Synchronicity and Jose Arguelles

On March 22, our post was entitled, December 21, 2012 – What It Is and Isn’t. In this post, we wrote about Jose Arguelles:

“The hype about 2012 probably began in 1987, with The Mayan Factor:  Path Beyond Technology, written by Jose Arguelles. In the book, he states that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Since the Mayans were consummate astrologers and astronomers, his statement has rippled through space and time until it reached a tipping point. Google that date, December 21, 2012, and more than seven million links show up.”

On Wednesday, March 23, Rob remarked that someone had found our blog by searching for: Jose Arguelles is dead. Rob, who once interviewed Arguelles for OMNI Magazine, put the same phrase into Google and an article, apparently written in 1998, appeared in which Arguelles said that he was dead.

“No one but I, and perhaps that one now known as Bolon Ik, know how many times I have died. I died at least half a dozen times through my spiritual body before my son died completely for all of me. Then I died my seventh death, and knew to take a path that would not return me to the corporate identity that died along with my son. That was over ten years ago.”

He went on to say that he was now Valum Votan, an ancient Mayan priest who was speaking  through him. “Valum Votan is no name you ever knew, and one of which I scarcely had any cognizance, until it came full blown to me. And taking on this name, I am tested and tested yet again. But now I know it to be true: “Votan lives in Arguelles! Arguelles is dead!”

So we were surprised last night (3-24) to read an article in Reality Sandwich that Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan died the day before (3-23).

Part of that day, we had worked on a proposal for a third synchro book that addresses synchronicity and the paradigm shift of 2012 and beyond. We were specifically trying to figure out how to address Arguelles in a way that wouldn’t overwhelm the idea of synchronicity and its role in navigating the paradigm shift.

According to the message that Daniel Pinchbeck received from the foundation that Arguelles started, he died at 6:10 AM on March 23, under the Red Spectral Moon, the same moon and exact same time at which he was born. He was 72.

We both recall reading The Mayan Factor, and then taking part in the Harmonic Convergence on August 15-16, 1987. We surprised ourselves by rising early so that we were at the beach in Fort Lauderdale at sunrise on both morning.

Arguelles described the HC as the onset of a time of significant change in the world. Indeed, two years later, the Soviet Union collapsed. We also remember the book predicting a new means of worldwide communication. Of course, that turned out to be the Internet, which was in it’s infancy in the mid-1980s and no one else was making any such predictions.

Here is how he said it, in 1987 predicting the collapse of the Soviet Union and emergence of the Internet. You’ll see that his writing style was not the easiest to follow, but if you read closely, it’s all there.

“Culminating in the globally chaotic and irrevocably transformative events of 1987-1992, including the resonant frequency shift of 1987, the concurrent collapse or regrouping of the major governments, and the emergence of the resonant field paradigm and a corresponding unified global communications network operating with bio-regional command bases, this era is pivotal in preparing for the conclusion not only of the baktun but of the entire 5,200-tun synchronization beam. During this era–the storm of transformation–the entire wave of history crests. Maximum acceleration and random entropy give way to ever-widening circles of synchronization.”







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25 Responses to Synchronicity and Jose Arguelles

  1. Darren B says:

    Oddly enough,I sat down to watch the DVD I had bought on Sunday (Infinity) and the first person to pop on screen (even though it was technically in the preview section of the DVD and not in the actual movie) was Jose Arguelles.
    And I had never heard of him until you mentioned him in this post.

    BTW,”Infinity” was worth a watch if you get the chance,not that I’m saying rush out and buy it,but I found it quite good.

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  3. As sad as it is to lose his physical presence among us, we must all know that Jose now has a much broader range of teaching from where he has gone! My Friends on the Other Side often tell me that when we are in the body we are limited, bound by flesh, but once out of the physical vehicle, our Spirit-Souls have unlimited capabilities to continue working. This is a comfort.

  4. I recently posted a video on my I Ching blog of José speaking about 2012. I said to a mutuall friend, “José doesn’t look well to me.” I haven’t seen in in 25 years. So what do I know? I just now read your post about José dying. I was comatose depressed yesterday for no reason. I didn’t even look at your blog then. I saw it just now. I had a dream about José on the morning of the 19th. He was visiting me and said to bring out the champagne. I had no clue what that was about. I earned my Ph.D. with him as my Core faculty in 1981. He wrote a forward for me in my small black and white limited edition of my I Ching Meditations version back then. I first met in him New York in 1973 after I saw his book with his wife, Miriam, called Mandala. I loved him. Forever.

    I am writing this without thinking, which I shouldn’t do. In grief.

  5. Mark says:

    Jose was cool. A good guy.

  6. Lauren Raine says:

    I remember Jose Arguelles as a great writer on art (he was a professor of art history at SF State) – his book “The Transformative Vision” is still a masterful, and important book for emerging artists seeking to understand art’s relationship to shamanism, prophecy, and healing. I’m sorry he’s passed away.

  7. Natalie says:

    What a synchro!

  8. whipwarrior says:

    The last sentence in that excerpt sounds a lot like the character of Ian Malcolm describing the effects of chaos theory in the novel Jurassic Park. Perhaps we should make sure that we’re operating on ‘main’ power, and not ‘auxiliary’ power after the fences come back on, otherwise we might be in trouble! But at this point in the game, that might be as pointless as closing the barn door after the horse—er, dinosaur!—has run away. :-)

    • rob and trish says:

      Hadn’t thought of that, Whip! Good point. Megan is reading that book now – she has seen the movie a zillion times, but hadn’t read the book till now. Synchro?

      • whipwarrior says:

        Gosh, I’ve read Jurassic Park WELL over a hundred times (just as I’ve read the adventures of a certain whip-wielding archaeologist by a VERY awesome writer!). :-) In fact, JP has long been my default ‘travel book’, which I bring on long-distance trips, along with a title or two from the aforementioned adventure series. The familiar words keep me comfortable and secure whenever I’m in new territory. I’m sure Meg will enjoy the novel, which is even better than the excellent film, since most books, by nature, are often superior to their cinematic counterparts.

  9. karena says:

    Sorry to see Jose go….we need his insight right now. Pretty amazing that he passed as you were writing of him. That wavelength thing again. Great information for further study for me…thank you…as always I’m grateful for the things I learn by stopping in here.

  10. Nancy says:

    Very interesting. RIP, Jose. You were certainly tuned into to him with your post about 2012.

    Off topic – concerning your new book idea – you might want to read The Twelfth Insight, which just came out, and talks a great deal about synchronicity and its importance to the shift in consciousness and 2012. You seem to be on the same wavelength with James Redfield.

    • Darren B says:

      “The Twelfth Insight” ?
      Is this just a re-print of one of his older books?
      Because I was down at Byron Bay today,and was just browsing through my favourite bookshop ( Abraxas [shameless plug] ) and came across a copy of Redfield’s book “The Twelfth Insight”.I picked it up and got this weird deja vu feeling,and then I thought that it only felt like deja vu because I must have read it years ago.Then I thought,the only Redfield book I have ever read that I know of was “The Celestine Prophecy” , and I wasn’t all that impressed by it,apart from the fact he brought synchronicity more into mainstream consciousness .
      Now this is weird,because when I was holding this book it felt like an old familiar nostalgic memory of my past,and a thought ran through my head like ‘yes,that was the best book that he ever wrote,that was way better than the “The Celestine Prophecy”.That was the book that really put him into the spotlight’.
      The only problem was I had not read another book by Redfield…and I’m relactant to…to tell the truth.This book memory/deja vu is really starting to bug me,because I nearly bought it (to read again,because I thought I enjoyed it last time…but I have not read it,obviously).I just can’t believe this is a new book,because it felt so familiar to me.
      My right brain is saying you have to get it now/My left brain is saying don’t waste your money or time,fool.

      Decisions…decisions…decisions ???
      So little time so many books .-(

      P.S. I bought two books (“Soul Survivor” and “Dharma Road”) and one DVD (“Infinity.The ultimate trip.”) to add to my already overwhelming reading/viewing list.

  11. That’s some quote and it does seem to fit what is happening at the present time – a storm of transformation.

  12. friend of nica says:

    geeezzeee……yes, deep and multi-layered but so fascinating to read – [and i read it several times, too] – although i’m sure this has nothing to do with his meaning of the phrase “storm of transformation” , when i read those words, i had this visual image [literally] of a massive solar storm hitting earth – i mean, it was in swirling clouds of reds and oranges – probably because so many of his words are words also used for geophysical events [i.e., globally chaotic – resonant frequency shift (reminds me of the nuclear magnetic resonance effect) – collapse – emergence -resonant field – global – storm – transformation – wave – crests – acceleration – ], my own immediate response was that – of a literal geophysical event –

    and your owl, cj – very neat touch! ;)

  13. Nancy Pickard says:

    He speaks of a “storm of transformation” and “an entire wave of history crest(ing).” That could have nothing to do with Japan, or it could be related. I guess we’ll find out.

  14. Could be a burrowing owl. We have a lot of relatively newborn squirrels all around, and also some ocean marsh mice that live around here, so the owl has a food supply handy, as much as I hate to think about it that way. I sat in my Egyptian room yesterday looking at the glass backdoor at the young squirrels coming to get the nuts hubby puts out for them. They’re still really small but fully furred. I guess Mr. Owl seems some free meals. Ouch. Hubby will be upset. He hand-feeds the masses of squirrels we have. Nature is nature, but we do grow fond of our wild companions, even the mice.

  15. This is heavy, heavy stuff and requires several readings to comprehend his complex linguistics. There is a great deal of information in that brief paragraph. Compelling and thought-filled post, guys. Whew. He certainly obviously did much walking in and out of his body over a long period of time. Since I have the conviction that nothing is impossible, I’m not doubtful or surprised by this., Just intrigued. Especially that he was able to recognize all the deaths and apparent exchanges. Again, whew. BTW, there is an owl sitting on a limb in the ancient oak that overhangs our back privacy fence. I don’t know what kind of owl it is, but it is making owl noises, and its bright daylight. I can see it when I step out the backdoor. It’s a smallish owl, as owls go, and brownish-black. He’s not afraid of me or the dog. I’ve never seen him (it) around here before. Eerie sound, an owl in the daylight.