Hurricane Sandy

Frankenstorm, that’s what they’re calling it.

On Twitter, someone referred to it as a “Stephen King” kind of storm.

Hurricane Sandy is a trickster. As it left the Caribbean and was predicted to make a close swing toward Florida, the National Hurricane Center put most of the east coast of Florida under tropical storm warnings. In the tri-county area that includes Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County, school for Friday, October 26, was promptly cancelled. We were warned that we would experience 1-3 inches of rain, high winds just under 75 MPH, and that we should take the usual storm precautions.

I didn’t trust the prediction. Isaac, back in August, wasn’t supposed to do much of anything to us, yet it dumped 14 inches of rain on South Florida in a period of about 24 hours and caused such widespread flooding we couldn’t get out of our neighborhood for two days. But okay. I listened to the forecast.

Sandy, they said,  was going to impact South Florida seven years and one day after 2005 Hurricane Wilma,   the last time we got walloped by an actual hurricane. The synchro of the timing and the late October storm bothered me, so I made sure we had plenty of food and water, Rob checked the propane tanks,  we had plenty of pet food. Good to go.

Sandy proved to be pretty much of a nonevent for us. We got some rain, some wind, but we have worse summer thunderstorms. Now Sandy is forecast to be a Cat 2 when it slams into New Jersey and affects more than 60 million people who live in the northeast.  Some of the descriptions of this storm are frightening:

From Jeff Masters, director of Weather Undergound, a private weather forecast service: “This storm is so dangerous and so unusual because it is coming at the tail end of hurricane season and beginning of winter storm season, “so it’s kind of taking something from both – part hurricane, part nor’easter, all trouble.”

From Louis Ucellini, the environmental prediction chief of NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminsistration – meteorologists: “The total is greater than the sum of the individual parts. That is exactly what’s going on here. This storm as it grows and moves back to the coast on Monday and Tuesday, the circulation of this storm will extend all the way from the Midwest, the Ohio Valley, toward the Carolinas up into New England and southern Canada. It’s really going to be an expansive storm system.”

The writer on a Wall Street Journal blog says it best, I think. You have a combination of unusual weather that could result in the worst storm NY has seen since the hurricane of 1938.  NOAA forecast Jim Cisco is the one who tagged it Frankenstorm and he and others have referred to Hurricane Sandy as “unprecedented.”
Now: is this hype?

I went through my first hurricane in 1963 – Cleo –  the year my parents moved to the U.S. from Venezuela, and I have been fascinated by them ever since. Over the decades, they seem to have grown in intensity and size, and gradually, they are hitting much farther north. They have figured prominently into several novels I’ve written. At some level, I feel they are sentient  beings. Yes, I know how wacko that sounds.  But when you watch these suckers form, when you watch how they set their sights on a particular area, when you study them, it’s not a stretch to recognize a kind of consciousness in them that responds to something in us.

If we are as interconnected as quantum physics suggests, as the Hindus believe (Indra’s Net), then there’s a rather puzzling synchronicity happening with this storm. It will begin to move inland on the night when the moon is full (scientific fact the tides are higher under a full moon) and  will merge with another weather system about a week before the presidential election, November 6, when Mercury (communication) will turn retrograde.

If NOAA is right, if  these meteorologists are correct, then election day across much of the country could be a mess because the massive power outages expected with this storm could persist to election day – and beyond. The media itself will be focused on Sandy – not on the election.

Lots of ifs here. But people are paying attention. One writer friend wrote today that her son is at a wedding in Tampa, and is scheduled to fly back to NY on Sunday, October 28. If his flight is cancelled, could he drive across the state and stay with us?

Gypsy, currently living in Delaware,   dropped us a line about what she and her family were doing to prepare. Her description of the scarcity of supplies in grocery stores is interesting. The shelves are practically bare. Bottled water is scarce. 

Yes, there’s a certain hype in buying that rides tandem with the hype in the news. That said, I’m a big believer in how the collective is acting. What does the collect consciousness tap into? Are the shelves of bottled water empty? Are the canned goods and flashlights and batteries gone? Are the lines at the gas pumps impossibly long? What do you feel in your gut?

So now we’ll wait and see. Sandy will either be a nonevent or something unprecedented. I don’t think there’s much middle ground here. Either/or, just like our choices in this election. And oh, not exactly a PS: what are planetary empaths feeling about all this?


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26 Responses to Hurricane Sandy

  1. KLM says:

    A bit late getting to this, but it’s too synchronistic not to share. This is a dream I had about a week ago on the 24th of Oct, right after returning from Disneyland.
    It went like this:
    I was in an airport terminal, it was full of people whose flights had been delayed or cancelled due to snow. The dream appeared to be in L.A. as I could see mountains all around, but no trees, and it ‘felt’ like L.A. But there was snow on the mountains and the ground around us. Anyway, I was with a family, wife, son, daughter, but they were not my wife and kids from this incarnation, in fact I didn’t look like me either, but this was me and my family. My wife was relaying to me that the kids were tired of going to Delaware for vacation and wanted to go somewhere else. She said we could take a flight out of Van Nuys to Cabo or something. Next thing I know, we are all outside sitting in the 2 feet of snow, the entire crowd from the terminal, and we are enjoying(?) the ocean waves lapping up against the snow covered, rocky shore. Finally I wound up at an outlet mall in Indio that we had stopped at on the way to Disneyland, only now I was in a crowd of mostly hispanic young women. That’s when I woke.

    Now, I get the L.A. reference having just been there, but here’s what is really freaky: Snow? in L.A.? Maybe with our climate changes? And Delaware? I have been a lot of places, around the globe 3 times, but never been to Delaware and hadn’t even thought about Delaware in many years. Hurricane Sandy was centered over Delaware and New Jersey, where the coastline is rocky, and it gets snow. And they are forecasting big snow from this storm. I don’t get the hispanic women reference though it might just be a remnant of the trip.

    I had this dream a week ago and I don’t watch the news, so had no idea at that time that a storm had even formed off the coast of Africa. Probably no one was reporting at that time that it would center over Delaware. And now it seems the snowfall from this storm is getting to be pretty massive.

    These dreams are becoming more frequent, and more real.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      You and math ought to put your heads together on your dreams, KLM! Very interesting series of interlocking images.

  2. mathaddict2233 says:

    Well, the question has been answered. It’s now 10pm EDT on Monday, and the Superstorm is deadly. So, defnitely NOT a non-event. Gosh-awful destruction. Gaia on another rampage. I think she means business and we better start paying attention to her!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      A non event only for Florida. Not for the northeast. I suspect dawn will reveal some shocking scenes.

  3. Melissa says:

    This is no fun….

  4. I was reading this morning (29/10/12) about how the hurricane could effect your election. Sandy looks to have an influence in many ways.

  5. Nancy says:

    We were packing bug out bags this weekend, the very last thing I felt we needed to do make basic preparations for an emergency. When we were shopping for good backpacks at REI, the man waiting on us said that fully half of the people buying packs are shopping for bug out bags. If anything, the collective consciousness is preparing for something. Whether it is the 7.7 quake off British Columbia this weekend and resulting tsunami warnings, this storm, or something else – our instincts are telling us to batten down the hatches.

  6. mathaddict2233 says:

    I just saw one of the anchors on the Delawatre shore holding on for dear life. There are nineteen-foot waves there now, and the storm is still 500 miles away! Concerning the election, mayve there is some universal “something” at work under the radar that is going to put the election off for some reson….maybe the frequencies need to shift?

    It’s a mess, from any perspective. Gyps, hang in there! I’ve seen the huge ravens here for several days, and they aren’t indigenous in this area, either. Not as many as you had, but as i Iwent out on out upper deck and they were gathering on the power line, like the birds in the movie THE BIRDS. They were noisy, and weren’t the fisher-blackbirds we have here. Just have to wonder what’s going on in the environment…..Felt those CA quakes today. Atlantic and Pacific are both chaotic.

    • Darren B says:

      Speaking of birds,I stumbled across an interesting blog for the first time today,and when I looked at the blog owner’s top stories on his blog,The last most popular post was this one –
      “Kingfisher Symbolism ”
      Which I thought was interesting because the kingfisher flying into my living room window got me into blogging,which I was reluctant to do before that incident .
      In relation to storms,the open paragraph of the post reads –
      ” Also known as the Halycon, the Kingfisher is a long-time symbol of peace and prosperity. It has many legends and superstitions surrounding it with many originating in ancient Greece; the body of the Kingfisher, if dried, could ward off thunderbolts and storms. ”

      So maybe that’s an omen for “Sandy” hopefully bringing no harm?
      I hope so.

      But his top post on the blog is this one –
      “Hummingbird Symbolism”
      Which reminds me of the cover of “Synchronicity and the Other Side”.
      Which is rather appropriate I should find those two posts today,as it is the 2 year anniversary of my father-in -law’s death today (30th Oct)
      His bird story is in “Synchronicity and the Other Side”.

      Anyway I hope this is a sign that no harm will come from this super-storm.
      Stay safe.

  7. mathaddict2233 says:

    A non-event in FL because the conditions here weren’t ripe for it to become more than it did while passing us. However, if my series of precognitive sleeping dreams that came when Sandy was simply a blip of a low coming off the African coast, and if my planetary empathies are an indication, (they are horrific and there are “new” ones”), then I have to go with the scientists. It’s already well past being a non-event, if you look at the coastline along the barrier islands and northward. It’s ramping up. The wind field, according to hurricane plane pilots, has expanded to more than 1000 miles. That’s unthinkable. And the pressure in this system has now dropped to within four points of being at an all-time low for a tropical system. It can’t be judged by the velocity of its winds, but by the pressure gradient within its core, and that is now deadly. Wall Street hasn’t closed since the 1980s. It will be closed tomorrow. That’s an enormous signal. So those of us who have weathered CAT5s and lived to tell the tale, Sandy may very well be one of the first true Perfect Storms, and as Strieber says, this is only the beginning. Candles lit for all those folks in the North…..PEACE, BE STILL…..

  8. gypsy says:

    ok – i’m going to mention this because it has stayed on my mind since it happened – i had attributed it to something else but not definitively so – last monday, after a courgeous battle with cancer, the dancer/musician gabrielle roth [5rhythms/trance dance/shamanism] lost the fight – she was often referred to as “raven” – while i had not met her, i had followed her career for years as she was married to an old friend of mine from many moons ago – and because she was a magnificent woman/spirit – in any event, within a day of her passing, as i sat at my computer looking out the large window expanse, our heavily wooded lot seemed to come alive with movement – and then, three [3] large black birds – as large as big hawks but solid black – ravens? – landed on the huge trunk of a fallen tree in the far corner of our land here – and there they sat – and then, an hour or so later, they were joined by 5-6 or more other large large solid black birds in the nearby trees – and i sat and watched them, wondering why they were there – the entire time they sat on the trunk, they all faced directly east – and i watched as peanut – our adopted “feral” cat – became curious as he played in the grass and made his way up the tree trunk to where they sat – he went up to them – very close – and sniffed and looked – and they sat without making any attempt to have him leave – when he saw they were no threat, he climbed back down to the ground and once again continued his play in the tall grass – this was mid morning and the birds continued there till after lunch and time for little boy’s school bus to drop him off – since there were so many, i didn’t want there to be a problem for boy coming down the driveway to the door in plain sight of them – and i got up and headed to the door to wait outside for the bus – but before i got to the door, they all disappeared – all of them – gone – and within minutes the bus came and all was as it usually was – now, i had tried to take pictures of them with my cell phone but when i did they really were not discernible because of the distance and the backdrop of trees and limbs and leaves etc – so i do not have photos – the point of the story is that this was such a curious thing – we’ve been in this house for over a year and i’ve never ever seen these birds – at first i attributed this to gabrielle’s passing – but she and i had never met – and i also wondered if it perhaps had to do with sandy coming in from the east – so – i don’t know – but as the saying goes, it was curiouser and curiouser –

    and just as an aside, the governor of delaware still – as of my last checking a few minutes ago – had not declared a complete state of emergency – the only state in the impact area that has not – what he is waiting for i do not know – but it’s totally senseless to me for him to wait –

    then, there is the issue, as you mention, of the election and the impact of all this upon it – and what if – just what if – there are large areas still without power on november 6 – what is the protocol?

    much to ponder –

    stay dry and warm and safe, all! xxx

  9. Momwithwings says:

    Gov. Cuomo just stated that as of 7pm tonight they are shutting down the Long Island Railraod, subways and all mass transit. I have NEVER seen this happen before. The tunnels and bridges will also be closed as they deem neccessary!

    Here on Long Island, I live on the North Shore closer to NYC. The winds are already whipping, I felt back when you did the prediction post that we would get hit with another big storm. Also, this storm is going to sit on top of us for 48 hours with wind gusts lasting till the end of the week!

    We have our generator, food water and lanterns and flashlights and batteries. I even found battery operated fans and a heater!

    There is not much else I can do, we’ve been told that no matter where this storm makes landfall we here on LI will be affected. And yes, LI sound will have surges etc.

    In regards to empath symptoms, my Fibro has really kicked up and my dizziness .
    They just said that on Tues we could have 80 MPH sustained winds!!

  10. DJan says:

    My sister (who lives in Florida) is flying today up to Virginia to be with her daughter and granddaughter for a week. She was planning to fly on Tuesday and say until the following Tuesday (election day) but the flights were all canceled Monday through Wednesday, so she’s going today! Imagine flying INTO the area where the storm is expected to hit. But she is. Lots of empty seats on the plane, too.

    I am also watching and feeling a sense of… something coming. I am not an empath, but I’ve been so on edge over this entire election season that it could be caused by my well-founded fear that we may be thrown backwards by a Republican victory. Even writing those words down make my stomach churn, Trish. Sheesh. I’m truly scared, and I didn’t need any Frankenstorm to intensify my anxiety.

  11. lauren raine says:

    Interesting speculations. If Gaia Theory is correct, then a hurricane is sentient and responsive, along with everything else. The biggest issue future generations face, and is not really addressed at all, is climate change. One wonders………….

  12. It’s Sunday morning as I write this and very worried. My daughter lives on the Sound in CT. Last year many homes were lost on her street with storm Irene. They had to stay in a hotel for 10 days – lots of costly damage. Worry they may lose the house this time. We can only wait and pray. And here in Princeton – New Jersey is also going to be blasted with power outs and floods. If that happens, I will miss you all here . . .I’m doing mundane things like laundry which won’t be possible with no power – may as well be clean in the dark. At least it is not snowing. Counting my blessings.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Gypsy wrote to say they couldn’t find any bottled water where she lives – all sold out.UIf that’s happened in your area, Adele, fill your bathtub, pots and pans with water. Stay safe! Is your daughter going inland?

  13. Shadow says:

    the worst part must be the waiting… but rather prepared, than caught unawares. and i do hope that this will be but a storm in a tea cup.