Synchronicity & Winning the Lottery

When the weather is good – not too hot and no rain – the dog park becomes a social gathering for people who have at least one thing in common – a love of dogs.  We sit under trees that provide ample shade and the conversations take some unusual turns. Sometimes, they veer into the terrain of synchronicity.

Yesterday, we arrived later than usual, around 6 p.m., and Rob got out into the field with an orange ball and the walking stick he brings to the park to hits balls to  Noah. There were two other dogs vying for the ball – Tootsie, a poodle/golden retriever mix – and a German shepherd that shadowed Tootsie and Noah whenever they were racing for the ball.

At one point, both dogs were right in front of Rob as he was trying to hit the ball and when he swung, the German shepherd leaped up. There was a resounding CRACK as the stick hit both the ball and the shepherd. The shepherd emitted this horrible whimpering and ran away. His owner rushed over, we all converged on the shepherd, trying to see where he was injured. A heated discussion ensued. Rob told the owner it was an accident, he wasn’t trying to hit the shepherd. The shepherd had a small cut over his eye. We all felt terrible, but the owner got a bit nasty. He said he would now have to take the dog to the vet and needed Rob’s name and information.

Everyone there – except the owner – had seen what had happened. One of the women, a retired nurse, looked at the cut and said it wasn’t serious. The owner left in a huff with his dog.

As we approached the shaded area with the benches,  a young woman I’d seen before but didn’t know,  said, “It was definitely an accident. These things happen for a reason.”

Karin, who owns an Alaskan Husky, Cody, remarked, ” I’ve been telling her that you and Rob write books on synchronicity, Trish.”

“I absolutely believe in synchronicity,” the woman said. “Today at the Hippocrates Center in West Palm Beach, I attended a workshop with a ‘happiness’ coach and synchronicities were happening all over the place. Meaningful coincidence, right?”

“Right,” I replied.

Mike, who owns Bogie, a cute Boxer, sort of rolled his eyes. “Hey, shit happens. It’s random.”

The young woman smiled and shook her head. “Nothing’s random.”

“So do you have some synchronicity stories?” I asked her.

“I sure do. Here’s a good one. A few years ago, my dad started telling us he was going to win the lottery. He talked about what we would do with the money, how we could help other people…” From the way she talked about her father and his desire to win the lottery, it was obvious than in his mind, it had already happened.

“So did he win?” asked Mike.

“Yeah, he did -$167 million!”

After income tax and New York state taxes, he walked away with $67 million.

The stunned silence in the group was breathtaking.”Wow, I love stories like this,” I said. “Has the money changed them?”

“Not really. They bought an Italian restaurant and a house and that’s about it.” They’ve donated money each year to good causes and have made sure that their kids would be provided for.

Mike remarked that her dad had just gotten lucky. After all, millions of people buy lottery tickets every week and don’t win. But he was missing the point. For the young woman’s dad, winning the lottery had already happened in his mind, within himself emotionally. His powerful desire and his belief drew that possibility to him. On a quantum level, the particle of potential called I win the lottery collapsed into a wave in physical reality and became his reality.

I later texted Karen and asked her and young woman’s name, that her lottery story was one of the best synchros I’ve heard in awhile. Karin replied that her name was Joy. “And the conversation began because of a   CRACK of the bat!”



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14 Responses to Synchronicity & Winning the Lottery

  1. Jane says:

    I won £10 on the lottery this week, but where are the missing zeros? And for the first time in years last Tueseday I remembered being hit a whack on the head in primary school whilst standing too close to the girl batting in front of me! Glad the dog was ok

  2. Momwithwings says:

    I don’t gamble but at a recent wedding, that was held near a casino, my husband, daughter and I decided to play some machines for fun.
    They lost $20 pretty fast but I kept winning. They decided to only play machines I felt were “good”. We all kept winning.
    I would just get a feeling but then I would “know” it would hit jackpot.

    Here’s another of my crazy synchros or trickster moments that I get ALL of the time.
    Yesterday on the TODAY show there was a guy who had different animals and one was a vulture. On my way home ,I remind you that I live on Long Island, I SAW a Vulture eating something! It was right by the side of the road and looked at me as I drove by !!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Yay on the feeling about which machine to play!
      That vulture synchro is really odd. I didn’t realize there are vultures anywhere on Long Island!

  3. Ray G says:

    I was getting ready to throw away a Florida Lottery Ticket. I was in a convenience store and decided to check it out and let the store throw it away. I won $75.

    When I was twelve years old I had a daydream about a red headed woman from Georgia. When I was twenty-two I married her. On a couple occasions she even fixed her hair exactly like my dream with no hint from me. This past February 26 we had our 48th anniversary. I wrote to her from Vietnam for months. We planned to marry when I got back to the US. I first went to Pennsylvania to visit women I had written there. I then traveled to Virginia to call it off. Once I met her I knew she was for me.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Love the lottery ticket story!

      I remember your story about the redhead girl. I think we used it in one of the synchro books, Ray. Congrats on your 48 years!

  4. Becky says:

    Oddly enough I’ve been telling my family for quite sometime that I’m going to win the lottery. They roll their eyes and give me the yeah right. Since I’ve been following the Abraham Hick’s teaching and applying their processes (which there are many) I’ve found that through meditation and starting each day in appreciation and focus we set in motion the things we desire. I used to not buy lottery tickets because I never won . Now that I know what I didn’t know at the time was it was my not believing negative thoughts that was preventing me from getting what I desired. So I changed my frequency , upgraded my thinking and started to feel what it was like to win. After a few weeks of meditating and letting go of my resistant thoughts I began to win. Not great big amounts but amounts that were proof enough that after I changed my thinking and put feeling into it winning manifested. I’m still working on the big one but I feel and know it’s coming!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Great story, Becky. Keep on buying those lottery tickets! On the Hick/Abraham forum, I think there’s a story about a guy who really wanted to win the lottery and eventually did and he describes the thought and emotional process behind it.

  5. Shadow says:

    I am speechless. Even though I do believe that if you want something badly enough, you will attract it to you. But the Lotto??? Good going! We must also remember, that it’s a visa versa this. If you believe yourself unlucky or that only bad things happen to you, then you attract that too….

  6. If you believe – isn’t that the answer to so much in life.

    As I read the post I thought: an orange ball? I found one yesterday! And then you go on to mention a Mike and a Karin and $67 million. So I’m looking at this as a sign!! If it is I’ll put a cheque in the post!