Flight 370 Update

We had quite a few comments from our post a couple of days ago on missing Flight 370. But here’s a couple you didn’t see that arrived via e-mail.

You may recall our post about former CIA remote viewer (psychic spy) Joe McMoneagle and how he targeted Mars 1 million B.C. for NASA back in the early ’80s. Since Joe is still working privately as a remote viewer, I was curious if he had targeted the missing flight from Malaysia.  When I e-mailed him, he responded promptly. Here is what he said:

“Did so days ago and filed it with appropriate authorities. Put them in the Andaman islands, or close to there. We’ll see what happens over time. Best, Joe”

The Andaman Islands are located in the Indian Ocean, and the recent revelation confirming that the plane continued flying for 4 hours after contact was lost extended the search out into the Indian Ocean. In fact, a report from the New York Daily News here cites the Andaman Islands as the possible destination and even suggested the plane landed safely there.

It’s starting to sound like an episode out of LOST. Somebody check the beach.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Peter Levenda sent us the following e-mail:

“I used to take that flight once a month or so when I lived in KL and had an office in Beijing.  Flew on the 777 a lot (in fact was on the first Malaysian Airlines 777 flight).  So I am following it closely, as you can imagine.  Foul play is the most obvious conclusion since the transponders did not both go off at once, and as the system kept pinging a satellite long after the transponders were offline.  If it was a hijacking someone would have claimed responsibility by now.  Pilot suicide seems one possibility. 

Andaman Islands





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25 Responses to Flight 370 Update

  1. gypsy says:

    oh, and i forgot to mention that while ago when i clicked over to the transwest mongolia site, my computer froze…i mean froze…shut down and i had to reboot…

  2. gypsy says:

    we have about a foot of snow on the ground here and of course the dish satellite is not working so i’m without tv since early morning – but i did see where authorities are looking more at the pilots – i had been thinking about the tragic story of the man who left behind his jewelry for his children – what if that was not precognition – he;s an engineer for transwest mongolia mining co – can’t help wondering if there could be some connection there with a hi-jacking – so many weird things – so many unknowns no matter what -

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Definitely precognition! It’s sad he didn’t heed his own warning…

      • gypsy says:

        i’m sure you’re right – that it is/was precognition – but in light of all the unknowns and the bizarre situation, my mind wandered into other places – tragically sad for all the innocents on board and their loved ones -

  3. Just seen the latest news on 370. Still a mystery, and why were all the communications turned off on board and by whom? Emphasis for the search has changed.

  4. Sheila Joshi says:

    Oh, I was dying to hear if Joe McMoneagle was on the case. I’m so glad you contacted him and told us! Fascinating.

    And thanks for the Uri Geller article, Darren. I had Googled “remote viewing” but wasn’t having any luck.

    I use the TV as wallpaper sometimes, with the sound off, and watch a minute here and there, between chores, of all sorts of things. I have had some weird synchros over the last two days of catching bits of children’s movies where a plane has gone down, there are survivors who are missing, and an island that is hidden! Two movies. It was so striking, that I was wondering if the programming had been selected (consciously or unconsciously) *after* the disappearance of Flight 370. If not, then it’s a positive sign.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the passengers turned out OK….

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Another psychic friend, Millie, has said from the start that it went down in the ocean. Today, she said she didn’t think debris will be found for some time.

      • Darren B says:

        My gut feeling is it went down in the Indian ocean after a bungled hi-jack attempt,but this story,if true,is very worrying – “China.org.cn reported 19 families signed a joint statement saying their family members’ cell phones connected, but the calls hung up. Relatives have asked Malaysia Airlines to reveal any information they might be hiding, seeking an explanation for the eerie phone connections. The relatives have complained that the Malaysia Airlines is not responding as actively as it should.”
        If they could pick up Cell phone signals it should be really easy to pinpoint the plane,or at least the cell phones.

        • Rob and Trish says:

          This whole thing gets stranger by the hour.

          • Darren B says:

            It’s funny that their logo represents a kite.
            I just wonder who is pulling the strings here ?
            “Malaysia Airlines launched their red, white and blue look in October 1987. They kept the Kelantan kite from the old logo, but gave it a visible slant to “express grace in motion but also thrust and dynamism”.”

  5. Darren B says:

    I just got back from seeing the movie “Non-stop” at the cinema.
    Great movie,but I was thinking how weird that it came out at the cinema (in Australia,anyway) around the same time as this jet goes missing.
    Then when I get home from the cinema thinking maybe this plane was hi-jacked,too,I see this new lead in the news –
    “Malaysia’s prime minister says investigators have not confirmed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was hijacked, but says the plane’s movements are consistent with the “deliberate action” of someone on board.”
    Go see this movie at the cinema,if you get a chance.Two thumbs up from me.

    • Dale Dassel says:

      Yeah, it was a cool movie (saw it March 1st). It was nerve-wracking how they made almost every character a suspect until the very end. Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore were fantastic! Great on-screen chemistry, eminently watchable, they kept the plot moving. And it is an astonishing synchro how the timing of the movie release preceded the similar real-life event. Art imitating reality, or vice-versa?

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Lots of odd synchros flying around here.

  6. Nancy says:

    It definitely reminds me of Lost. On another weird note – I think Maui might have its first serial killer. Two women missing within a month!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      The first serial killer: now THAT’s troubling.

      • Nancy says:

        It is very strange for Hawaii. There is one other woman that also disappeared in 2010 that could be related to the two that disappeared recently.

        • Rob and Trish says:

          Eerie, nancy.

          • Nancy says:

            A book for you, Trish. The envirnoment where two of the women disappeared is ripe for paranormal activity.

            • Rob and Trish says:

              I’ve actually be wondering about that, Nancy. Maui seems like such an odd place for a serial killer…. I’m going to see what I can track down on this story. Thanks!

  7. Darren B says:

    “Psychic Uri Geller called in to help find Malaysia Airlines plane by “significant figure” “.