Social Engineering

Yesterday, we did two radio interviews – one with Anne Strieber, the second with Whitley Strieber. The links to those interviews should be posted in the next few days. Each interview took a distinctly different slant.  Anne,  who read the 200,000 plus letters Strieber received after Communion was published, focused on the abductees in our book. Whitley’s focus was primarily chapter 8 from our book, entitled, What’s Coming, about presidents and UFOs and what the government knows – or not.

Whitley referred a number of times to “social engineering.” The term is synonymous with the massive disinformation campaign that has existed since Roswell – more than fifty years – the deceptions, outright lies, and the ways experiencers are ridiculed, humiliated, and the corrosive ways in which people’s reputations are destroyed.  Fear is a powerful weapon- the Bush administration used it quite effectively. Fear is why many abductees don’t want their real names used when they talk about what they experienced. The fears range from what their families and friends might think, to being harassed or spied upon online, to getting fired from their jobs. Or worse.

That term, social engineering, stuck with me after the interview. It followed me into Rob’s meditation class this evening. And I think Whitley is right, particularly in the era in which we live now. We are constantly “socially engineered.” Our beliefs about what is real  and possible are sculpted by movies, TV shows, radio shows, novels and books, Facebook, Twitter, blogs,  24/7 news… You get the idea. We are constantly bombarded.

After 9-11 happened, for instance, we were bombarded with opinions and news about why we simply had to invade Afghanistan – and then Iraq. We were told that waterboarding isn’t torture. We were told things that many of us, intuitively, knew were wrong.

After Communion was published in 1987, Whitley  was first embraced – and then rejected and reviled by people who claimed the book was fiction, that he had written it to make money.  The accusation reveals a side to human nature that is ugly – envy.  He made a ton of dough, why can’t I?  It also reveals fear – fear that the story is true  and if it’s true, what does it mean about the nature of the world in which we live? He pointed out that on many UFO message boards, he is blasted as a fraud, a liar, and worse.

I went to one of those boards and yes, the comments are scathing. But many of those comments are made by people who never read Communion or any of his other books. If you have actually read Communion – or Strieber’s subsequent books – it’s impossible to miss the thoughtful, questioning intellect that he brings to this topic.  It’s impossible to miss the profound impact his experiences had on his life. His story resonates.

When I read my first Jane Roberts/Seth book back in the 70s, I was a social worker. I mentioned Seth Speaks to one of my co-workers and she burst out laughing. “The book was channeled?”  A shake of the hands. “Woo-woo stuff, Trish. Ridiculous.”

“Have you read the book?” I asked.

“Well, no. I don’t read stuff like that. Jane Roberts is doing it  for money.”

Sound familiar?

Any time that a new, cutting edge idea is put forth into the collective, it threatens the status quo and those people who cling to that status quo,  whose lives are defined by it, are the loudest protestors, the most vociferous critics. Look back through recent history. At one time, it was illegal for a white person and a black person to marry, for blacks and women to vote;  now it’s illegal in most states for gays to marry and the Republicans are trying to rule what women do with their bodies.

In one of the Amazon reviews for our book, the reader took issue with our taking a vial of holy water to a psychic in Cassadaga. With a mere touch of the vial, the psychic is able to spin off astounding detail about the situation of the owner. She provides a detailed analysis which matches almost point by point the scenario that is vexing the “experiencer.” All this is well and good – but it can’t help but make me think – with psychics of such astounding clarity of vision out there – why then can’t they turn their penetrating powers on some of the other UFO mysteries that the authors are concerned about?

Why, for example, can’t these obviously marvelously gifted psychics get to the bottom of the Disclosure issue? Why can’t they ferret out details of what the government knows, or who knows that, and provide at least decent clues to investigative journalists — to help them gain some traction on the government cover-up issue? But they never seem to apply their amazing powers in this way.

This reviewer actually provided his email address with the review, so I wrote him and said that the next time we were in Cassadaga, I would ask this psychic about disclosure and what the government knows or doesn’t. Not surprisingly, the man never responded. I should have told him that the psychic didn’t go in that direction because in my head, those weren’t the questions I brought her. The vial was my focus.

Critics and skeptics abound. It’s much easier to criticize and ridicule whatever terrifies you than it is to embrace it, research it, wade through it and try to figure it out. That’s what Strieber has done for the last thirty years. The idea that he would perpetrate a lie for three decades is patently absurd. On a strictly rational level, what would be the point? He’s a successful novelist, his books have been turned into movies, it’s not like he needs to write about encounters to survive. He writes about this stuff because he needs to understand what the hell happened to him. And really, the bottom line for any writer is exactly that.  Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, writers write to figure stuff out. They write to figure out their personal lives, their emotional lives, their passions. They write because it’s how they are wired.

Years ago, a PhD cousin asked me why I didn’t write literary fiction. I honestly didn’t know what to say to her. I write about what fascinates me, intrigues me, puzzles me. I write to clarify my own world.

And so does Strieber.



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22 Responses to Social Engineering

  1. D. Nicholas says:

    Having listened to the interview with Anne and having been interviewed by Anne about my experiences I would like to comment on the Grays hybrid project. I’m convinced with certainty that it’s real. I have been meditating for years and learned to do channeling, which is basically to be in close contact with your own Daemon ( check out Antony Peake’s book The Daemon. ) After my left ear started beeping like Whitley’s I realized that I had some involvement with the Grays. I have no memory of going anywhere with them, but over time you just know stuff.

    One morning about a year ago, during meditation a young female voice came into my head and said she was my daughter Mia and then said: me a nice Gray. She was a second generation backcross. I am a retired plant breeder from the University of Wisconsin, so I’m familiar with backcrossing. Essentially this is when the offspring of the hybrid cross is crossed back to one of the parents and in this case the human parent. She said her mother, a first generation backcross, was someone that I had channeled over the years named Sam who I eventually realized was a female named Samantha.

    When I was told this, Samantha came into my head to affirm our relationship and she sent some type of energetic jolt through my body that was so strong that I bounced up off my recliner.
    No wild imagination could cause such a reaction and when she left she did it a second
    time. Many of the details of my conversation with Mia I’m not going to fill in here.

    Some time after this my Daemon told me that Mia was with child, a future third generation backcross. One night while asleep I had a very vivid dream and I met Mia, who I sensed was pregnant. The most unusual thing about this dream was I had a memory of both taste and smell, which I have never had before in any dream.

    Later when I meditated my Daemon said that the memory of smell and taste was to assure me that this was an actual real event that took place. I was surprised to learn that both Samantha and Mia were backcrossed into the Native American population as Mia had darker skin than I would have expected. When these new variations of us will join us or replace us I have no clue. Am I concerned about it. NO!!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      D Nicholas, I’m going to bring your comment forward, with a link back to this post. You’ve got some great info here that could help others! Thanks!

      • D. Nicholas says:

        I’m willing to have a dialogue with anyone interested in knowing more about what I know. You can ask Rob and Trish for my e-mail address and use the subject line. Now is a good time.

        • Rob and Trish says:

          Hey D – I brought your comment forward from yesterday and put it on the dashboard to go up in the next few days. I suspect it will generate some discussion. Made a note of your email address, too.

  2. jano says:

    Having experienced episodes of cosmic consciousness, Ufo sighting and possible on board but memory erased, and various other strangeness, my sympathy is with Whit and others who are brave enough to speak and stand by their truth. My family, some friends and acquaintances roll their eyeballs, tap their temples, and take off. Other dear folk share their truths and accept mine. Love them and don’t waste time trying to reason with or convince the closed minds.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      It takes courage to speak out. And we’re fortunate that some do! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. michael says:

    Hello, I listened to your talk on Dreamland. I would like to send you an article and a diagram but the diagram will not work in this email format. So, if you feel it is ok to send a reply? i will then be able to send the diagram.

    I had a death/rebirth exp in 3-’68. It was not an nde exp. where physical trauma is involved. It was a voluntary letting go of the ego, our personal ” I “. Then 3 months later i had a ufo exp along with an alien encounter. I am mentioning this so you know i have been pursuing the path of self inquiry for the last 45 yrs or so consciously. Un-consciously, we have all been on the path time-lessly.
    Anyway Best Wishes
    p.s there are certain point of reference that the mind needs to fully understand in order to clarify perspective.
    1. a clear definition for the word/thought “Reality”
    2. how to discriminate between the two forms of Life, where, once the distinction becomes clear things will begin to clarify and or right themselves naturally.
    a. the perspective that life exist “between” birth and death. This is an exclusive perspective that cause a split in the mind, or said another way, causes a split, fracture between the mind and the Heart. This creating the outer world that is a relative world.
    b. seeing the inclusiveness of Life from mineral worlds to the worlds of gods, all conducted by the great conductor God who is Reality. We get so hung up on “words” we do not realize that the word God is a mental construct of a personal ” I “. The mind “alone” is made up of concepts. Concepts are NOT Reality. They are an aspect of Reality.
    3. This maybe the hardest point to comprehend? Matter is matter. It is NEVER alive. It is animated by Consciousness which is ALWAYS alive. Consciousness gets entangled in matter, “falls” under the spell of maya {illusion} believing it is the form i.e matter. Our true Self is form-less and Time-less. The “trick” is simply yet hard to grasp. How to see, understand the inter-play between Truth and ignorance. People see them as two when in Reality they are one. Do you see day and night as two or one?

    The Heart of Mind is no-mind.
    No-mind is the Mind as Truth
    Lin Chi Yi-Sen

    An ex-clusive perspective is a relativity perspective. An in-clusive perspective is a unifying, absolute perspective. AND, it is NOT an either or situation. It is a situation of complimentary polarities, not divisive, antagonistic polarities.

    “The choice of a starting point will seriously impact where we arrive in the end.
    “What you see is the result of the perspective you choose. Be careful with assumptions of perspective. One wrong assumption can throw the whole perspective off by orders of angular magnitude” FOFOA.

  4. Noor says:

    “….. with psychics of such astounding clarity of vision out there – why then can’t they turn their penetrating powers on some of the other UFO mysteries that the authors are concerned about?
    Why, for example, can’t these obviously marvelously gifted psychics get to the bottom of the Disclosure issue? Why can’t they ferret out details of what the government knows, or who knows that, and provide at least decent clues to investigative journalists — to help them gain some traction on the government cover-up issue? But they never seem to apply their amazing powers in this way.”

    Answers come in reply to specific questions. However, the safety of the psychic is also very important. They too are ridiculed, called crazy and persecuted when they make such knowledge public. Their lives are ruined. If they speak of such matters it is quietly to those they know won’t broadcast their words. Their work is to help as many people as possible along the spiritual path. Other matters are for individuals to take up if they so choose.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      You’re absolutely right. People who make comments like that reviewer did don’t understand how psychics work. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. mathaddict3322 says:

    David Icke is a good researcher, in my opinion. I first read his books when they were intially released some years ago, and subsequently was so turned off by them that I actually drove to a grocery store dumpster and threw them into it because I didn’t even want their negative energy in my home garbage. Then several years later, I picked them up again from a friend and re-read them, and had a completely different and much more positive reaction. For me this is an indication that we grow as we go, and certain ideas and philosophies that were horrendous to us yesterday may be comperfectly accpetable tomorrow. So, forward we march.

    • Darren B says:

      It’s the same with David Icke,or anybody for that matter,we are all evolving and learning as we go along.You see changes in his presentation of the material he started off with and additions in his later material as he learns from others and takes that on board in his own beliefs.
      Same with Strieber or anybody for that matter.
      Life’s all about learning and that doesn’t stop until right up to the last breath…and then some.
      I think we should never judge an author on just one book,but the whole body of their work.If people had read most of Strieber’s books instead of just making judgements about “Communion” based on their own beliefs about Strieber’s motives for writing it,they may have come to a more open attitude to the strangeness surrounding not just the alien phenomena,but life in general.
      Same with Icke,most people who trash his work have never probably even given it a good going over to take in what he is saying,not to say that even half the stuff he says is right,but there might be something in that other half of what he says that we can learn something from for ourselves.
      I see my sons passing by me while I’m reading Icke’s book,and I can see just by their reaction that they think dad is into Reptilians and it might be time to look into his mental health.-)
      If I worried what people thought,I wouldn’t have read half the books that I’ve read,not to say that I would endorse a lot of them
      (especially the best selling book of all time),but it has been an education to me over the years to delve into author’s books who I normally wouldn’t have if I listened to what other people thought of those author’s.

  6. lauren raine says:

    A compassionate analysis, and I applaud the author for his bravery, and your perspective on people speak out.

  7. We probably are socially engineered – or manipulated – call it whatever but it’s up to us as individuals and groups to do our best to think for ourselves and form our own opinions. We might be right, we might be wrong, but at least they will be our own.

    Well maybe not completely our own as there are ribbons of thought circulating that we latch onto. And we never know, for sure, if we have been influenced by something we have seen, heard or imagined.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Your comment and marcus’s ended up in spam. Good thing I checked…anyway, that’s why they’re late in going up!

  8. Just to pick up on one thing from the post, envy/jealousy is common human experience. It is VERY common in New Age/alternative circles. This morning I was reading about Craig Wheeler’s success at the ExTedHollyWood event, and found a twinge of jealousy rise. Why him, and not me? I work just as hard, have plenty of good ideas… etc etc. But some time ago I made a commitment not to deny any feelings or judgments, so I just witnessed my own jealousy. It is a wonderful thing, when we love even the “dark” parts of ourselves – they immediately lose their power over us. Having judgments, envy and so on isn’t the problem, its that we end up hating ourselves for having these unpleasant feelings, them it spirals into a cycle of self-hatred and projection against the other.

    Interestingly, in the evening I made a short video about a woman from S Africa who had a premonition about the Boston bombings. As usual, I linked it to FB, twitter and other social media. What was interesting was a rather ungenerous comment left on my FB update by a spiritual teacher friend of mine which simply read: “What’s the big deal? I had one (premonition) too? So what?” I could almost hear the hissing coming through the computer screen :-) This spiritual teacher is quite psychic – but hasn’t worked much on her shadow, so gets herself into dramas by saying and writing the wrong thing quite a bit. But there is nothing you can say to such people, as no ego likes being confronted with a mirror. So you just have to let it go.

    Interesting that these two cases of jealousy came up on the same day, as if the “lesson” for the day was exactly that!

    • Darren B says:

      This is quite syncy because I was only reading about this subject in a magazine on Monday while waiting for my wife to come out of surgery.

      “At the National Institute of Radiological Sciences in Japan, scientists slid 19 volunteers into an MRI machine, then summoned the green-eyed monster by presenting them with a description of someone who had it all—great job, great relationship, great life. As participants read about the high achiever, an area of their brains called the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) ignited. This spot also flares in the presence of physical pain, proving that envy really does hurt. However, ACC activation was only induced when the subject and object were similar in sex, age, class, or background. “[If] the possession of the target person is superior and the comparison domain is self-relevant, we feel intense envy,” reported Hidehiko Takahashi in a 2009 study.”

      Read the full text here:
      –brought to you by mental_floss!

  9. mathaddict3322 says:

    What the heck is “literary fiction”? Years ago, when Whitley’s “COMMUNION” was released, several of my friends read it before I read it, and they remarked that they felt it was a work of fiction because Strieber was such a successful author of science fiction novels, and that Communion was another science fiction novel. When I purchased the book and began to read it, I discovered I couldn’t read it. It touched too many deep dark places, too many secrets, held fearfully in my own adbuctee closet. It was actually a couple of years before I was able to read it, and even then, I had to take it in small doses. THAT’S how real his experiences are…at least, for me and for other abductees with whom I’ve spoken. On a completely different note, I saw a commercial last night for the upcoming movie “UNDER THE DOME”. I was surprised. The novel is 1,079 pages long, by Stephen King. I couldn’t put it down, and even after all those pages, didn’t want it to end. I can’t imagine how they made a decent movie out of such a compelling novel and have done it justice. I do recommend the book to any and all who want a roller-coaster ride of an amazing story that COULD, just COULD, someday in the not so distant future, become truth.
    Looking forward to your interviews with the Striebers, guys. Anne S. emailed me yesterday about scheduling the radio interview with me. I’ve not yet responded due to the illness within the family.

  10. Darren B says:

    I think it’s like anything,we should approach authors and subjects with an open mind,but not so open that we let our heads cave in.
    I personally like Strieber’s books,not that I agree with him on all that he writes,and some of it I have no opinion of either way ,but he seems to write with sincerity and that’s all we can ask for in an author really.
    I’m reading a book by David Icke at the moment,and it’s the same thing,I like some of what he writes,and some of it to me is plainly wrong,but he too seems sincere and I think his books and lectures make people think about the planet they live on and in the end that’s a good thing .
    There’s not one human on the planet anyone will agree with 100%…or probably even 60%,and just because we can’t agree with someone in one area doesn’t mean they are wrong in all areas.
    Guys like Icke and Strieber cop a lot of flack for their work,but it’s obvious they both come from the heart and I think the world is better for their work.
    We should never be afraid to say to people that we read Icke,Streiber,Roberts,The Bible…or whatever we like to read and be afraid of being labelled a looney for our liking to read their stuff.
    It might be different if we said we agree with everything written in those books,but we should never be frightened to pick up and read a book by someone we fear may be a nutcase.We should prove to ourselves that they are a nutcase by looking into their work ourselves.-)
    In the end whether I believe these authors,or not,as long as they can entertain me with a good story,I’ll be happy.