The Secret Stories


Here are some examples of synchronicities that fall within the 7 secrets.


Secret One: The Knowing



Recognizing coincidence as meaningful is the first secret.

While staying at a house in the Florida Keys, two friends came to visit – Robert from Stuart, Florida and Robert from Minneapolis. So for a couple of days, there were three Roberts at the house. One morning, one of the Robs was searching in the refrigerator for some jelly. He pulled out a jar of mango preserves called, Robert Is Here. “Hey, you aren’t going to believe this,” he called out, laughing. “The jelly is onto us.”



This synchronicity wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting if just one Robert had been at the house. But with three Roberts there and then finding the jam with that unusual name, well, it surprised even the skeptical Robert, whom we call Rabbit just to keep everyone straight. It actually awakened Rabbit to the idea of synchronicity and a few days later, he experienced one that involved a particular bike store in Key West and a t-shirt.


While we were staying on the island, Rabbit rode a bike that we had found in a storage room at the house. The bike was in good condition and had a sticker on it that read, Island Bikes, 900 Truman, Key West. He made several references to that bike shop, suggesting that we should go there. So, one evening when we went to Key West for dinner, we happened to cross Truman at the 900 block, but were surprised to see a bike shop with a different name. It was closed and we continued on. That seemed to be the end of it.


After we returned home, Rabbit stayed on in the keys with another friend. During his stay, he was visited by a third friend, Toni, who came bearing a gift: a t-shirt from Island Bikes. On the back of it, below the name of the shop, was the new address farther down Truman. Mystery solved. Of course, Toni had no idea that we'd discussed that bike shop several times in recent days, or that Rabbit had been riding a bike purchased there. To top it off, the t-shirt was bold striped green, red and yellow, the colors of the Rastafarian movement of Jamaica, Rabbit’s usual winter destination.

Two days later, he exploded through the door of our place, wearing his new t-shirt. “Hey, I had a synchronicity,” he announced. “But what’s it mean?”


Now Rabbit was completely aware that coincidence is meaningful.


Secret Two: The Heart Emotions are intimately intertwined with synchronicity



The loss of a child is undoubtedly one of the most difficult events for a parent to come to grips with emotionally and spiritually. Because of the emotional intensity and the sheer horror of such a loss, the synchronicities experienced can be enormously comforting. And sometimes they occur months after the child’s death.

Writer Sharlie West lost her adult daughter, Susan, to ALS. Every year, she returned to the funeral home in March, on Susan’s birthday. “One March it was snowing and I was feeling so sad that my beautiful daughter was taken from me. I even yelled at God. Why did you take her? I don't believe you exist at all. Then on the way home, the license plate of the car in front of me said, God is Watching Over You. After that surprise, a car pulled up next to me with a bumper sticker that read, God is Love. I guess I had my answer.”


Secret Three: The TheorySynchronicity is the granddaddy of all psychic phenomena



Several years ago, remote viewer Joe McMoneagle was asked by a Japanese television station to locate a man who had been missing for 30 years. On May 10, 2003, a camera crew from Tokyo arrived at McMoneagle’s rural home in Virginia. He was handed a sealed envelope containing the name of a missing man. The target was identified with a number on the envelope. With that, he focused and backed by years of experience, made a series of drawings and typed out a description of where to look for the man.


The first clue he offered was a large Ferris wheel with changing colored lights. He said he felt that it was in Tokyo near water and from the top of the Ferris wheel you could see four ball fields separated by walkways, which formed a cross. One of the walkways ended at a group of sculptures. Near the complex of ball fields, he saw a river and across the river a ‘special train track.’ On the other side of the track was a raised highway that would lead to a multi-story hospital, which he sketched in front of the camera crew.


Then the description took a bizarre turn, reminiscent of a psychic treasure hunt. He wrote that once they discovered the hospital, they were to give the name of the missing man to the first nurse they encountered. McMoneagle went on to describe the missing person as a man about seventy-seven years old.


When the crew returned to Japan, they started following the clues. They soon discovered there were 13 Ferris wheels in Tokyo, but only four of them were covered with lights that changed colors. That immediately narrowed the focus to four locations. Surprisingly, you could see ballparks with intersecting walkways from all four. In all, at least sixteen ballparks were visible from the top of the four Ferris wheels.


Next, the crew began looking for sculptures at the end of those walkways, but they couldn’t find any. They were ready to give up when they found a topiary garden - sculptured shrubbery—at the end of a path at the last location. That walkway ended near a river, which McMoneagle had drawn. Across the river they spotted a train track – of a monorail, which was considered special, as McMoneagle had described.


They also found an elevated highway near the track. After following it for twenty-eight miles they came to a hospital. As the crew left their vehicle, they encountered a nurse crossing the parking lot and asked if she knew the man they were seeking. To their astonishment, she told them matter-of-factly that she knew him because he’d been a patient a few wees ago. When they asked how they could find out where he lived, she surprised the crew again by leading them the missing man’s home three blocks away.

An elderly woman answered the door. They asked for the man by name and she said she would go get him. He was indeed the man they were looking for. A short time later, the seventy-eight-year-old man was reunited with his son, who had instigated the search, after a separation of thirty-four years. By the end of 2004, Joe McMoneagle had made ten trips to Tokyo for the television production company and found seven missing persons.


Rob e-mailed his cousin, Russell Walstedt, a nuclear physicist who lived in Japan, and asked him to watch the program. Since Russell was skeptical about about psychic abilities and Rob had known Joe for a few years, he was eager to hear Russell’s assessment.


After watching the psychic detective program, broadcast from Tokyo, Russell wrote back. “The remote viewing guy is indeed amazing, if actually genuine.” He went on to say that the crew was still looking for two of the three people they asked Joe to locate. However, Russell was baffled by how Joe had located even one of them.

Secret Four: The CreativeCreativity lies at the heart of synchronicity


The creative muse speaks to us in many different ways and synchronicity clearly is one of them. Although we hope the muse will whisper in our ears and dictate the great American novel or guide our hands in sculpting a human form that rivals The Pieta, the muse works in a more subtle manner.


On August 14, 1992, Trish mailed off a novel, Storm Surge, to her new editor at Hyperion. It revolved around a category five hurricane named Alphonso that slams into South Florida and flattens entire neighborhoods. On that same day, a tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa, one of many that roll away from that continent during hurricane season. It had completely escaped Trish's notice. But ten days later, that wave had grown into one of the most powerful hurricanes on record., At one point, its winds were estimated to be in excess of 200 mph. Hurricane Andrew walloped Homestead, Florida, wiped it off the map, and obliterated entire neighborhoods.


The synchronicity is striking in several regards. In fiction and real life, both hurricanes were the first named storms of the season and began with an ‘A.’ They were category fives, and were tightly compacted storms that targeted only a small area. Again, an example where creativity provided a venue for a premonition, an aspect of synchronicity.


Secret Five: The Clusters



Synchronicity manifests itself in clusters of numbers, names, objects, words, symbols
This was our daughter, Megan, during her second tandem skydive, on her 20th birthday. It proved to be the culmination of a synchronicity cluster involving 2s.


On August 19, 2009, we moved Megan back to college on the other side of Florida. There's a stretch of highway where there's nothing but sugar cane fields covering land that once was part of the Everglades. Along this stretch, hundreds of swallows sweep across the terrain, nabbing insects on the fly, swooping across the two-lane road. They're especially thick around dusk and seem oblivious to cars.


So on the way back, around dusk, we entered this stretch. The swallows swooped and
 dived (literally 'sky-dived'), often winging away from our car at the last second. Then two of them, one after another, hit our windshield. At some deep level, we sensed it might be an omen.


On August 30, 11 days after we moved her back to college, we met her halfway across the state for her second skydive, for her 20th birthday. Her appointment was for 12:30, but they didn't get airborne until around 2 PM. She was jumping tandem, with an instructor.


Are we seeing a pattern here? 2nd dive, 20th birthday, 2 swallows, a tandem jump
 at 2 PM. The tandem jumpers leave the plane last and there were two of them. We were standing outside, watching the jumpers with four of Megan's friends. And suddenly, something happened to Megan's parachute. It seemed to just... well, fly away.


An instructor standing next to us said, "Wow, look at that."


"What just happened?" Trish asked.


"The first chute failed. Don't worry. They'll freefall for a few seconds, then the
 second chute will open."


And that's exactly what happened. They landed safely and afterward Megan said she
 didn't realize anything unusual had happened.


Later, another skydiver said it's an unusual occurrence. It didn't happen for
 him until his 1,200th dive.


So an event 11 days ago (there's another 2!) related to Megan's skydive. An unnerving synchronicity and a disturbing example of a cluster.


Secret Six: The Trickster

A synchronicity can reveal itself with a twist of humor or wry irony so startling it stops us in our tracks

One morning, we were seated at an outdoor table at a neighborhood coffee shop, discussing the outline of this book, when an elderly man approached us. He handed us a card that explained he was deaf and selling key chains. We bought one and on the back of the card, found illustrations for sign language.

On the way home, following the cue from the deaf man, we talked about synchronicity as a language of signs. En route, we passed the local high school, where the digital sign at the entrance was advertising a class in sign language. It was a sign about sign language as we were talking about the language of signs, adding layers on the synchronicity.


Clearly, a sign! And a serial trickster synchronicity.


Secret Seven: The Global


When synchronicities manifest themselves through global events, the universe seems to be addressing us as a collective.



We all know the OJ story, what went down, the infamous chase.


On October 3, 1995, it was estimated that half a billion people watched or
 listened to the live broadcast of the verdict in the O.J. Simpson murder case. It
 was the most publicized murder case ever. Reuters reported that the viewing
audience for this event surpassed three of the five Super Bowl telecasts between
 1991and 1995.


He was acquitted.


Move ahead thirteen years. On October 3, 2008, thirteen years to the day he was acquitted for double homicide, Simpson was convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery, and ten other charges. He and five men had stormed a room in a hotel casino, where they seized plaques, photos, and game balls. The O.J. story had come full circle.


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