Synchronicity in motion

They call it murmuration. It begins about 30 seconds into the video and it’s astonishing. It’s truly an example of a collective self in action.



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  1. Sheila Joshi says:

    Trish and Rob – I discovered your blog through a blogroll, and I’ve really been enjoying slowly reading through the archives. Your blog has such a cozy feel. What with your regular commenters, it’s like being part of a warm family. And I’ve learned tons!

    Here’s a sad, but intriguing synchro story from my local newspaper today – four members of the same family involved in three different accidents of the same exact type at two different intersections on the same road — within seven months. It’s as though they volunteered to bring the issue of crosswalk safety to the forefront!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Hi Sheila – thanks for visiting! I checked out tht link – wow, very strange – and sad – synchro! I clicke don your name and went to your blog. Fascinating stuff. We’ll link to your site.

      • Sheila Joshi says:

        Gosh, thanks. I really appreciate that!!

        • Rob and Trish says:

          Your omega 3 article is fascinating!

          • Sheila Joshi says:

            Thank you so much! You know, more and more research comes out about Omega-3 every day, and it’s a very promising thing for a vast array of health problems. Plus, when I increased my dose in the past, I started to have more synchros.

            If anyone decides to increase their Omega-3, please let me know what you experience. I’m thinking of doing some research on Omega-3 and psi.

            • Rob and Trish says:

              Interesting! What’s the connection between psi and omega 3?

              • Sheila Joshi says:

                Well, we know that Omega-3 increases alpha and theta brainwaves, which have been correlated with psi. And my hypothesis is that there are several other mechanisms by which Omega-3 may facilitate psi – improving brain and whole body functioning, increasing quantum entanglement, and — using Sheldrake’s theory — consuming Omega-3 from algae, may connect us physically and through morphic resonance to an ancient, foundational organism and molecule that are pervasive on our planet, and that we are highly dependent on, and which are part of many morphic fields.

                Here’s the essay on Omega-3 and psi –


                And here’s the prior essay on the neuroprotective and psychoactive effects of Omega-3, and how many ancient cultures’ traditions associate fish (the easiest source of Omega-3) with healing and mystical wisdom –


                I’m also very interested in the often-observed connection between having a neurological incident and having a psi opening. Thanks very much for asking!

                • Rob and Trish says:

                  Fascinating! I’m upping my intake starting today. The morphic resonance connection makes sense to me. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if if a neurlogical incident and psi are connected.

  2. Awesome sight, the patterns and shapes the starlings weave – and all without bumping into each other!