A couple of in-tune synchros

Both of these stories involve famous singers who needed a ride from drivers they didn’t know, and both climbed into vehicles of fans who just happened to have the singers on their minds at the time.

The first one took place recently in Manchester, England. Here’s a summary of the tale from the Manchester Evening News.


A taxi driver who has been a Johnny Mathis fan for 30 years had the surprise of his life when he went to pick up a fare – and his musical hero climbed into the back of his cab.

John McManus had been hoping to see the veteran crooner in concert in Manchester on Saturday night but was left disappointed when he was unable to get a ticket.

The morning after the concert at the Phones4u Arena, 65-year-old John, of Manchester Road, Wardley, put on a CD of Johnny Mathis’ greatest hits as he was sent to collect a passenger at the Lowry Hotel.

And the granddad of five was stunned when the 78-year-old American star opened the door and sat on the back seat.

His favourite song ‘Someone’ – with the line ‘someone wants to say hello’ – was playing just as Mathis climbed in.

McManus  said: “As this line of the song played the cab door opened and I heard a voice say ‘you’ve got good taste in music.’


Something similar happened to Emily Kraus and her boyfriend. They were en route to a Dave Matthews concert last July when they stopped to help a bicylist who had a flat tire and needed a ride. Astonishingly, it was Dave Matthews himself, and they gave him a ride to his own concert. Matthews bought them dinner and gave them front row seats. Here’s the whole story from RollingStone.


Dave Matthews told the story on stage about how he got to the concert.


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8 Responses to A couple of in-tune synchros

  1. Great for everyone concerned when these sort of synchos pop up.

  2. Darren B says:

    The Dave Matthews Band played at the Byron Bay Bluesfest last Easter weekend on the Saturday and the Monday.Unfortunately I went down there on the Friday and Sunday,so our paths were never destined to cross.
    Then again I have no idea who he is either and wouldn’t have recognized him even if our paths did cross.

  3. gypsy says:

    fabulous stories! love them both!

  4. Sheila Joshi says:

    Brings a smile to my face….

  5. DJan says:

    Love these synchros! :-)