The Titanic Conspiracy

Rob and I were out running errands today and stopped at Barnes and Noble to look for an issue of Time Magazine that has an article about the benefits of meditation. Rob had hoped to make copies of it to give to the students in his meditation classes. But we couldn’t find a copy of Time. There were dozens of magazines that covered everything from self-help to generals to atheists and astrology and travel. But no Time.

What we did find, though, was a bookazine – magazine size, no ads, the cost of a trade paperback- called Conspiracies, Mysteries, Secrets, & Lies. This sucker probably covers every conspiracy known to man – and then some – but one of the most interesting concerns the Titanic.

Most of us know the specifics about the ill-fated voyage of the supposedly unsinkable Titanic – that on the night of April 15, 1912, it crashed into an iceberg that ripped a hole in its hull and the liner sank. More than 1,500 people died. But the writer of the article in the bookazine, J. Lee Marks, points out that conspiracists believe that the Titanic never sank, that its sister ship, the Olympic, was sunk in its place for the insurance money.

In 1911, the Olympic was the largest passenger ship in the world and on September 20, 1911, it crashed into a British warship. The Olympic was found to be at fault, so the insurance company refused to pay for the damages, which posed a major threat to the cruise line. At the time of the Olympic’s crash, construction on the Titanic was still underway and conspiracists believe that the damaged Olympic was renamed the Titanic and billed as the company’s newest ship.

According to Marks, conspiracists says that the Titanic was repaired, refurbished, but that on the inside still had mechanical and structural flaws as a result of crashing into the British warship. Meanwhile, Marks writes, “production on the Titanic was sped up and completed, and the boat was rechristened the Olympic. It immediately set sail and continued making trans-Atlantic voyages and money for the White Star Line until 1935, when it was retired.”

In order to recoup the insurance payments they didn’t get from the Olympic’s crash, the White Star investors supposedly plotted to sink their damaged boat (the Titanic). They arranged to have the steamship Californian and another ship on hand to rescue the doomed passengers and crew. And supposedly the captain of the Titanic – Edward Smith- was in on the scheme. But things, of course, went horribly wrong, the Titanic sank earlier than it was intended – either because it collided with one of the rescue vessels or because it actually hit an iceberg.

Another theory about the Titanic is that millionaire and White Star investor J.P. Morgan was a last-minute no show for the Titanic’s maiden voyage. At the time, Morgan was trying to form the central banking system we now know as the Federal Reserve – which isn’t part of the government, but is a private company. Interestingly, three men who were opposed to the formation of the Federal Reserve died when the Titanic sank: John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, and Isadore Strauss.

Given the banking debacle that led to the economic meltdown of 2008, this last part of the conspiracy is the part I find the most believable. But, if it’s true, then Morgan went to great lengths to kill off his foes. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just have them knocked off?

This bookazine runs about 130 pages and probably 30,000 -35,000 words; the bookazines Rob and I were working on in 2013 ran from 12,000 to about 15,000 words. The author  is listed as J. Lee Marks. So I Googled him and not much showed up. I kept clicking links and eventually came across a blog post  about this bookazine.

The author of this blog article, Bernie Suarez, took issue with Marks’ conclusion that NSA spying is really okay since we have to be protected against terrorists, yada, yada. It ticked him off enough that he contacted the president and creative director of The Media Source, who published the bookazine, and asked to interview J. Lee Marks.

Suarez was told that Marks was reclusive and didn’t give interviews. Suarez rips apart the author’s take on a lot of these conspiracies- namely that they are perpetrated and spread by idiots – and yet glorifies professional skeptic James Randi.

I’m no fan of Randi. Rob and I met him years ago when we were freelancing. Back then, he was offering $10,000 to anyone who could prove to him, a magician, that psychic phenomena was real. Now the ante has been raised to $1,000,000. Thing is, if Randi were presented with legitimate evidence that psi exists, he would not only be a million bucks poorer, but would be out of a job, his identity robbed, stripped away. He would be just a senior citizen with a white beard.

But the article and this strange little mystery about J. Lee Marks, got me thinking. I love conspiracies, I love the intrigue and mystery. Since I don’t believe much of what the government tells me, I’m ripe for conspiracies. Do I believe there have been coverups? You bet. Do I believe that the moonwalks were a hoax? No. I think we went there. I heard Edgar Mitchell speak at a public function some years ago and came away believing that he experienced something extraordinary on his re-entry to Earth that turned his worldview inside out.

Elvis? Is he dead? Well, yes, he probably is.

Is the 27 Club real? Seems to be – and it falls under the umbrella of synchronicity.

What about the JFK assassination? And the assassinations of MLK and RFK? What about Roswell? Did it happen?

What about climate change? Is it all a scam just to levy a carbon tax?

If nothing else, this bookazine provides some fodder for blog posts and is a trigger for discussions. But it also prompted me to examine my own beliefs. Where do I fall in the conspiracy scheme of things? Where do you fall?

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12 Responses to The Titanic Conspiracy

  1. Dale Dassel says:

    >>Elvis? Is he dead? Well, yes, he probably is.
    “No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home.” – Tommy Lee Jones, Men in Black LOL

    Speaking of conspiracies, I’m currently reading Roswell and the Reich by Joseph P. Farrell, a re-examination of the UFO incident positing that what crashed was not an extraterrestrial spacecraft, but rather a highly advanced German flying disc (Haunebu), which the US govt. was understandably anxious to keep under wraps since Germany was officially defeated only two years prior in WW2. An intriguing concept! :-)

  2. Nancy says:

    I spend a great deal of time researching things that are conspiratorial – and I have found many that are explained away. But some leave questions not easily answered. Sandy Hook for one. I just watched a video for over an hour that raises very worthy questions and pokes interesting holes in the story. So, I guess I’m skeptical, but I try to keep an open mind.

  3. Shadow says:

    of course conspiracies exist. and of course they are not ALL true. as for which are and which aren’t, that’s a personal decision…

  4. Doesn’t feel right to me about the Olympic / Titanic switch for insurance purposes. I’d have though there would have been someone who would have spilled the beans as so many people would have been in the know.

    But always like conspiracy stories, no matter how bizarre … and a young Elvis lives on, at least in my mind!

  5. Laurence Zankowski says:


    My god,
    The 27 Club:
    The little number thing you have to fill out to post here, was the same series of numbers I was thinking about as I read the post —- 3 6 9 —- which is not only a powerful series of numbers, it is this basis for the solfeggio frequencies, and the idea of 3D.

    Triangle + Triangle + Triangle. Do you understand? Think Star of David plus one more triangle and you get it. Or the basis for the Sri Yantra.

    Any hoo, to have a conspiracy as large as the Titantic / Olympic, you would have to pay off thousands of folks to keep quiet, and I mean thousands. And in Ireland / Britain with all those folks around the docks. Nope, not buying it. This was rough and tumble times. This seems like someone went and found great adventure stories of the late 1890s early 1900s and rewrote them. Pulp fiction here.

    On the JFK, MLK, RFK.Malcolm X murders, we will never know, truly horrific history of the turbulent 60s. Do you see that there maybe truth to a dark secret of ancient evil running in the republican/ fundamentalist side of things?

    The overlords are losing, the war in heaven maybe closer to us then we realize.

    My crazy rant for the month,

    Be well


    • Darren B says:

      Yeah,but to sink the real Titanic for the insurance money would have taken only a handful of people to be in the know.Forget about the swap and read the story as if they were just out to sink the Titanic for the money and you might think something is not quite right with the official story ?

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Love the crazy rants!

  6. Darren B says:

    I did a post a while back after reading some very good material about a swap on these ships
    and the conclusion I reached was that they may have initially set out to swap the ships and sink the Olympic,but that might have proved a little too difficult,but when you are going to the wall financially,does it matter which ship you sink to get the insurance money at the end of the day to keep your business afloat ?
    It sounds like it was deliberately sunk (whether it was the Olympic or Titanic) for the insurance money,but I don’t think they planned to kill anyone in doing it,but the “rescue” ship ended up in the wrong spot and couldn’t get to the passengers in time.