UFOs Over Jupiter?


 This evening, we met our friend Rob Lockhart and his girlfriend, Christine, for dinner at a restaurant in the town of Jupiter, which is about forty minutes north of us. I’ve always liked this town, particularly because it’s named after the largest planet and, in astrology, the planet that represents good luck and expansion.

It was dark as we headed home and I was watching the sky as I usually do at night, when Rob is driving. There were a lot of trees on my side of the road, but in the spaces between them, I suddenly noticed very bright reddish orange lights.

At first, I thought the lights were on a building under construction. Then I realized they were moving and at one point, they formed a shape like the Big Dipper. “Rob, what are those lights? Can we pull off somewhere and get a better look?”

Rob had seen them too and less than a block later, he swerved down a side road and we stopped.  A guy on a Harley was there snapping photos of the lights. “What’s going on? What are those things?” he shouted. “Do you see them?” At the same time, he was on his cell phone with his wife. “Do you see them, honey?” he asked. “Do you see them?  The world as we’ve known it has just ended, look at those suckers!”

By this time, Rob and I had run out into a nearby field and I was trying to snap some good photos. But it was dark – except for the Harley’s headlight, which shone out over the grass – and the field was a soggy mess. It’s challenging to hold an iPhone steady when you’re excited. My photos turned out blurred. The lights had changed positions – no longer shaped like the Big Dipper, but sort of angling down against the black sky. They weren’t the same reddish orange hue, either.

The guy on the Harley was still on his cell phone with his wife, shouting about  what he was seeing, then another car pulled in and his wife got out of her car.  By then, the lights were gone. The four of us introduced ourselves – Shane Jackson and his wife, Holly. She had seen the lights, too. I asked Shane if he’d gotten any photos  and when he showed me his, I asked him to email them to me. He said he would text them, I gave him my cell number, and before we left, I had his two photos.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he said. “I’m a Pennock.”

I didn’t know what that meant. As we were leaving he called out, “Hey, what are those things?”

“UFOs,” I called back.

I later texted Shane and thanked him for the photos. We traded some text messages after that:

Shane: Crazy that people don’t believe. Wish I had the sense to video. I was on a bike!! Almost crashed trying to capture the shots. He explained he was on a Harley and  where he pulled off was the first spot where he could stop and take a shot. I saw lots before I stopped, but there is no value in my word?!

 I texted that there is always value in what we see and experience. He replied: I enjoy the shows regarding this subject. I have been on the fence with this shit…No longer. No way…can anyone tell me what we just saw? Bummer I didn’t video. But if I wasn’t on my bike…I never would have seen it. Happy we did.

 He also mentioned that his life had begun on the Pennock plantation. I learned that Pennock is his mother’s maiden name, that his family’s history goes back at least a hundred years in Jupiter. Once he told me this, I asked if anyone in the family believed in UFOs. He replied that they all did, that way back when, “it used to be a lot darker.”

When we got home, I e-mailed myself the photos he had texted me. I have a large screen and counted 7 lights, with a possible 8th, but I’m not sure about that one because it’s low. If you bring the photo up on your computer, you’ll be able to see the lights more clearly. I also enhanced the photo to see the lights more clearly. Here’s that pic:

The brightest light on the grass is from the Harley’s headlight, shining across part of the field. I have no idea what these other lights were – unidentified, certainly, and bright enough for us to pull off the road for a closer look. Maybe they were Chinese lanterns. But suppose they weren’t?

I Googled around and discovered some other sightings in South Florida recently, but nothing yet for 9/21 in Jupiter. What’s interesting is that a week ago, I followed the suggestions in E-Squared and one of the items on my list of manifestations was to experience a sighting. I think this qualifies. And hey, we got to meet this random dude whose family history in this area goes back a century, to the days of Henry Flagler. And there were four of us who saw the lights. Not exactly a mass sighting, but at least the four of us know we had witnesses who saw the same things.


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  1. Reese says:

    Very interesting! I’ve been seeing things all over the sky here in Jupiter. This is a glowing orb filmed off my front porch in Mallory Creek on 9/25/2013


  2. gypsy says:

    ok – so i miss a day or two here and it’s like i’ve missed THE BIG ONE! you finally got a sighting! but – about the lantern thing – i mean, were you in a populated area? would lights have slowly faded and then disappeared? they look higher in the sky [i know perspective is difficult sometimes] than any kind of lantern/light would be – great intriguing post – and neat photos! – i just came across this website – https://www.sightingsreport.com/sightings/browse?option=thisyear
    – so now, don’t forget…be careful for what you wish! ;)

  3. blah blah bozo says:

    Ya C last weeks monster there Rob….

  4. mathaddict3322 says:

    Nancy, I read the book UNDER THE DOME, and decided it was a “keeper”, to be read again at some future time although I devoured it the first go-round. It is 1,079 pages, and I didn’t want it to end! I began to watch the TV series, but because it wasn’t anything like the book, (they seldom are), I stopped watching it after the first couple of episodes. But I highly, highly recommend this book to anyone who has the time and inclination to read such a lengthy book, even if you’ve watched the series. It is well worth the time and energy, and almost impossible to put down, once started.
    Trish, do you think these lights over Jupiter could possibly have been remnants of a meteorite shattering and spilling its pieces? Just a thought, not a negation of UFOs. You know I’m totally open to those kinds of encounters, and especially since it happened after you “programmed” to have an encounter!! Have had far too many myself. They seem to be increasing all over the world, and as Nancy said,THE DOME may be pre-empting an event on the horizon for all of us. Lots going on in this arena.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I doubt it was a meteor shower of any sort. The objects just hung in the sky, hovering, moving slowly, bright red. Not sure how long they were visible, but we saw them for three or four minutes before they faded turned white and disappeared one at a time.

    • Nancy says:

      Thanks, Math! Will definitely check out the book.

  5. Nancy says:

    This picture reminds me of the television show “The Dome” where the kids go into epileptic trances and keep repeating – ” pink stars are falling, pink stars are falling…”
    Clyde Lewis, on his talk show, thinks “The Dome” may be some kind of preparation for something to come as it talks about “the monarch will be crowned” – as in the MKUltra Project Monarch – regarding mind control.

  6. Dale Dassel says:

    You’re lucky! It seems that people who actually *want* to see UFOs never do! This sighting might provide a good introduction to your next synchro book! :-)

  7. mathaddict3322 says:

    Is merc retro? My computer is doing crazy things right this minute. When I first came onto the blog and this post, the computer suddenly flipped back to my home page. I came back and commented, then left the blog. After I left the blog and started to get ready to sign the computer off for the night, it flipped, on its own, right back here! I’m not doing this; not hitting wrong keys. Anyone else having issues with the computer and this post?

  8. mathaddict3322 says:

    They don’t look like Chinese lanterns to me. They have an odd “curved” shape, sort of. I wonder about the lights in the trees…not the cycle headlight. Maybe some of the craft (or whatever) had attempted to land?? More and more people are having sightings of strange things in our skies. Some can be readily explained. Some, such as these, not so easily at all.

  9. Awesome! Since you are writing so much about these events, it seems like you are attracting them – wouldn’t you say? Can’t wait for the next installment.

  10. Certainly weird and great that you stopped and met this other couple – we never know what’s round the corner …

  11. Melissa says:

    I’m glad you mentioned your list at the end of this post. I was going to say, “hey, didn’t you want a sighting!?”

    This is great. I’ll ask if anyone I know saw anything too!

  12. Darren B says:

    Weird stuff indeed.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Yeah, very.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I’m puzzled by the two lights that appear to be in front of the distant trees. Like Trish, the lights I saw were between 45 and 60 degrees above the horizon – bright and red. They drifted around and didn’t seem to be flying in the normal sense. Then each one slowly faded and disappeared. Maybe they were Chinese lanterns, but do they appear like red beacons in the sky? I don’t know.