"A fresh and fascinating expedition into the most provocative and hopeful

possibilities of consciousness. I couldn't put it down or stop thinking about it.
Written in clear, lucid, and entertaining style, it's a great companion to take
along on the trail where magic morphs into meaning."


- Nancy Pickard

NYT bestseller The Scent of Rain and Lightning


In February 2009, we started a blog as a research tool for writing a book on synchronicity and gathering stories about the phenomenon. It was our first experience at blogging and we weren't sure how the process worked or what the response would be.


The first week, we got 38 hits - mostly from friends and family. It was obvious that with more than 100 million blogs on the Internet - and that figure isn't even current - we had to find a way to spread the word that our blog existed. So we set up a Google alert for "synchronicity" and began sifting through dozens of links the blogs and sites that filled our inbox each day. When we found genuine synchronicities, we left comments and invited people to share their stories on our blog.


We sold the book in June 2009 -- 7 Secrets of Synchronicity: Your Guide to Finding Meaning in Coincidences Big and Small. Under the heading entitled The Secrets, you'll find plenty of information about the 7 secrets and under Stories there are examples of how synchronicity plays out in our lives.


In June 2011, the paperback edition and a companion synchronicity journal will be published. The sequel, Synchronicity and the Other Side, was published in July 2011.
By our blog's two-year anniversary, we had more than 175,000 hits from 175 foreign countries. We moved from blogger to wordpress. The look is a bit different, but the content is all there. This site explores synchronicity in depth. Click around, have fun, enjoy the journey! And join the conversation at our blog.


7 Secrets of Synchronicity is featured on beliefnet. 

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