The JFK Assassination Bill

 Years ago, Reader’s Digest published a book called Mysteries of the Unexplained.  It’s one of the best collections of stories and anecdotes about all the stuff that interests me. I page through it from time to time and usually find some small treasure that I haven’t read before.  The story about this dollar bill is one such story.

The dollar bill pictured above was issued in Dallas just two weeks before John F. Kennedy was assassinated in that city, thus its name. Dallas was and is the location of the 11th of the 12 Federal Reserve Bank districts. The bill has the letter K to the left of Washington’s image,  which is the 11th letter of the alphabet.

In addition, you’ll see the #11 in each corner of the bill.  The serial number K23456789A begins with a K and ends with an A – Kennedy Assassination.

Eleven also stands for November, the 11th month of the year, two 11s equal 22, the date he was killed, and the series number is 1963, the year of the assassination.

What are the odds? It’s like the DaVinci Code of dollar bills.

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15 Responses to The JFK Assassination Bill

  1. Marco says:

    I do have one dollar bill from 1963 ; from the Bank of Dallas Texas; it has the 11 on all the corners; the serial number starts with a K and ends with an A- Kennedy Assassinated; unfortunately I also have another 1 dollar bill from the Bank of Dallas, with the K of Kennedy the 11 on the corners but the serial number differs a little bit; it starts with a K of Kennedy and ends with a D of Died. the most intriguing and fascinating thing about this bill is it redial serial number (9384— 4839)– Any help?

  2. mathaddict3322 says:

    Merci beaucoup, Gyps! :)

  3. gypsy says:

    i deny therefore i do not…

    anyway, great fascinating post – i’m always so taken with the stories of numbers – incredibly intriguing! and i don’t think i’d heard this story before – thanks to cj for all her mathematical magic!

  4. mathaddict3322 says:

    Uh-oh. My full birth name resonates to 67! Soul is 33, expression is 34. Just as another aside, there is an almost unprecedented series of number syncros occurring
    currently. They are 19, 55, and 7. Globally they are all over the place. These are called “frequency clusters”. They are number synchronicities and are pretty mind-boggling in their significance and manifestation, because it’s rare for so many to be manifesting simultaneously. It’s as if the frequencies are all “tangled up”.

  5. Darren B says:

    23,the first number after the K also is the number for chaos.
    There were also rumours the Kennedy was killed because he was trying to take the money back from the private bankers that run the Federal Reserve Bank.
    Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – Executive Order 11110

  6. mathaddict3322 says:

    The series of numbers between the letter K and A add up to 44, the most negatively karmic of all frequencies in our Universe. While researching common denominators, in my separate study of people who have been assassinated or have had assassination attempts, I discovered that the frequency (number) 44 or 26, (it’s equal), appears in each person’s numbers WITHOUT EXCEPTION. When the K (if the K11 is reduced to its root #2)and the A (1) are added to the beginning and end of the series of numbers, the result becomes 47/11. JFK was 46, in his 47th year, when he was murdered. (B 5-29-1917; D 11-22-1963) Such groups of numbers as they appear on this dollar bill always tell a story, if we know how to interpret the story. Does the Reader’s Digest article show the opposite side of this dollar bill? That would be so awesome to see!! Just an aside, yet not: Lee=4, Harvey =7, 4+7=11. Oswald=11. Lee Harvey Oswald is 11 11.

  7. Haven’t seen that one before. There seems to be a few synchros with US paper money when folding it and so on. It’s an interesting design, especially the reverse side.