We certainly live in interesting times and the challenges during 2018 will be abundant for most of us. The way we meet and deal with these challenges depends on who we are at our core, in the innermost heart of ourselves. It depends on our fundamental beliefs about the nature of reality.


Do we create the scripts of our lives? If we do and we don’t like the script we’re living, how can we change it? Improve it? Revise it?


When we’re confronted with a difficulty, do we hide? Do we pull the covers over our heads and hope that when we wake up things will be better?

Do we take action? Place blame on others? Take zero responsibility for our own part in the difficulty? Do we pay attention to the synchronicities that unfold and allow them to act as guides, confirmations?


For Carl Jung, astrology fell under the broad umbrella of synchronicity, the term he coined. He defined synchronicity as the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that is meaningful to the observer and can’t be explained by cause and effect. In terms of astrology, why should the positions of planets at the moment you draw your first breath have any

effect on you at all? And yet, they do. Even on the most superficial level –

sun signs – each of us usually can identify with the general description, the archetype, of the sign.


From the introductions to 2018





“For most of this year, until November 8, expansive Jupiter is in Scorpio. Everyone benefits from a Jupiter transit, but for water and earth signs, this transit is especially powerful. Some of the luckiest times this year are when Venus and Jupiter travel together through Scorpio. This happens between September 9 and October 30.”







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