The Alternate Beatles

We all know there’s a lot of strange stuff on the Internet. For example, there are people saying that the aircraft from the missing Malaysian Flight 370 was the same one shot down over the Ukraine and the dead people were already dead before the plane was downed. That’s a stretch. Let’s see if the black box proves that bizarre Internet-based conspiracy. I have my doubts.

But let’s get to the Beatles. John and George are dead, right? Hey, not so fast. According to a man writing under the name James Richards, there’s an alternate reality in which the Beatles are all living and performing together.

He knows because he’s been there…and he’s got proof. Here’s his story.

Richards claims he was chasing his dog through Del Puerto Canyon in California on September 9, 2009 when he tripped in a rabbit hole and knocked himself unconscious. Upon waking up, he found himself in a room next to an unrecognizable machine with a man who introduced himself as Jonas. According to the strange man, while on a work-related trip for a dimensional travel agency, he had used the machine to transport the unconscious Richards to a parallel Earth in order to help him.

So the two compared notes about their worlds and the talk turned to pop culture, and it turned out that The Beatles existed in both worlds. Except, to Richards’s surprise, in this parallel Earth, The Beatles were all alive and had produced music that didn’t exist in our world.

To prove it, Richards brought back a souvenir cassette tape entitled Everyday Chemistry that was composed of Beatles songs never released in our dimension. Cassette? Don’t they have digital recordings yet in that alternate Earth? That question aside, guess what, Richards uploaded these unknown Beatle song to his website.

Have a listen. The old fellows still sound pretty good. I wonder where can I get a ticket to their next concert.

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6 Responses to The Alternate Beatles

  1. In theory, why not. But this sort of story/experience always makes me wonder what I, and others, might be up to in another dimension. Hope they’re not having more fun!

    I don’t feel this Beatles story is right – but who knows …

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I think we sometimes get glimmers of ourselves in these other dimensions in dreams…

  2. sharon catley says:

    I do believe in alternate dimensions and feel he could have had this experience but I have been listening to the Beatles and their later carnations since the sixties. I have most of their albums except the latest ones. They are sprinkled through my playlist . I got to see them when I was 15 or 14 in Toronto in a concert. Later when I was 19 (or so) my girlfriend and I went to a party on Ronnie Hawkin’s ranch where John and Yoko were holding court. We were not part of those lucky few that were introduced or could even get close to them. I also have been to a number of Beatle tribute shows over the years, so I have listened to them for hours. Most of the songs on the cassette are mixes based in songs from their albums and the other ones do not really sound like the Beatles to my ear. I do like these songs and I will download the album. Thanks for posting.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I also believe in alternate dimensions/universes. It would be wonderful if the Beatles still existed as a group somewhere. While I enjoyed the songs I listened on this album, they sounded like a mix of to me, too. I never saw the Beatles in concert, but was a fan. The guy’s story would make an interesting novel, that’s for sure!

      Thanks for your expertise, Sharon!