Omega 3 & Synchronicity

All too often, insightful comments are lost in the scroll of information and may not be seen. So we’ve brought forward a conversation with Sheila Joshi, a clinical psychologist who is recovering from severe neurological damage from prescription antidepressants.

“Withdrawing from the medications propelled me into a Kundalini awakening and/or shamanic initiatory illness, which included lots of extreme symptoms and some psychic experiences.”

One of Sheila’s  was about Omega3 increasing the frequency of synchronicity.

“…more and more research comes out about Omega-3 every day, and it’s a very promising thing for a vast array of health problems. Plus, when I increased my dose in the past, I started to have more synchros.

If anyone decides to increase their Omega-3, please let me know what you experience. I’m thinking of doing some research on Omega-3 and psi.

I asked Sheila how Omega 3s increase the incidents of synchronicity. Here was her response:

Well, we know that Omega-3 increases alpha and theta brainwaves, which have been correlated with psi. And my hypothesis is that there are several other mechanisms by which Omega-3 may facilitate psi – improving brain and whole body functioning, increasing quantum entanglement, and — using Sheldrake’s theory — consuming Omega-3 from algae, may connect us physically and through morphic resonance to an ancient, foundational organism and molecule that are pervasive on our planet, and that we are highly dependent on, and which are part of many morphic fields.

I’ve thought about this in relation to synchros – not Omega3 in particular but about how diet and nutrition fit into synchros. There’s anecdotal evidence that certain drugs facilitate synchros; that certain states of mind, attitude, beliefs also facilitate them. But suppose you could consume a certain food or vitamin each day that would increase your chances of experiencing a synchronicity? Pretty cool, right?

So if Sheila is right about omega 3s it’s up to the rest of us to test and discover it. Right now, we eat a lot of salmon – but according to this website  the best are wild Alaskan salmon, Arctic char, Atlantic mackerel, sardines…well, you can click through the website and see what is recommended.

But suppose you’re a vegan, a real vegan who doesn’t even eat fish? Can you take/tolerate the supplement of fish oils? Of Omega3 vitamins? Right now, as of this second, that’s a genuine unknown. We’ll see. I’m upgrading my intake of Omega 3s tonight.

Here’s Sheila’s essay on this intriguing topic.

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19 Responses to Omega 3 & Synchronicity

  1. lauren raine says:

    Do you know about the Budwig Protocol? This is a famous cancer treatment that has proven quite effective in some cases (google it) – the primary ingredient is massive doses of Omega 3 flaxseed oil, ground flaxseed meal, and cottage cheese to make it palatable.

  2. It’s an interesting idea but surely it’s optimum health that helps with such things as increasing synchros, combined with belief. I think you would have to do comparable placebo tests to see if any oil, vitamin or product does increase the likes of synchronicity. What we believe comes about.

    Being vegetarian I would only use Flaxseed Oil if I wanted extra Omega-3.

  3. Sheila Joshi says:

    Thanks for promoting these ideas, guys!!

    Vegetarians / vegans can take algae oil pills. They are available now, but the marketplace isn’t mass-producing them they way it is the fish oil pills, so algae pills are still more expensive. I think more people will be expanding this market in the near future.

    Flaxseed is great for you in many ways, however the EPA and DHA forms of Omega-3 that we benefit from the most only come from sea plants.

    Trish – that’s very interesting that you’ve already been thinking about how diet and nutrition fit in into synchros! It makes sense that if you could heal and strengthen the body and all its fields – the fields of the brain, heart, chakras, etc. – that this would refine your resonance with Indra’s Net.

  4. Darren B says:

    I’ve been using a fair bit of flaxseed oil raw on pasta and rice dishes.
    I go through a 250 ml bottle every fortnight.
    I also eat sardines and herring,but only about a tin of each a fortnight,if that.I like the flaxseed because it does improve the dryness on my skin,especially under the eyes and forehead.I’ve only been using this oil in my food for about six months,so I don’t know about synchronicites,but I can tell you it does work on my skin.I used to go through this much olive oil before I discovered flaxseed oil and swapped them over in my cooking.