Strange things sometimes happen to ordinary people as they go about their everyday lives. In fact, many of us may experience these events that are beyond strange and never mention them to anyone because they don’t fit anywhere in our catalog of accepted experiences. Nonetheless, the experiences occur and hurl us out of our comfort zones. And once we’re out of those zones, we have to confront the experience, wrap our heads around it, try to figure it out.


In fact, one of the stories we would have included in this book happened to  a woman who emailed us after the book was in production. She recognized the experience as beyond strange and we wrote a post about her. Time travel in the Florida keys.


Two men are pursued on a Miami golf course by a fog that seems to be sentient.


A veterinarian comes face-to-face with strange inter-dimensional creatures.


A young couple walk into the past.


A former police officer travels out of body to a vast mansion in another reality.


Alien abductions, hauntings, psychokinetic powers, and more populate the pages of Beyond Strange. The stories we’ve picked—sent to us over the years—are astonishing by any reckoning and address a fundamental issue: the existence of a more expansive reality beyond the one we ordinarily experience.



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