Synchronicity and the Other Side:

Your Guide to Meaningful Connections with the Afterlife






 Believe it or not, life continues after you die.


While mainstream scientists might say there’s no way to prove that contention, that hasn’t stopped most people from at least wondering what comes next. Whether you call it the afterlife, the hereafter, life after death, or the other side, it’s on our minds from time to time. Some hold to religious beliefs in heaven and hell and are confident that eternity awaits. others, though, aren’t content with faith and want firsthand evidence through personal experience—contact with the other side. if you’re one of those people—or think you could become one—this book is for you.


We’ll relate numerous fascinating stories of spirit con tact, and we’ll show how you, too, can make contact. Woven throughout is the theme of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, which often plays a role in this exploration. Synchronicity is a connective tissue between the everyday world and the other side, the world of spirit.


The same day we decided to write a proposal for this book, Rob’s ninety-nine-year-old second cousin, John, passed away. We know that for a fact, because we searched our e-mail archive and found the note we’d written to the editor of our previous book, The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity. The close timing of the two related events—both dealing with the afterlife—was significant, and there was no cause and effect involved, since Rob didn’t learn about John’s passing for a couple of days. The confluences of coincidental events were meaningful, making it a synchronicity.


Synchronicity and the hereafter in Clint Eastwood’s movie Hereafter, three people are touched by death in different ways. George (Matt Damon) is a blue-collar American who has a special connection to the afterlife, but is not happy about it. Marie (Cecile de France), a French journalist, has a near-death experience that shatters her worldview. And when Marcus, a London schoolboy, loses the person closest to him—his brother—he desperately needs answers. each character travels a path in search of the truth, and when their lives intersect, they are forever changed by what they believe might—or must—exist in the hereafter.


Granted, Hollywood is not always a loyal reflection of real life or of death. But Clint Eastwood is a director who does his homework. You can almost see him, a man now in his eighties, motivated by his own mortality, researching life after death and spirit communication with the fervor of someone on a quest. Other writers and directors have gone in the same direction.

in Richard Matheson’s brilliant novel (also made into a movie) what Dreams May Come, Chris Nielsen (Robin Williams) dies in a car accident, but his consciousness awakens on the other side. he discovers that his wife, Annie (Annabella Sciorra), has committed suicide as a result of his death and is trapped in a kind of hell created by her beliefs. To rescue her, he must enter her reality, a dark, dismal place, a broken-down house.


Such tales, when presented as fiction, are popular, even among those who are skeptical. The truth is that many people have doubts. As Emerson noted in The Over-Soul: “The influences of the senses has in most men overpowered the mind to the degree that the walls of space and time have come to look solid, real and insurmountable; and to speak with levity of these limits in the world is the sign of insanity.”


As you read on, you’ll see that the walls separating this world and the other side are not insurmountable, that you can obtain messages from deceased loved ones, that guidance can be found, that a larger picture of life and life hereafter is readily available. In fact, the more contact you make, the more the so- called realm of the dead appears to be buzzing with life, potential, and promise.


The Stories

The stories in this book come from a variety of sources— friends, acquaintances, synchronicity experts, writers, mediums and psychics, and ordinary people who have experienced spirit contact through synchronicity. We include a few of our personal experiences as well. The stories span the spectrum from the relatively mundane (if anything having to do with spirit contact can be mundane!) to the mysterious and the bizarre. You’ll discover that Spirit will use just about anything at its disposal to make contact with the living.


When we started blogging in February 2009, we were complete neophytes. The blog was mostly an experiment to see what would happen. We knew we wanted to write about synchronicity, but that it wasn’t enough for us to write about just our own experiences. So we created a Google alert for the term and began to sift through countless URLs as they arrived in our mailbox. We dropped by the blogs and websites with posts that addressed synchronicity as Carl Jung defined it—the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that is meaningful to the observer and can’t be explained by cause and effect—and gathered stories. Gradually, our community grew and people began to leave comments about their own experiences.


in those two years, the synchronicities in our own lives have multiplied. When you write about this topic, it’s impossible to divorce yourself from it. it becomes the fodder of your own life—the stuff that plays out from week to week, day to day and, sometimes, from hour to hour. When spirit contact became part of our synchronicity journey, events began to unfold outside of the laws of cause and effect.


For example, the day after we received an offer to write this book, we headed to Cassadaga, a spiritualist camp in central Florida, a trip that had been planned several weeks earlier to coincide with a book conference in nearby Daytona Beach. With a synchronicity like that, we knew we were on the right track. You’ll know it, too. But don’t take our word for it. dive in. enjoy. explore.


Within These Pages...'ll come to know individuals who are just like you, from every walk of life, culture, background, ethnicity, worldview. Their experiences are as varied and different as they are, but possess a common element which which all of us can identify. We suddenly recognize that the universe is much stranger than we imagined and that when our loved ones die - human and animal - they never really leave us.


This book is not a compilation of ghost stories. Even though there is a chapter on spooks and hauntings, it illustrates the difference between an experience with a ghost - and spirit contact. A ghost is like an endless loop of sound; spirit contact is quite direct, often startling, and sometimes mind-blowing.


There's stuff in this book about the attitudes and presumptions many people hold about death and why skeptical family members and friends may think you've gone around the bend. You can't worry about what they think; this is your journey. You're intuitively equipped to make this journey and if you listen to the soft, insistent whisperings of that inner voice, your life will be transformed. Never again will you wonder if your loved ones who have passed on - partner, child, parent, friend, beloved animal companion - are hearing you, if they're nearby. All too often, they are as close as the light that blinks off and on repeatedly, without apparent cause. All too often, they are the fragrance you smell, the food you taste, the sounds you hear, the shadows in your peripheral vision, the touch you feel in the middle of the night. Our deceased loved ones are never far from us.


Some forms of spirit contact occur with strangers eager to get messages to the people they left behind. In these kinds of instances, you're the courier. One woman you'll meet in this book a Dharma student in California, ended up in ER one night, was given morphine, and suddenly, "the dead were gathered around me, all of them with messages for their loved ones."


Many incidents of spirit contact occur in dreams or while you're in a relaxed or meditative state. A writer and artist in Shreveport, Louisiana awakened one night to see a young woman in a frilly yellow dress in her closet doorway. She later discovered the yellow dress shoved away in her attic and learned a young woman had passe don in her house. A retired nurse in St. Augustine, Florida prayed by her dying mother's bedside and saw a cardinal come to her every day for three days at the same time. until he finally administered last rites. Hospital employees heard about him and also witnessed his etheric presence. A man who lost his daughter repeatedly finds white feathers on her grave. In the decades since her death, white feathers materialize whenever he or his wife think of her.


As one friend noted, "the veil between the living and the dead is thinning."

The table of contents is listed below. Please check back periodically for updates. We'll be posting more information and an excerpt soon.


As always, we hope you'll drop by our blog on synchroncity, where we post about this fascinating topic. If you enter spirit contact into the search box, you'll find all the posts we've written oh the topic and can peruse the many comments. See you in blogland!


Table of Contents




Chapter 1. Synchronicity and Beyond


Chapter 2. Victorian Awakening


Chapter 3. Altered States


Chapter 4. Healing Spirits


Chapter 5. Ultimate Journey


Chapter 6. Spooks and Spirits


Chapter 7. The Medium and the Message


Chapter 8. Cluster Busters


Chapter 9. Objects of Interest


Chapter 10. Spirit of the Trickster


Chapter 11. Animals Attuned


Chapter 12. Guiding Spirits




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