The Guidestones

It’s known as one of the strangest monuments in America. It’s called The Georgia Guidestones and seems to provide post-apocalyptic instructions in eight languages, including Swahili and Aramaic. No one knows who commissioned the monument or how it came into being.

We read an article in Wired Magazine about it after seeing a photo and commentary about the Guidestones in Nancy Atkinson’s blog. We weren’t really thinking about doing a post on it until a synchronicity came into play.  The guidestones, it seems, were calling.

First, a bit more info. The stones have existed on a barren knoll in northeastern Georgia for about 30 years. They consist of five slabs of granite, each 16 feet tall. A 25,000 pound capstone rests atop the slabs, four of which weigh more than 20 tons. Apparently a series of notches and holes relate to movement of the sun and stars.

While based in the heart of the Bible Belt, the monument’s text has a  New Age flavor referring to universal love instead of any deities. For that, it has been attacked as the Ten Commandments of the Antichrist. The Guidestones were recently defaced with spray-painted graffiti.

Notes the article in WIRED, “Whoever the anonymous architects of the Guidestones were, they knew what they were doing: The monument is a highly engineered structure that flawlessly tracks the sun. It also manages to engender endless fascination, thanks to a carefully orchestrated aura of mystery.”

After reading the article, we asked Connie Cannon (MathAddict) who lived most of her life in Georgia if she ever heard of the monument. Not only had she heard of it, but she was leaving shortly for a wedding in Georgia and had plans to visit the monument, which was on their route. She said she would send photos.

A mysterious monument and a neat syncho.


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14 Responses to The Guidestones

  1. Jane says:

    I thought I had sent the link for these stones to you 2 years ago! Glad to see the post on them. I found it a bot worrying that the first rule on the stones is to reduce world population to 5 Hundred million instead of 7 billion! Lets face it poulation control is well underway with engineered super viruses,starvation,earthquakes caused by HAARP technology & weather wars causing floods in Pakistan.
    bring on the cosmic shift so we all live in abundance and Light!

  2. Nancy says:

    The one thing that bothers me about this monument is the 500,000 maximum population that it postulates – which is what some are saying the NWO is trying to engineer. This thing just captures my imagination!

    Math – Get a good “reading” on this one for us!

    • R and T says:

      A worldwide population of 500,000? You might not want to be one of the survivors, especially if 6 billion died over a short period of time, say a year or two. Wow. The post- apocalyptic lifestyle would not be a pretty one.

  3. mathaddict3322 says:

    There are several possible reasons why Mr. Christian selected Elberton, Georgia as his place for the Guidestones. Elberton is a very small little town, but it is sitting on one of earth’s most prominant ley lines. Also, Elberton is the Granite Capital of the United States and is among the top five granite suppliers in the entire world. The town consists primnarily of one main street. It’s a very old, old town and a lot of the original old stores are still open, having not been invaded by WalMart, etc. As one drives through the town, granite is absolutely everywhere, and the quarries are absolutely everywhere, with companies that provide tombstombs and virtually anything and everything else that uses granite. The consensus of opinion among those who have researched these amazingly accurate astronomical monuments is that RC Christian chose his peudonym relative to one of the founders of The Rosicrucians. They were constructed with the same attention to mathematical, geometric and astronomical perfection that was apparently used to construct the Giza Pyramid, and the inscriptions, in eight languages, are types of “commandments”, if you will, advising the human species regarding aspects of life on this planet. Those inscriptions may be found by googling “GEORGIA GUIDESTONES” and clicking onto any of the sites describing the inscriptions. Over the years I’ve found it compelling that the gentleman who designed them, (or at least had them built), used “Christian” as his pseudonym, considering that Elberton citizens are among the most devout bible-belt fundamental evangelicals in America, and they consider the Guidestones to be the work of the Devil. In terms of geographic location, the ground surface in Elberton is extremely shallow, and the area for hundreds of square miles is solid granite. That immediate area isn’t a farming region due to that shallow dirt before hitting granite that goes miles and miles into the interior of the ground, as is easily demonstrated by the countless granite quarries and the myraid railways intersecting each other from quarry to quarry. I enjoy nothing more than a grand mystery, and there are more questions than answers surrounding the Guidestones. I’m excited!!!!!!!

    • R and T says:

      Have a good trip, Math! Do you have your pagan bumper sticker in place for your journey through the Bible-belt? lol

  4. gypsy says:

    oh, gee – how could i have missed them with all my southern upbringing – now off to find out all i can of these magnificent and mysterious stones! very neat post – hurry back with photos, cj!

  5. I heard about these stones a few years ago when I saw a documentary on 2012. In all the years I lived in Georgia, I had never heard of them, otherwise I would have definitely gone for a visit!

  6. Melissa says:

    Husband and I saw a program on The History Channel (I think) called something like, “Templars in America” — could have been a different series. Anyway, they discussed these guidestones and the mystery surrounding them. One of the interesting aspects of the program was the possible reasons as to WHY they chose to place them in the particular spot they are in. Doomsday/end of the world enthusiasts have found that the guidestones are supposedly in one of the few “safe” zones in the United States — you know when there’s all that fire and brimstone and floods, this will be high and dry ground. I wish I could remember the exact show because I am not really doing it any justice here!

  7. mathaddict3322 says:

    “LET THESE BE GUIDESTONES TO AN AGE OF REASON” is the inscription on the time capsule stone. History notes that in 1979 a man who used the pseudonym RC Christian contracted the owner of a large granite corporation in Elberton to erect and engrave the stones. This man was quite mysterious, and no one met him except the owner of the granite company, whom Christian paid, in cash, to create the monolith.

    The project was finished in 1980, to the chagrin and hatred of the local bible-belt born-agains. We’ve been planning to visit them for a long time but haven’t had the opportunity. Many months ago, when we were informed of our niece’s wedding, which will be Saturday, I told hubby this was the time for us to go to the Guidestones, as our route to N. GA passes within less than a mile from them. He agreed. Synchronistically, Rob emailed me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I knew about them, and I responded yes, and that we shall be there on the 29th, which is tomorrow.

    So, sometime tomorrow afternoon I’ll be standing within America’s Stonehenge, as they are called, and I am truly excited! My professional photographer son, who will ride with us, will of course take pictures, but I will also purchase a throw-away camera because there’s no way to produce tricks with those 35mm simple cameras, and I have a powerful sense that there are Invisibles near the Stones that, hopefully, we may be able to capture on film. I’m just especially anxious to experience the energies and frequenices there. Will report on the adventure when we return to FL next week! Thanks for the post, Guys!

  8. Never heard of these guidestones before. Wonder if there are any translations anywhere? Will be interesting to see math’s photos and hear about her feelings on the guidestones. Must find out more!