Update on Asteroids & Synchronicity

 About a week ago, we posted a story about asteroids and stunning name synchros.  Well, there’s an update.

 We heard from Alex Miller today, thanking us for steering him toward David Wilson and Crossroads, the publishing company that has released our last two synchronicity books, and many of our back list titles. Crossroad is going to bring out Alex’s backlist title and perhaps his original titles as well.


I’ve been nosing around your blog, good stuff there!  I thought you might like to know, after your post on Christie, that his sun is T-square to asteroids Washingtonia and Bridges!  (and he has an exact opposition from asteroid Kelly to Nemesis – Bridget Kelly being the aide who sent the infamous email.)  ’nuff said, right?  Also, sun was conjunct Hoffman and squared Greenwich when Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Greenwich village apartment. As you can see, this stuff is constant!

 So I asked Alex how these names can be so literal. His response:

 I’ve been working with this for 8 years now and I still can’t wrap my head around it.  On the one hand, it seems to put paid to the theory of ‘free will’, but on the other, it’s not like every Hoffman on the planet died in Greenwich village that day, so we’re still missing some component that narrows it down to specific individuals.  I have a full length piece worked up for daykeeper (where he writes articles about astrology)  for March on Hoffman. The story goes much deeper when you look at his chart and points representing death, addiction, drugs, etc.

By the way, the Olympics just opened with sun conjunct both Olympia and Olympiada, sun squared Russia and an exact Saturn/Apophis conjunction, which is troubling vis-à-vis terrorism concerns; the upcoming academy awards have sun conjunct Oskar (Oskar squared Hoffman when PSH won best actor for ‘capote’ in 2006).

Explanation: a conjunction is when 2 or more planets are in the same sign and degree. It’s a beneficial aspect. A square is when two or more planets form angles of 90 degrees to each other, considered a challenging aspect. But the bottom line is the astonishing name synchros associated with events. As Alex mentioned in one of his email, what does any of this mean about free will? Does it negate free will? Support it in a way we don’t yet understand?


Alex publishes articles at  daykeeper. His newest piece is on the Mars retrograde that begins on March 1. He delves into myth and, like Joseph Campbell, like Jung, talks about how these myths apply to ordinary life. It’s an insightful read.


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2 Responses to Update on Asteroids & Synchronicity

  1. What these asteroid names indicate is amazing – even the Olympics. I suppose it would take a computer programme to spot all of the meaningful happenings.