, Franco really steals the show from Rogan. At one point he does an imitation of Smeagol from Lord of the Rings that is so spot on the three of us were in stitches. The Interview is political satire at its best, gross and irreverent and yeah, I understand why Kim Jong-un might be offended by it. It’s as if Mark Twain intervened.

But hey, Kim dude. You’re a despot, your people are apparently starving, and in this movie, karma is not your friend.

Kudos to Sony for changing course. A foreign despot should never be able to censor what we watch or read. What I took away from this movie was a sense of the absurd: that some silly little guy half a world away could intimidate a huge corporation to pull a film.

When we live from a fear-based reality- we’re going to bomb or attack any theater that shows this film – then we become the terrorists, the censors, the silly nuts who perpetuate their agenda.

For six bucks, you can rent the film.  Let North Korea know that you will not be censored!

It’s worth it. And really, even though a lot of the laughs are gross, there’s something to be said for this sort of comedy to be made – and then censored!

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Bill Cosby?!

2014 American Comedy Awards - Press Room

I don’t usually follow celebrity scandals. But the allegations against Bill Cosby, sometimes referred to as America’s Dad, deserves some sort of commentary.

To date, 16 women have publicly stated that they were raped – and/or drugged and raped – by Cosby. Two or three…okay, you might think they were after a lucrative settlement. But SIXTEEN?? This is the sort of number that demands an investigation of some kind. Unfortunately, many of these allegations happened in the 70s and 80s and fall out of the realm of the statute of limitations.

From the Washington Post:

The accusations, some of which Cosby has denied and others he has declined to discuss, span the arc of the comedy legend’s career, from his pioneering years as the first black star of a network television drama in 1965 to the mid-2000s, when Cosby was firmly entrenched as an elder statesman of the entertainment industry, a scolding public conscience of the African American community and a philanthropist. They also span a monumental generational shift in perceptions — from the sexually unrestrained ’60s to an era when the idea of date rape is well understood.

The saga of the abuse allegations is set in locales that speak to Cosby’s wealth and fame: a Hollywood-studio bungalow, a chauffeured limousine, luxury hotels, a New York City brownstone. But it also stretches into unexpected places, such as an obscure Denver talent agency that referred two of Cosby’s future accusers to the star for mentoring.

The allegations are strung together by perceptible patterns that appear and reappear with remarkable consistency: mostly young, white women without family nearby; drugs offered as palliatives; resistance and pursuit; accusers worrying that no one would believe them; lifelong trauma. There is also a pattern of intense response by Cosby’s team of attorneys and publicists, who have used the media and the courts to attack the credibility of his accusers.

What seems very clear in this whole thing is that Cosby believed himself to be untouchable, beyond impunity, and that some of these women were incredibly naïve, accepting his attention, the pills he offered, the wine. The women were ambitious and OMG, this was the famous Cosby and maybe he could pull some strings…

The other thing that is quite clear in all this is that because Cosby is so famous, such an icon and philanthropist, law enforcement looked away. He has never been charged with anything, except in a civil suit that was settled in 2006. Martin Singer, Cosby’s attorney, issued a statement recently about the whole thing:

“The new, never-before-heard claims from women who have come forward in the past two weeks with unsubstantiated, fantastical stories about things they say occurred 30, 40, or even 50 years ago have escalated far past the point of absurdity,” he said. “These brand new claims about alleged decades-old events are becoming increasingly ridiculous, and it is completely illogical that so many people would have said nothing, done nothing, and made no reports to law enforcement or asserted civil claims if they thought they had been assaulted over a span of so many years.”

What Singer doesn’t address is that the attitude of law enforcement in the sixties and seventies, and perhaps even now, is that the woman must somehow be at fault. She must have enticed the rapist, come onto him, seduced him first, showed her boobs, did something that inflamed the man’s insatiable libido –  and rape was the logical end result.

This argument is so patently absurd that it defies rational explanation. Rape is the most violent transgression against another human being – except for murder, but at least with murder, you die. You don’t suffer for years afterward, reliving every horrible second, wondering what you might have done differently. Rape is a violation not only of a woman’s body, but of her soul, her spirit, her very humanity. Rape is a Neanderthal’s response to the power structure. It’s the man’s demand in Cave of the Clan Bear to “assume the position.” It’s about physical and psychic power gone awry.

Again, from the Washington Post:

If his accusers are to be believed, the earliest allegations against Cosby remained hidden for decades, private artifacts of an era when women were less likely to publicly accuse men they knew of sexual misdeeds and society was less likely to believe them. But they have flared periodically throughout the past nine years, both because of changing attitudes and, particularly over the past month, because of social media’s ability to transform a story into a viral phenomenon almost impossible to suppress or control.

The allegations represent a stunning reshaping of Cosby’s legacy. Cosby built his fame on a family-friendly comedic persona. He has lectured black youths about proper behavior. He has been honored with a Presidential Medal of Freedom and been lauded for making the largest donation ever by an African American to a historically black college, Spelman College in Atlanta.

Now an ex-NBC employee, Frank Scotti, comes forward with his role: he often stood guard outside Cosby’s dressing room.

So is Bill Cosby several people? The comedian, the avuncular advisor to black youth and a serial rapist?

I haven’t found any synchros yet in this story, but given the media attention I’m sure there are some. The problem is the story disgusts me. When I wade through all the material, looking for the synchros, I feel disdain, sadness, revulsion – not only at Cosby, but at the structure of American life, where celebrities are revered like Olympian gods.

No telling where Cosby will end up. A number of his shows have been cancelled, but he recently received a standing ovation in Melbourne, Florida for his standup routine. We Americans are the kings of denial. We don’t like it when our celebrity gods are revealed to be dark forces, liars, perverts. It’s when our schizophrenia as a nation,  a people, a collective reveals great schisms.


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What Would You Do If…

These conversations are rarely pleasant but  in the greater scheme of things are probably necessary.

Rob: What will you do if… I die tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month.

 Rob and I were in the car when he said this, returning from a trip to Whole Foods. For our international friends, Whole Foods is an organic market  where so many samples of foods are set out that you can graze your way through lunch and dinner free of charge. We go there once a week or so because they carry foods that no one else does. Strange conversations seem to occur to and from Whole Foods.

 “What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked. “You planning on checking out?”

“Well, no, but would you know how to access our bank records?”

Not long after we got married, Rob took over finances. I was always tardy on paying bills, I am terrible at math, our credit sucked. I was happy to turn this over to someone else.

“I would go immediately to your  computer. I would figure it out.”

Not long after Rob and I first met, we had a reading with a Cuban psychic named Aura. She lived in a small apartment in Miami’s Little Havana, didn’t speak much English, and her predictions turned out to be startling accurate.

She told me I would become Rob’s second wife and would be married to him for a very long time. She said I would write many books under an abbreviated “genderless” name (TJ MacGregor) and that we would be creative partners. All that is true. She said I would die when I was 74 – don’t know about that one yet!- and that Rob would marry for a third time, but his second wife wolds always be the love of his life. I really liked that part.

So when Rob asked this particular question, my thoughts immediately went way back to Aura. “I’ll kill you if you die first,” I said. “That’s not how Aura said it would happen.”

It’s not that I believe 74 is the checkout date just because a psychic way back said it was.  What was important was the idea of it all, the way our lives ultimately play out.  I always suspected that my mother would die before my dad did but was sure of it when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, her way of exploring the afterlife without actually having to die. My dad was more intellectual in that sense,  he had to be able to mentally connect the dots first.    And he eventually did and died five years after my mother did. 

But the exploration Rob and I have taken during our 30 years together  has been radically different from that of our parents. We have explored and written about many  aspects of psychic phenomena. So it’s not death that either of us fear. I’m not even sure if fear figures into it.  We all die. Death is  the ultimate unknown.

If consciousness researchers are right , then we choose our deaths in the same way we choose the circumstances of our birth and it may nor may not have anything to do with genetic predisposition. Free will. Choice. When we came into this life, we knew where the chips lay. And at each step in our journeys, we make choices, we exert our free will.

When you talk about this stuff openly, it comes down to this:

Trish: If you die first, I wouldn’t stay in our house.

Rob: Me, neither.

Trish: I would move closer to Megan.

Rob: Let’s go eat that vegetarian lasagna you bought for lunch.

And so this very strange and important conversation ends over food, what we will eat for lunch.

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Appreciation & the Dog Park

Many spiritual texts talk about appreciation, about how it’s a powerful aspect of mindfulness, of living in the moment. So when Rob and I arrived at the dog park the other day, I asked myself how I could appreciate the dog park.

Okay. First off, our golden retriever loves coming here. This place is where he gets to run free – no leash – and to hunt for squirrels along the fence and to chase balls and Frisbee that Rob throws him. This park is where, during the hot summer months, someone brings plastic kid swimming pools and all the dogs plop down in these pools to cool off. The dog park is where you, the dog, are allowed to be, well, a dog.

Noah has a routine once he enters the park. I can appreciate that. I have my routines, too. His routines involve smells; mine involve words. Both get us to that same place.

Some days, Noah is interested only in squirrels, parallel to the days when my interests are primarily with whatever I’m writing. Other days, Noah is strictly focused on the ball or Frisbee that Rob tosses him. Or, he wants to mingle with  dogs and could care less about ball and Frisbees.  On those days, I tend to receive more emails, Twitter followers, more Facebook friend requests.

Then there are the days when Noah throws his weight around, 110 pounds of muscle and speed who dislikes Boxers, German Shepherds, and large poodles who get in his face. On those days, I tend to feel impatient or irritated and he reflects it.

On this particular day, though, Noah was most interested in sniffing his way along the periphery of the fence, as he’s doing in the above photo. He’s presumably hunting for squirrels, and Rob and I followed him.

The acacia trees were in full, glorious bloom, the branches hanging low enough so that I could actually touch the flowers. One of these blossoms captivated me and I stood there a few moments, touching it, admiring the colors, appreciating the perfection of it all. Then I snapped a photo of it with my phone and it became the thing I appreciated most about that day.

A week or so later, we were at the dog park after a big thunderstorm and heard the squawking of wild parrots. They apparently like the seeds in one of the trees that provide shade for the humans and I snapped this photo:

So now my daily habit is to find at least one thing to appreciate. When I do that, my perceptions are altered and everywhere I look, I see something or someone to appreciate.

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Animals in Our Lives

I take a lot of photos of our pets and the other animals in our area and in our travels. Some of them make me laugh out loud, others drive home the point that animals live so completely in the moment that their capacity for joy seems infinite. Here are some of my favorites:

That’s Noah, retrieving the morning newspaper

Copper, our neighbor’s cat, looking quite regal in the yard fountain

Nika and Noah, chilling together

Nika and Noah, true love

Simba and Powder, sniffin’ butts, kitty style

Nika, helping Rob drive

Megan & a goat by side of the road in Costa Rica

Hey, humans! Wait for us! Florida Keys

Cuban tree frog paying homage to frog pastie on Rob’s office window


Black goose & Megan, Orlando


Stephanie, the macaw of Arenal, Costa Rica

Megan & the sparrow hawk of aruba

Kali, the conure

the owl in the Amazon whom we rescued for a tube of lipstick

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Cabin by the Sea: Big Sur


In going though our early archives, I ran across one of my favorite synchronicity stories. We originally posted this on February 25, 2009. This synchronicity happened to Dr. L Darryl Armstrong, It beautifully illustrates what can happen when we feel strongly connected to a particular place.

Several years ago during the first days of establishing our business, I had the occasion to work on the west coast and visit a friend in Carmel. Having always wanted to tour the area, especially Big Sur, and to get a massage at Esalen one day, I trucked off to just spend some time driving and exploring the coastal highway.

By chance I happened upon a real estate sign noting a house for sale or rent, I don’t recall which. The “house” was actually a large cabin – 2 stories that hung off the side of a cliff with the most remarkable view of the Pacific Ocean I have ever seen from a private residence. It was obvious someone had spent a great deal of their personal time and money carving out this homestead. I was mesmerized, and could imagine what life might be like in a “cabin by the sea”. Every time since then, when I have been out that way, I have driven by the cabin. These days it has a fence on the road and a gate but you can still get a glimpse.

A few years later, late one evening, I crawled on to a Southwestern flight headed home to “my own cabin in the woods” on Lake Barkley in Kentucky. I don’t recall where I was flying from, maybe Phoenix. Anyway, I got my always enjoyable exit row seat and stretched out because I was exhausted.

I normally “hibernate” on a plane and rarely strike up conversations as I prefer to read, work or sleep. The plane was not very full but sure enough this fellow chooses to sit in the exit row with me. For some reason I was drawn to his smile and immediately liked him. Eventually my southern hospitality overcame me, I guess, and I offered him a drink since I had plenty of coupons and he smiled and offered me one as well.

We chatted and I found out he was from California. We started talking about how we both liked certain areas (I mentioned Big Sur, Carmel, Monterrey) and when I got to the story about the cabin on the side of the road overlooking the ocean he got a strange expression on his face.

I thought nothing of it. I just continued describing the setting and how much I would love to live there with the view and the peace and quiet despite all the inconveniences. He finally said something to the effect, ‘You know, I understand how you feel. We obviously both work hard and have a lot of stress. It sounds like when we get home we are both ‘hermits’ in parts of our lives. I have always enjoyed my peace and solitude as well. Let me show you where I live.’

And this man, whom I had never met and yet instantly took a liking to, reaches into his brief case and pulls out a photo wallet. And yes, you guessed it. This was the man who owned the cabin I have always cherished in my mind. We were both surprised yet it seemed as if a “loop” had been closed because I left the plane that night knowing that someone I could share mutual empathy with enjoyed the “cabin by the sea” as much as I did.


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This is a post about appreciation.

In the summer of 2000, during a Mercury retrograde, we moved to our present home. The move itself was pretty much a disaster, trying to close on two homes on the same day and to move all our stuff. It included several thousand books, pets, and my dad, who was in a wheelchair at the time, with Parkinson’s. Our neighbors were a single mom with two young boys.

Megan and the oldest boy became good friends, but his mother had some strange concepts about animals. In the five years they were our neighbors, she went through numerous pets – dogs, birds, rodents – and discarded them as though they were Kleenex.

Her last dog, a gorgeous German shepherd she’d imported from Germany, lost out when a guy moved in who eventually became her second husband.  She stopped exercising the dog and his hips went bad and she simply had him put down. A few days before she and her new husband were going to move, she told me she was going to release her son’s guinea pig into the wild. I told her that was cruel. The guinea pig had never been wild. I convinced her to give me the rodent and I eventually took it to a pet store and it was sold to a family that really wanted a guinea pig.

After they left, a new family moved in and for nearly 10 years now, they have been the best neighbors we’ve ever had, anywhere, ever. Annette is a Gemini, like me, born on the same day as my friend and script co-author, Hilary Hemingway. She’s a nut, like me, about animals. They have two dogs and two cats, mice, fish, and two snakes. Her husband, Kevin, is a commercial airline pilot and can fix anything. Their son is probably going to be a famous biologist some day and their daughter is a gem, who periodically drops by to ask for something good to read.

When we go away, Annette and her kids take care of our cats. When she goes away, we take care of her critters. But I don’t do snakes. They creep me out. I mean, I’ll do them if Annette and her family are going to be gone for an extended period, but it’s not my favorite thing.

Annette is an identical twin and she and her sister have had some stunning synchros over the years, especially in the telepathic area, and we’ve posted some of them and used a couple of their stories in our synchronicity books.

Annette, like her daughter, is a big reader and has pretty much exhausted the MacGregor library. She has a great eye for what works in a novel and I’m going to give her this current novel to read after Rob goes through it. A fresh perspective can’t hurt.

There is something comforting about meeting up with someone you like in the space between your yards, and sharing stuff from any given day. When we meet between our houses, our dogs invariably play, with Noah chasing Fergie, their German short-haired pointer, around the yard, the two of them playing tug-of-war with a stick, a Frisbee. Quite often, Annette’s orange tiger cat darts into our house for some catnip and Copper looks so much like our orange tiger, Simba, that I mistake one for the other.

What I have learned from good neighbors is that you never know where the friendship will lead. Given my political leanings, it’s strange that Annette is the only Republican woman with whom I have any interaction at all. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of politics, but in terms of kids, animals, and life in general, we seem to be on the same weird page.

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Fevered: An Airport Synchro


In going through the archives on our blog, I came across another one of our earlier posts about a synchronicity that happened to Rob and me in an airport in Caracas, Venezuela. It blew us away.


Here’s a story from 1988 that has always fascinated me. Trish and I traveled to Venezuela, where she was born and raised, and visited the Gran Sabana, one of the most fascinating wilderness regions of the planet. I remember carrying a big clunky Radio Shack laptop computer into the jungle, and finding time to work on the re-write of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the novel adapted from the script.

Our adventure among the soaring buttes, waterfalls and forest went by too quickly and we soon found ourselves back in Caracas. At the airport, we headed to customs where we were surrounded by guards with machine guns. Colombian drug dealers had begun using Caracas to export cocaine and the government was cracking down. The guards were particularly interested in the man in front of us. He was a tall, middle-aged Venezuelan, who wore a dark, three-piece suit and carried a briefcase. They told him to open it up. Slowly, the man unlatched the briefcase and the guards leaned forward to see what was inside. Everyone seemed really tense.

We were right behind the man and had a good view. Surprisingly, there was only one item in the briefcase, something I found quite astonishing. It was a paperback copy of one of Trish’s novels, FEVERED. Of course, the man had no idea that the author was standing right behind him…and we didn’t tell him, either.

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Name Synchros


David Wilson at Crossroad Press recently emailed us his latest story bundle. This is a term used for ebooks that are bundled together and sold for an incredibly low price. Murder of Mysteries is a compilation of 20 novels, including several of ours, for $2.99. In order to get exposure, we put it o our Facebook pages, tweeted it, and so on. I also asked my friend Hilary Hemingway and her husband, Jeff Lindsay, if they would put the flyer on their Facebook pages. Now, here’s the synchro:

Jeff wrote the Dexter novels. Dexter is a blood spatter expert who works for the Miami Dade police department. He’s also a serial killer. For anyone who hasn’t seen the TV show or read the books, Dexter’s full name is Dexter Morgan. He has a sister named Deborah Morgan. If you look at the list of authors on the flyer, you’ll see the name Deborah Morgan. Rob and I got a good chuckle over that. I emailed Hilary about it and she replied: Wonder how often she is asked about her bro?

Name synchros. You gotta love them.

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