2nd Synchronized Meditation

 Our second synchronized meditation with Sandy, the retired veterinarian who works consciously with entities, took place in the afternoon of Tuesday, April 1. Afternoons are not a great time for me. My energy tends to be low and if I stretch out, I usually fall asleep. Yet, during this 30-minute meditation, I saw one thing clearly – and it was weird.

I saw a person’s thigh – the side of it – and a hand reached into the skin and removed something from inside. The skin simply parted – it wasn’t cut.  It reminded me of videos I’ve seen of psychic surgeons in the Philipines.

When the 30 minutes was over and Rob and I talked about our impressions, I found his to be quite intriguing. He recalled  seeing a garden with white plants and a woman tending it, who told him that she would read his mind.

Sandy’s take on our impressions leads me to believe that in spite of the time of day, Rob and I may have connected with something:

Trish, your vision was interesting because it reminded me of quantum surgery that I think I mentioned it to you briefly in one of my emails to you last summer where the beings said that we could learn to manipulate matter to the point where we could dematerialize tissues to access organs.  

Rob, in your email last Wednesday you wrote the following: “The only other thing I recall is seeing a garden with white plants and a woman tending it, who told me that she would read my mind. Any thoughts on that one?

The white garden was a lovely image and reminded me of something a friend once said that the beings are “…watering their garden of souls.” Gardens are microcosms and beautiful metaphors of life. Since the woman told you that she would read your mind, I see it as an invitation to enter into a conversation. The white garden can symbolize her intention as being of pure energy or that she is a guide who takes care of other souls. Ask for her name and say hello.

Reading the mind is normal activity for the spirit world and for the beings. Sometimes it’s a nonverbal communication that is so pure and clear that it makes the use of words seem clumsy, sluggish and primitive. We can read the thoughts of spirits too, and of each other. (I don’t like to use the terms “living” and “dead” because they are all alive.) It’s normal. We just don’t recognize it yet as normal.

During the time in my gardens this week I was observing the birds fluttering among the flowers and our dogs lifting their noses to the wind as they lay in the grass and realized that their abilities to see colors or smell scents are well beyond our own senses and are like our abilities to see and work with the beings and the spirit world. Birds can see colors in a range far beyond our comprehension and dogs can smell the breath of a Chihuahua a block away because they’re wired for it. We can learn to wire ourselves to work with this facet of our world that is currently unseen by many. I think this is what the beings meant when they said to me “We are activating you…” We can remove our own filters.

Our next synchronized meditation with Sandy is on Saturday, April 12, at 7 PM  EDT. Join us if you can. Let us know your impressions, thoughts, insights. As Buffalo Springfield once sang, Something’s happening here. What it is, we’re not exactly clear…”

It may become clearer if we have more input.

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4 Responses to 2nd Synchronized Meditation

  1. I would like to join in this. I may have missed any instructions besides just meditating at that time. Any thoughts on this for me?

  2. These are fascinating meditations: quantum surgery – it’s almost like a suggestion as to what is possible. Look forward to reading what happens on the 12th.