Karma or Carma?

Some things in life manage to come full circle. Author and past-life researcher and regression therapist Carol Bowman sent us this story that seems to illustrate that adage “one good turn deserves another.” It’s also a good synchro!


On Valentine’s Day, Carol and her husband, Steve, went out to dinner. They had hoped their daughter would be able to join them, but the northeast has gotten so much snow this winter that she wasn’t able to get out of Manhattan, where she lives. Carol and Steve had been cooped up in their house for several days because of snow storms, so it was nice to get out and do something.

“We were in the middle of dinner and the owner stopped by our table and asked

where we had parked.  Apparently, someone had hit our car-Steve’s beloved cream puffy ’93 Camry – and we confirmed that that’s where we had parked.  

“The couple who hit the car had come in trying to find the owner. How often does that happen???  Steve went out with them to look at the damage and thanked them for telling us.  They wanted to pay for the damage and not go through the insurance company.  

“The woman told Steve she was a therapist, and Steve told her I was too. (I was still in the restaurant and missed this exchange.)  It turns out that she had come  to me some years ago, asking for help for her daughter!

“Is that karma?  Or CARMA?”

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2 Responses to Karma or Carma?

  1. Good story, we get what we give out.