Paranormal house flies?

For the last several days, our house was inundated by flies – common houseflies. They were clustered on the windows, dozens deep. They zipped around the kitchen with utter impunity, landed here, there, everywhere. Since we’ve had the air conditioning on and all the windows and doors were shut, we couldn’t figure out how they were getting in.

The fly swatter barely made a dent in their numbers and then, the swatter broke so we started using rolled up newspapers. I’d be sitting at my desk in the evening, working, and flies would be flitting past me. One of us would walk out in the kitchen and spend fifteen minutes swatting them. I mean, there must have been hundreds of these suckers.

At night, they would glom onto the walls in the hallway, in some sort of semi-hibernation, and were easy targets. In our 12 years in this house, I remember only one other incident similar to this. That time, we found the flies  were coming in through a window with a loose screen and somehow worked their way into the tiny crevices between the glass and the frame. Not this time, though.

Half-jokingly, Rob said, “Maybe they’re paranormal flies.”

Well, okay, maybe. I looked up the esoteric meaning for flies and wasn’t surprised that Biblical interpretations tend toward looking at flies as satanic. From an animal totems dictionary, the verdict was much more positive:

The Fly teaches the ability to greatly multiply prosperity, endeavors and ventures at enormous rates. He shows how to be quick to act and respond to achieve results. Fly aids in demonstrating the power of keen eyesight along with expanding awareness in many directions. Although flies are known for carrying diseases in unfavorable surroundings, the lesson of fly is in the value of carrying your emotions, thoughts and feelings in order to act quickly in sometimes unfavorable or uncomfortable conditions. It takes about two weeks from hatching for new eggs to be laid, likewise, two weeks is significant in one’s personal development. Are you ready for quick and abrupt changes? Are you ready to move quickly? Fly will show how to make quick changes for rapid growth.

Now here’s the odd thing about these flies. This morning, we still had a bunch of them –  not as many as yesterday, but still a considerable number. So I dropped by our local drug store to buy a new fly swatter and bought two for good measure.  But since I got home – several hours now – I’ve found only three stragglers. So where did all these other flies go?

The esoteric meaning provides a time frame – two weeks. It will be interesting to see what unfolds between now and early May. So as usual, we’re taking clues from wherever we find them. Even from house flies. Paranormal, indeed!




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15 Responses to Paranormal house flies?

  1. Nancy says:

    Hmmm, interesting. Abrupt changes….earth changes?

  2. I wish I knew about the two-week message when we had a fly-swarm last spring. Keep those fly swatters handy in case they laid eggs.

  3. Becky says:

    It’s no secret that a conscience can sometimes be a pest
    It’s no secret, ambition bites the nails of success
    Every artist is a cannibal, Every poet is a thief
    All kill their inspiration and sing about their grief

    oh love, we shine like a burning star, we’re falling from the sky tonight
    A man will rise
    A man will fall
    From the sheer face of love
    Like a FLY from a wall
    It’s no secret at all

    Lyrics from The Fly by U2
    maybe some clues?

  4. Wonder if this ties in with your Cassadaga visit – The Fly teaches the ability to greatly multiply prosperity, endeavors and ventures at enormous rates. Some movement perhaps within a couple of weeks?

    Thinking about flies reminded me of Karin’s mother! The first time I met her in Germany we were all sitting round in her living room talking and every so often ‘Oma’ would clap her hands and would have caught a fly – but she just continued talking as if nothing had happened. She did this over and over and Karin and I quite got the giggles. Anyway, nothing to do with your post, but strange the things that can revive memories.

  5. gypsy says:

    the whole thing of houseflies would have me in a “i don’t know what” mood – having lived along side them in the deep south, any “good” side to them was somehow lost in the lemonade into which they invariably fell, or the picnic meals covered in them, or…..however they might decide to invade next – but interesting how these little critters may be fitting into the scheme of things in your lives – and their abrupt disappearance – even more interesting – and i love the idea of their being paranormal – instead of perfectly normal! ;)

  6. Becky says:

    Last week I had the butterfly effect :) While getting ready for work I noticed something attached to the trim of garage door. I thought to myself that it looked like a butterfly but it’s not really butterfly season here in the northeast. I chalked it up to a “leaf: being stuck in a cob web. As I was taking the trash to the garage I noticed the “leaf” was still there, just as I got close to opening the door the “leaf” flew away. I snickered to myself, it was a butterfly and I was amazed at how long it stayed attached to the trim. I went back to the house and the same butterfly landed on top of my shoe and lingered there for quite sometime before it flew off. Again, I was amazed at how long it lingered on top of my shoe. I immediatley thought of animal totems and popped on the internet to find out it’s meaning. The meaning is of transformation. If memory serves me right the gestation period of the butterfly is 4 wks. Even more funny is how later in the day I found an article in the newspaper regarding the early arrival of the Red Admiral Butterflies but noone else close to me had seen the butterflies or the article in the paper. Nature’s weird or what?

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Butterfly messengers are invariably great! Sometimes, too, they can mean spirit communication, @ least in my experience.

  7. Momwithwings says:

    Interesting that after you found that meaning they are gone. Maybe you got the message?
    Lots of flies always make me think of The Amityville Horror.

    I like your interpretation much better.

  8. DJan says:

    Ewww! Flies are not my favorite flying creature. Glad you are getting rid of them, however you need to do that. I never knew that esoteric meaning about flies; it will be interesting to see if anything emerges you can ascribe to the visitation.