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One of the blogs we frequent regularly is 22C+, Marcus Anthony’s blog.

Marcus is the author of several books on synchronicity (Sage of Synchronicity, Extraordinary Minds), and is also exceptionally intuitive. We respect his opinion – as an author, a teacher, a sage, a powerful intuitive, and a guy who holds a doctorate and is well versed in the mysteries of China and Asia. Versatility is his middle name.

So when we discovered his review of the Abraham/Hicks book, The Law of Attraction, we read it with great interest.

For those of you have been living under a rock, Esther Hicks channels a consortium of souls who call themselves Abraham. While channeled material can be a trickster in some New Age disguise, this is not the case with these books – and Marcus tells you why.

The Abraham/Hicks material is the logical extension of the Seth books, channeled by Jane Roberts from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. These books – more than 20 of them – detail the nature of reality and either speak to you or don’t. The Abraham material contains basically the same message, but is takes things much farther in a practical sense, which is where the Seth books fell short. Many people distrust channeled material, but the Seth books and the Abraham/Hicks material have always felt genuine for us.

The Hicks use technology to its fullest and their newest addition is virtual workshops.  The first such workshop occurred on Saturday, April 9, in Phoenix, with 44 countries and 44 states in attendance (interesting numbers!) It was much less expensive than their in-person workshops – $75 versus $195. And since the three of us watched it, the cost wasn’t bad at all. For three hours, individuals from the audience came forward to the “hot seat,” the best and most insightful part of these workshops.  In each instance, the questions and concerns of the individual in the hot seat encompassed larger questions about money and prosperity, love and romance, creativity, and about the nature of the “vortex,” your vibrational escrow  built up throughout your life.

One thing I took away from this virtual workshop was Abraham’s advice about moving in vibrational increments. He used the example of the Panama Canal, where ships move through the locks in increments that gradually raise the ship 85 feet above sea level. In much the same way, we raise our vibrational frequencies incrementally until we’re a match for whatever we’re trying to manifest in our lives.

“Nothing changes until there’s an emotional shift,” Abraham told one man. “The vortex can’t – won’t – take you in prior to your readiness. The vortex reveals to you what you’re ready for.”

Abraham, like Seth, said that if you want to know what your vibrational frequencies (Seth called it your deeper beliefs) are manifesting, take a look  around you, at everything in your life, especially at those parts that work. And then express your appreciation. One activity he suggested was listing your 10 favorite things  about your life. Megan then remarked you can take that activity even deeper by choosing one of those favorite things – your partner or child, for example, and listing 10 favorite things about that person.  Abraham suggested doing this any time you feel you’ve fallen out of the vortex.

Some other nuggets from this virtual workshop:

–       compliment when you can, but never when it’s forced

–       get in the flow

–       complain never

–       Creation is the discovery of what you’ve already created

–       Take manifestation out of it (the equation) and focus on what you feel. In other words, don’t keep checking in to see if what you desire is starting to manifest. “Just let it be, have faith in what is not yet seen. Chill.”

Last year when Megan and I attended an actual workshop, it was difficult to tell whether Esther channeled the entire time she was speaking. In the virtual workshop, I noticed that as each individual approached and sat in the hot seat, Esther seemed tuned in. Even if she isn’t channeling constantly (and I frankly don’t understand how anyone could channel for three hours, even with breaks), she’s exceptionally psychic.

Ultimately, though, the source of the message matters less to me than the message itself, and the Abraham message is identical to Seth’s: You create your own reality. You get what you concentrate on…there is no other main rule. And the bottom line is that when you walk out of a Hicks workshop, in person or virtually, you feel empowered. All your resistance  to prosperity, health, happiness, is gone. You are one with what Luke Skywalker called The Force, what mystics call Indra’s net, and what Abraham calls the vortex. Regardless of the terminology, you emerge knowing that all of us really are spiritual beings in a physical existence.





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  1. Darren B says:

    I just listened to an audio pod-cast about “The Law of Attraction” by a guy named Steve Pavlina.It goes for about an hour,but is very well worth listening to,but you have to listen to the whole lot,all the way through,not just a part of it…because you’ll make a prejudgment on what he is trying to say…and you won’t get it.
    I love this guy.He is his own Guinea Pig,and while I don’t agree with everything he says and does,this guy’s website,book and podcasts are truly worth some of your time.
    I’m directing this comment to anyone reading this blog,not just to Rob and Trish.

    Cheers / Daz

  2. mathaddict3322 says:

    You are so right, cousin, and not only that, but it will offer them fodder for gossip for months to come! Bet our ears will be burning for a long time!

  3. friend of nica says:

    oh, well, cj, you all will just give them a bit of the balance they’re all needing in their lives!!! i can feel it!!! ;)

  4. mathaddict3322 says:

    Not Stone Mountain. Actually, the home we built many years ago was in the shadow of Stone Mountain. The wedding location is in the Smokies, near the GA/Tenn line, and is called SplendorMountain. It’s in Rabun County, GA, many miles north of Stone Mountain, and the terrain is simply magnificent. So we shall have a wonderful time and will enjoy being nestled among the wild forests of those mountains.

  5. mathaddict3322 says:

    NOW you tell me about Kin Dread!!!! Well, it’s never too late! We are all going to a huge family wedding up in the N. GA mountains in late September. Can’t you just see all us “pagan heathens” among about three hundred evangelicans for four whole days and nights??? Lordy lordy. It’ll be a fun experience, though, and the location of the outdoor wedding is a mountain resort where chalets have already been reserved for us, so those of us who are the black-balled heathens in the family will be housed together in a three-story, gorgeous chalet that sleeps eighteen folks, in the middle of the most gorgeous forests. Talk about tree-hugging and communing with Nature!!! Ooooooh yeah!

    • R and T says:

      Stone Mountain, I bet.

      • Nope. I’m from Stone Mountain GA and its a suburb to the east of Atlanta. Sounds to me like CJ is going to Helen, Georgia…which is a town that reinvented itself by making the buildings look like a German village. Its a cool place, kind of cheesy, but every time my family missed Germany, we would go up there for a day trip.

  6. friend of nica says:

    ok, is this neat or what! left my first comment here talking about negativity etc and then went over to google just now – where my horoscope for today says, in part:

    The Moon is brightening your sensitive 4th House of Home and Family today, reminding you that your current negativity can actually influence your point of view.

    i rest my case!

  7. friend of nica says:

    great post – i stopped after reading it and did my list of 10 favorite things in my life – love the tip to “never complain” – being around those whose only joy seems to come from “only” complaining is like being in a toxic waste dump with no hazmat suit – deadly to one’s own spirit – i have a close family member who is not well – is physically very ill and has been so for a number of years – recently her negativity had become so overwhelming that i had to remove myself from the amount of time i’d been spending with her – and i felt badly about having to do that – but for my own “self” it was necessary – anyway, just sayin’ that negativity truly is deadly in many forms –

    so glad to hear that there are now virtual workshops to be had! – the tip of being in the flow, i personally have found to be so vital – totally so – and when you’re there, you know it – there is no doubt – you FEEL it –

    totally agree with mike’s comment regarding there being no actual reality -

  8. mathaddict3322 says:

    It’s good to be back home in MU again, at least for a little while! My husband’s GA family has been here for the past week; gone now. One of them is a fundamental evangelical pulpit-slamming fire and brimstone Baptist preacher, and believe me, it has been hell for me. Even my husband came away later in the week angry, shaking his head…..furious that someone kept blasting at him trying to convert him to a religion other than his own. His reaction, (my husband’s), caught me unexpectedly off guard and made me realize how much he has grown over these decades. Anyway, Guys, great great post and comments and I’m breathing deep sighs of relief being once again out of the darkness of the evangelical thoughtforms. Enough is enough. I never took off my pentacles; nor did my sons and daughters-in-law. (Rings and pendants) The symbols are unintrusive and we don’t discuss our spiritual convictions with them or others of such ilk as they, but I suppose they were offended anyway because we don’t wear Christian crosses and because we are no longer afraid to expose our spiritual path by wearing small symbols of that path. Our vehicles display a small symbol as well. If they can show off their Christian “fish”, why should we be too shy to discreetly and quietly allow our deep spiritual connections to Nature and all living things to be seen? Gosh it’s good to be home again, where everyone is accepted regardless! Happy day! :)

    • R and T says:

      Sounds like a repressive week, math, with such kin in your home. You should’ve been reading Trish’s novel,
      Kin Dread. lol

  9. lauren raine says:

    Fascinating, thank you as ever for this to meditate upon. I guess I have been living under a rock, because I was not familiar with this material, and will have to check it out.

    • R and T says:

      Hey Lauren – I forget that not everyone reads the same stuff we do! Maybe I should’ve softened that first line. Sorry! You definitely DO not under a rock.

  10. DJan says:

    Hi Trish and Rob. I just want to say thank you, Trish, for all the comments you leave on my blogs, reminding me that you are here, since I can’t seem to find a link to this blog, and it’s very interesting!

    I read the Urantia Book many years ago and learned that it is a channeled work, one that convinced me to take my knowledge and insight from whatever place it comes from, and I also use that feeling in the solar plexus of “rightness” to validate the experience for myself. Everyone needs something a little different to hear what is needed at any given moment.

  11. Yes, I liked the energy of the book, and have seen a couple of short videos on Youtube too. I found the Law of Attraction book made me reflect more deeply upon how much of my own thinking was being focussed upon what I didn’t want or wished to avoid. Overall, the philosophy fits in well with my own understandings.

    One thing, about whether esther Hicks is channeling all the time or some of the time. It is quite possible to be “channeling” without being conscioussly aware of it, and we all channel at times whether we know it or not. That includes channeling each other, relatives and collectives of people. So in a sense if Esther is in a workshop, her thoughts will tend to tune into the consciousness field of Abraham and the group. That doesn’t mean its all good of course, but it does mean she can be influenced by guides and spiritual sources at any time, especially if her crown chakra and third eye are open.

    • R and T says:

      Your take sure makes sense, Marcus. In these workshops, the energy is palpable. Even in the virtual workshop it was like that. I often wonder if we’re conditioned to focus on the negative rather than the positive. – Trish

  12. Nancy says:

    Darn! I was in Portland all weekend and didn’t know about the Body Mind Spirit Expo! Sorry I missed it. Portland, Oregon, I’m assuming.

    I think it is so wonderful that Megan has a really good grip on the mysteries of life. She is young to be so wise, but with parents like the two of you, I can certainly understand why.

    • R and T says:

      Megan has been going to Abraham-Hicks workshops since she was 18 and went to two of them by herself. She’s always the youngest or one of the youngest in the crowd. Unfortunately, she hasn’t found much interest among her friends and fellow college-aged students. Some are quite cynical. Others sort of get it, but can’t be bothered to read the books or attend a workshop. She just shrugs and says they’re not ready for it yet. So it’s her thing, and it really keeps her in a positive frame of mind, even when she’s going through difficult times.

      • Well…its to the disadvantage of other people that they don’t learn this information. I know a lot of people who actually like the drama that they seem to be trapped in because it makes them feel alive or important, even if it keeps them mired in the same old routines and emotional roller coaster. There’s a reason why successful people are driven and focused on the goal, while many people are stuck in repeatable patterns. I think this is a big reason why the wealthy class on the right keeps their supporters focused on sideshow issues. Its to keep them mired in drama so they won’t “get it” and learn something that could actually improve their lives.

    • R and T says:

      Thanks, Nancy! I suspect Megan made some choices before she came in and maybe we’re just facilitators.

    • Yep, Portland Oregon. You missed out. I attended some great lectures. The final one was on 2012, but it was kind of weird. The guy only talked briefly about 2012. It was mostly a few rituals we did that I thought were kind of weird. He claims that on May 5, 2012, a portal will open and all humanity will face a choice of which direction they want to head in. If we choose the light, we will get to see the emergence of Shambhala on earth. If we choose to stay with the same energy pattern, we will live on a dying planet. It sounded like he thinks we are heading for a major split in alternative universes. Like I said, weird.

  13. Natalie says:

    Hi guys, during the week, I attended a trance mediumship workshop. My teacher told me that if somebody is genuinely channeling, then the audience will not only feel the ‘entity’s energy in the room as a feeling of great love washing over them, but also their Solar Plexus will feel ‘tugged at’ toward the channel. The energy in the room will be used by the visiting entity.

    • R and T says:

      Given that info, Nat, then I guess she was channeling the entire time. The energy in the actual workshop I attended was high and in the virtual workshop, the same. Thanks for the tip!

  14. Interesting topic! How did Megan come across this info at age 15? That’s impressive. I did not know a girl when I was 15 who was into anything like this, so that says something amazing about your daughter to be into this stuff at a somewhat younger age than most people.

    This past weekend, I attended the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Portland. I spent seven hours in lectures of 50 minutes each and learned a lot of good info. I walked away inspired. Its amazing to think that when I was a teenager, my dad made me attend youth group meetings with evangelical Christians who brainwashed me to be afraid of New Age spirituality (it was Satan’s way of leading Christians astray)…yet the fear and hypocrisy of the evangelicals always made me angry, like my observations about their inauthenticity didn’t matter. I never experienced this since I became somewhat of a New Age Spiritualist. I read many of the books, have gone to a few of these expos, and love the New Age bookstores. I always leave inspired and feeling great about life on earth, which is in contrast to the fear and paranoia and hate I witnessed in evangelical Christian circles. There’s no question where I prefer to be. And I absolutely love Esther Hicks. She seems incredibly genuine and a lovable person.

    • R and T says:

      It’s a double edged thing for her. Two guys she has dated have made fun of her beliefs. She’s not quite so quick anymore to talk about what she believes.

      Impressive that YOU, Sansego, came around given the early childhood conditioning! I can never tell if Esther is channeling the entire time, but as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, it becomes irrelevant because the Hicks’ message is so uplifting. The expo sounds like it was enlightening!

      • Well, Esther has been doing this for a couple decades now, so she knows the philosophy behind Abraham and probably is able to answer some of the same questions that audiences have.

        On YouTube, there’s a clip called something like “The Most Important Question Ever” and when the person asked his question, I thought it was a dumb question, but Esther was so quick in the response and so right on that the audience laughed. It was brilliant and I don’t think someone who wasn’t channeling info would have been able to answer the question as quickly and as humourously and as profound as she was able to do. That convinced me that she was truly legit.

        As for Megan, it is a shame that guys tease her for that, but as I’ve gone to many New Age spiritual events and the ratio of women to men is way off balance. Also the events are heavily skewed towards the Baby Boomers and up. Most guys are into reason and logic, so this would all be “woo woo” stuff.

        The reason why evangelical Christianity was never able to get a hold on me is because of several reasons. I belong to a church that allows members the widest freedom in terms of what to believe without threats of excommunication or disfellowship, yet many evangelicals who know nothing about my church are quick to call it a “cult.” Since the Jim Jones event happened when I was young, my parents told me what a cult was and the church they raised me in was nothing like that at all. The second thing is that evangelical Christians kept trying to get me to give up listening to secular music in favour of Christian rock, which was pretty crappy in the 1980s (it did get better in the 90s, though). There was no way I was going to give up my favourite pop songs of the 1980s for crappy music and I even argued that there was nothing offensive about songs like “We Are the World”, “Man in the Mirror”, “Heaven is a Place On Earth”. Most 80s pop songs were about love, and what was wrong with that?

        Finally, it was seeing the hypocrisy of evangelical Christians up close and personal and hearing their hatred of anything different that pushed me away from them. When I moved to Portland in 2006 and attended the evangelical church my brother goes to, the message was so toxic that I never went back after my three visits. They can threaten me with hell but who cares? They are basing their information on fear and conformity and I have had too many strange coincidences to doubt that law of attraction and synchronicity are the way the world / universe works. I just can’t be around narrow-minded evangelical types anymore. They have their views and I have mine, and never shall the two meet.

  15. Loved this post…I’ve been seeing Esther and Jerry Hicks names a lot recently…and it was the sign for me to pull out my book I’d read some time ago and review ( the book is now sitting right next to me as I type this)…and then today I stop in here and actually found what I was looking for. Thanks for a wonderful summary. I probably will still go back and reread Ask and it is Given…great book. Thanks .
    Marcus has an awesome blog…I really enjoy reading. Will definitely check out his books. And I had no idea you could do a virtual workshop with Esther. Once again…thank you. Also want to say that I think it’s really cool that Megan has an interest…pretty awesome.

    • R and T says:

      We’ve been having internet problems, or would have replied sooner. Megan has been into this stuff since she was maybe 15. It’s both good and challenging – she doesn’t know too many people who believe as she does.

  16. “You create your own reality. You get what you concentrate on.” This is something I have felt to be true for many years. (Look at our friends qualities to see what we ourselves are like). Though I would add that there is no actual reality only our realisation. Interesting post.